15 September 2010

little heartbeat

beep. BEEP. Beep. Beep. BEEP. beep.
(the tiny heartbeat of my baby bean!)
James & I went for my 1st Ultra Sound today
A part from the other things Dr. did that make you shiver & your husband CRINGE (lol), I was so anxious & excited when she started to hook up the monitor & dimmed the lights.
woohooo....FINALLY eh!
Our little spirit was RIGHT THERE on the screen next to us
the size of a kidney bean, lol 
just hanging out inside me with all the space in the world
Dr. measured our little one & then pointed out a faint blinking blur
"We got a heartbeat going", she said
We could barely hear it, but just seeing it on screen, to me
I could her it loud & clear
James loved every second of that moment
literally glued to the monitor

My pregnancy is totally different now.
Since I've had no morning sickness or food cravings, (ONLY weight gain!)
I didn't really feel a strong connection to our baby
until today
I left Castle Hospital feeling more like a Momma :)
Proudly holding my b&w Ultra Sound pictures as PROOF to the World!
that little heartbeat did its job
James & I are truly some very HAPPY & PROUD parents haha

Can't forget my mother, who went crazy/cried over the pictures
& is framing them as we speak. 
she wouldn't let the pictures leave her house, as if it was her grandchild there in person
my poor siblings had to ask for HER permission to even touch the ultra sound pictures
haha, oh "grandma telaya"

12 September 2010

2:00 Sunday

Sundays are always 2 o'clock, 2 o'clock, 2 o'clock!!!!! Who starts church past 12!!! US!
We finally met our Bishop for the 1st time.
(Our 1st Sunday in TVA was July 10th, sad huh?)
lol, but we finally got to talk story & laugh with Bishop "Mexico"
i don't remember his name, mah bad.
of course he liked James, but LOVED ME!
As soon as he got wind of my Navajo heritage, his stories took off, lol.
He worked on the Navajo Reservation near the same town (Sawmill) where my mother is from.
My mother is full Dine (Navajo) if you didn't know. 
She became a member of the church when my Navajo Grandparents (who still aren't members) put her on the Indian Placement Program that was sponsored by the Church when she was a little girl.
Our Bishop used to work for the Placement Program. Small world.
At the end of our meeting he told us that we definitely made the ward MORE interesting!
"Samoan...Hawaiian............AND Navajo...interesting."
Bishop's a cool guy.
James & I took a Sunday drive down the north shore & laughed things over :)

Fingers CROSSED!

haha, definitely won't be complaining if our baby comes out EXACTLY or chubbier than this:

Guess Who? Shh...it's James' baby picture that I found, isn't he ADORABLE!
Like a cute little penguin, lol. 
Oh, can our little spirit be a boy, pretty please!

11 September 2010


Finding time to reflect about little things that have occurred over this past week, has truly made me appreciate the relationship James & I have for each other, and for the blessings our gospel continuously provides!

There are many of our close friends who are struggling with life's challenges & are hurting inside. Not everyone is welcomed home by a laughing husband cooking dinner, or maybe a text or call each day from a loving mother just down the street...this week has improved the spirit in our little TVA apt. & has encouraged James & I to continue to be our true happy selves even when others may want to intrude. I can't understand how some individuals can choose to bother those around them with their cold facials or unwelcoming body language. C'mon & BE HAPPY people :) Some of you look like the zombies that I just watched tonight on Resident Evil 3D!
On the other hand, friends in need out there just keep being strong. Everything will be okay. Want to read an uplifting/hilarious/cool blog: http://www.natalienortonphoto.com/
 You'll smile in a minute =]

Our weekend began with my younger sibling coming over & baking strawberry cupcakes. (I made Hill wash the dishes.) Although I disliked our scary movie James rented, movie/cupcake night turned into a sleepover. Of course Hill & I called the bed & Aaron and James slept in the living room. You see, unhappy people just need to find the HAPPY-ness in their lives. Cupcakes will do the trick. Even if you don't eat them, share! Maybe I'll surprise a few neighbors, xo.

08 September 2010


Need I say anyMORE?? This whole week has been the most beautiful & HOT sunny days ever. I'm so so glad that James & I are on break before Fall Semester starts. It has been a while since we've both have found the time & perfect day to relax at the beach. Imagine your ideal choice of blue sky, no clouds, bright scorching sun, smooth sand & cool glassy water. It was awesome!! All within a close walk back to home haha. We're glad to have our tans back! Now off to lunch :)

02 September 2010

a Family Home Evening Surprise!!

future proud PARENTS!!!
I surprised James during our FHE Activity. We had a Scavenger Hunt finding things around our house describing the various things listed:
1. Yourself
2. Spouse
3. Dating
4. Engagement
5. Marriage
6. Honeymoon
7. House
8. & 9. Dont really remember LOL
10. Your Future together as a Couple
When it was my turn to show what I had to describe each thing, I ended the list of "Our Future" by bringing out my POSITIVE test with our DUE DATE written on the back. In a second James was squishing me in between his arms and was so so happy/excited/SHOCKED! LoL

Im about a Month & a Week :)
People are like "Whoa So Fast!" & "Geez Honeymoon Baby"....hmmm, it actually wasn't fast at all niele people, there was quite some disappointments along the way & hello our Wedding was like 3  months ago, do the math lolo heads!
Celebrated with James making Cinnamon Rolls!
Visit from Uncle Aaron
Its so funny how things turn out. Until I went to the Dr's, I was working out like CRAZY! Seriously, switching between Insanity & P90X and trying to improve any cardio workouts. The nurse said its because I haven't had any taste of nausea or sickness! If hadn't stop by the Health Room, I would've never known I was preggo's LOL. Well now a lot of things about my body make more sense! I went from dissing my body for not showing any workout/diet results to LOVING MY BODY & BEING TOTALLY AMAZED BY IT!! Woohoo, now I can walk proudly with a little belly & not having to suck things in. But Dr. said to keep being active so Night Show it still is, for now.