07 June 2013

Checking in at 7 MONTHS

He finally got up on all fours and started to crawl. Well, he has FINALLY opened up to liking the idea of crawling. He was in a walker before we left to Hawaii in March, at almost 5 1/2 months. He didn't enjoy that at all. As soon as we got back though, he's been zooming around the halls banging into everything. But still I wanted him to crawl, especially with all those studies that show "crawling" is very beneficial to children & development. At first he would "plank" and stick his butt up, and hated being left on the floor. James calls him a big Mama's boy. He really is. As soon as I walk away Evan will freak and search for me. Anyways, at 7 months he is free, independent and exploring the house. It's very funny. James and I will be watching t.v. and then look up and realize Evan has crawled under the kitchen table or down the hall. (Mahie didn't crawl until 8/9months)

Another favorite thing he enjoys above all, is pulling up on the couch and bouncing, even gnawing on the cushions. 

Nice ah the big hole on the side? Mum said the Joyce grand kiddies really left their mark on the family house :)
Can't leave out big sister Mahie, whom Evan LOVES. He gets so excited when she's close. I know he can't wait to run around with her.

-No teeth yet!! None! (Mahie had her top and bottom two at like 5 months!)
-Still huge and getting longer
-Picky eater. We've slowly started him on baby food, which I'm proud to say, I made ALL by myself. Holy cow it's a process, but just call me Mama Organic! However, even with all my yummy puree options, he still prefers to be breastfed! Geez boy!
-I'm not sure if his hair has grown. But his wide head feels like it has. Sometimes when I watch t.v., I hold him on my lap and rest my chin onto of his his head. It's so huge and solid…and comfortable, haha.
-One big ball of HEAT. Even in an a.c. room, I can feel his heat waves.
-Happiest little boy. Always smiling at everything and anything with a big gummy smile. 
-Says, "Bah Bah Bah Bah" and amuses himself. And then shrieks with excitement. And goes back to "Bah"-ing
-Loves the outdoors and watching the chickens.
-Falls asleep to Baby Einstein lullaby soundtrack. 
-7months wearing 9 months clothes
-Pulls his sister's hair.
-OBSESSED with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse tv show
-Cracks up when I poke or nibble on his fat rolls & cries when I stop

Lately he's been a night owl, and doesn't fall asleep until midnight! Arrgh! 
Throws fits already! When I carry him back inside the house, he will cry and throw his head back until I go back outside. HOWS HIM?!!

Already showing his rascal side. No matter how squirmy he gets, or loud he cries for me when James has him....or that he still wakes up during the night to eat.....I am so grateful to have my Evie boy. 

Love you Evan!!!