30 August 2010

August Beauties

I'm so grateful to have a husband who UNDERSTANDS my love for collecting makeup! Here are just a few 'beauties' that I've added to my collection within the last month :)
Urban Decay's Naked Palette, i love that it's basically neutrals. Fans went crazy over this, its always soldout online!
 I purchased the Book of Shadows II last year & have been sold on Urban Decay since. It's pretty pricey so I never buy any separates or individual products. (one eyeshadow= $17!) Instead I wait for their palettes to come out, which are ALWAYS awesome & never a disappointment. The packaging has cool designs centered around a theme & not only do you get a great selection/variety of colors, but also an eyeshadow primer and eyeliner pencil. My palette was around $44, kind of alot but you definitely get more for your money with palettes! I can't wait for their limited edition I <3 NY!
It's coming out soon
 So James loves his TV & PS3, I on the other hand LOVE my YouTube makeup & hair tutorials. Its my excuse for a cheaper version of beauty school that I'll never put time/money towards officially. So I watch my Beauty 'Self-Taught' Guru's who I think know more tricks of the trade than most professionals. Anyways I was watching my favorite DulceCandy87 & she introduced a drugstore makeup brand from the UK! I was able to get my hands on some, woohoo. Now Long's needs to stock their shelves with these, the UK knows what's up!
Click here: DulceCandy87's Sleek Palette Review
The 'Original' Palette: earthy tones & neautrals
The 'Sunset' Palette: I needed some color variety in my collection
The 'Circus' Palette: BRIGHT colors!! It's also limited edition

 I needed a few little additions here n' there after running out of lipstick & glosses from Night Show. I don't wear a lot of lip products (the most was chap stick while @ BYU Provo) so I didn't want to spend a lot of money on restocking my supply. Anyone in need of CHEAP but GREAT QUALITY makeup/brushes should invest in E.L.F. Products (Eyes.Lips.Face. Cosmetics):
Everything is literally ONLY a DOLLAR!
Ever Girl should try NYX cosmetics, of course they're affordable! I enjoy their Jumbo Pencils & have finally completed my set. You can use them as eyeliners, eye shadows, or as a base to make your eye shadows pop! James even had a use for them last Halloween (little did i know) as his Zombie makeup!
My fave's & most used are: Black Bean & Milk

I also wanted to try their primer in Skin Tone & Pearl
If you're living in the Laie, HI area you may know that Conjunctivitis or for you mokes Pinkeye has been going around! Blah! Its hit my family and also a lot of girls at work. ONE of whom asked to use my pencil eyeliner & the angel in me GAVE IT TO HER!!! Anyways I went straight to Long's after and got another pencil because I am definitely not taking any risks in catching pinkeye. I love this pencil, its by L'oreal: Liquid Eye pencil. It's the blackest & smoothest pencil I've ever owned. It's also said to be the dupe for MAC's Smolder Eye Kohl: (Its on sale now@ Long's Kaneohe)

25 August 2010

Date Night

I was so happy to be off from Night Show and not having to end my night SWEATY & Gross! James & I went on a date to Dave & Buster's. We played a couple of games upstairs while waiting for our table. I've never played in the arcade before since I've only gone strictly to EAT!

James and I are always very competitive with arcade games. We always try to distract the other, aka whack each others hands, or reach over & take the others last ball. I've come to the realization that the older I get, the more I suck at these simple games. 

 James on the other hand, looks like he plays them everyday! 

Anyways, our food selection was delicious, especially our dessert which we always order alongside our main meal! (I get mad if I'm too full for dessert AFTER my meal)

I hope you husbands out there continue to take your wives on date nights. James & I look forward to many more, even when the kiddies start to come.

20 August 2010


I woke up this morning to a very happy mood! Not only is it Friday, but also my day off from Night Show. James and I have been planning this whole week about the many ways we can take advantage of this opportunity. At first it was a concert, but now we've moved it to dinner in Honolulu, & maybe a late movie squeezed in. (I hear Eat, Pray, & Love is out!)
I'm just grateful that I have a break tonight from tahitian dancing & that I turned in my second to last paper for the term :) I was kind of bummed that I had to spend majority of the morning in class because the day was gorgeous! The sun & clear sky was awesome, and the little girl in me wanted to run away to Hukilau, seriously. Anyways, I want to clean the apartment before we head out. I have a load in the wash & a load next to me needing to be folded and put away. I really enjoy cleaning, especially since the things around me are all OURS, I care for everything more. James is currently at our living room table trying to study his brains out over biology. We are stuffed over a Samoan Plate Lunch sale on Iosepa St. & a bake sale at the TVA corner. Oh, and I got some really cool make up in the mail, will share later!!

15 August 2010


The yummy breakfast James woke up to! We devoured this deliciousness in a second. Just a quick recipe I'd beg my Mom to always make for me: (Dont worry, its suppose to look weird)
3 eggs1/2c Flour
1/2c Milk
Pinch of SaltMelted Butter in a pan/425 Degrees
Dont forget your Syrup!James took off to Kaneohe to make our car sparkle, while I cleaned & tried to hunt down my phone. I could only hear text message alerts...it was hiding in my running shoe, hmm?

My afternoon was filled with laughter, foundation, eyeshadow, bobby pins and tons of hairspray! Some friends and I helped out Jana & her bridesmaids get ready for her reception! I met this cute little Maori when her family moved to Laie a few years ago & her Tahitian Momma, "Aunty Carmen" was my YW Pres.she was sealed in the Hamilton, NZ TempleMe, Nea & Audrey @ the reception:
Peacock & Movie Theme
Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Ale!
I love helping out my friends or hearing about them getting married. I get excited because I'll always have these moments to remember how my own Special Day went. Sorry about the image quality, maybe check out the real ones on facebook. Well, its the day(Saturday) we get ready for Sunday, so goodnight!

12 August 2010

Getting the hang of things!

Well here's to Me & James...we've been married now for 49 Days, woohoo! TVA is slowly becoming our home...& slowly Im beginning to enjoy my neighboring apartments, jk. I think we have such a great location, its NEAR basically everything: Laundromat, Mailbox, Parking stall, Housing Office & my 1st term classes.always on his ps3
Our L-Block hale/fale/hogan gets new additions here & there. Last weekend we got a new flatscreen t.v. and entertainment system randomly from the Mililani Walmart. (Ya we didnt need it, but...couldnt turn down a good deal right?) I swear my parents call us spoiled BECAUSE "...back in their day" tva couples didn't have a lot of luxuries that me & James including most of our neighbors enjoy. For instance my Momma remembers walking with all of us kids everywhere! & here I wake up just in time to jump in my car and speed to class (2min away!).
My favorite picture in the home, can't wait for November...and decor from Nel's wedding ;)

Our Wedding day has come & gone, but the real fun is now making its appearance. It's such a different world living with your eternal best friend, and the list of new things we continue to learn from each other is a constant reminder to be patient :)
One thing is for sure, we both share very BIG APPETITES
Costco here we come!