30 September 2012


(far left in black)

We LOVE You!!

29 September 2012

Thurs, Fri, Sat......

It seems that as soon as I turned in my two weeks notice, everything got hectic: work seemed busier and required more hours in the office, family activities filled the rest of free time, and pregnancy this far along is finally taking its third trimester toll. Braxton hicks are here!!! I get exhausted easily but can't find any comfortable position. Mahie always wants me to carry her or to sit on my lap, even when her Dad's arms are free. I walk slow, I drink way more water, the aches and pains come and go....basically I'm PREGNANT PREGNANT!

So let's see....

Mahie started a little "Pre" pre-schooling with Project Spirit, under the sponsorship of Alu Like. My Aunt (Dad's Sister) works for Alu Like, and therefore was allowed to include Mahie in the program. It's fairly new, and so the boundaries include visiting Hawaiian keiki from Waimanalo to Nanakuli side. There are many programs out there for Native Hawaiian's and I'm glad that Mahie gets to benefit from these one-to-one educational home visits, especially since it's my Aunty. It's also not only a learning experience for Mahie, but also for the parents & grandparents (which they strongly encourage). The first week's lesson was really interesting...I'll post more of the program goals, etc., later.
 Our little "St. Andrew's Priory" girl in the making w/her UH tee from Aunty Ulu

Again, there was work + town errands....I was VERY tired & achey, didn't even get a nap in before heading out to the Laie Elementary Carnival that evening. I'm surprised I survived. My Dad came along to help me with Mahie. We had a lot of fun. We arrived early, so that we could leave early, haha, but we hit all the "rides" that we knew Mahie would enjoy. First off, the horse rides! Mahie was really excited until it was her turn to climb on, and then she just got really quiet. She rode the "miniature horse" named Ace, and finally her inner paniolo kicked in on the second ride around. She waved at everyone and yelled hi. Of course I took a million photo's of here, every Mom there was! At least Mahie enjoyed herself because I was paranoid of the bigger horses around me. (Yeah, my Native American instincts didn't kick in)
Dad & Mahie also caught a ride on the train, which died 2 minutes after taking off. We ate until it restarted, but then all these older kids jumped on and were so rough, even pushing little ones. No one was supervising the ride, the kids got rough jumping off or hanging on the side....so we scolded them. Lol, that's how! Friggin' kids & your dumb parents.

My older brother Eric drove me, Mahie & Hill out to Tayden's 3rd birthday at the Waterpark in Kapolei. Good thing we didn't hit traffic build up because of the bridge in Wahiawa. We enjoyed ourselves, except for the fact that it was a bit overcast and windy for the little ones. Brenson (Tayden's Dad) is Eric's good friend since forever, and it's always nice seeing how close their group of friend are, and always come together to support each other. I'm thankful that Hill came along to be a life gaurd/entertainer for Mahie. I was just trying to find a comfortable spot the entire time I was there. Lunch was sooo good!

A lot of fun activities....but I'm tired. And it's the kind of tiredness that eh, you can't fall asleep because there isn't enough pillows to make you comfortable, or enough fans to cool you down. I'm a little bummed since I've had to put as many hours in as I can to have a good last paycheck, that my free hours were dedicated to errands & family time....hence, I couldn't really hang out with one of my besties! She knows who she is :) We text all the time, but hanging out in person is way better.....next time when I'm not pregnant, or I'll come find YOU when we go Disneyland. Anyways, that's the haps this week.

25 September 2012

It is what it is my Love.

Friday was bittersweet. I almost didn't want it to come, only because......it was Larie's LAST DAY!!
{yummy Liliha Bakery cocoa puff cake}

Our fun little cubicle isn't the same anymore, and I'm pretty sure EVERY department here on the Windward side will miss her & expect a LOT from whoever replaces her. (wait, NOone can replace Larie!) She'll now be working at the Waikiki office, congratulations!  Larie has seriously inspired me to work hard, continue my education, grow more spiritually and to have more self-confidence. One day I'll make it big like you :)

 {us grinding at the dinner buffet before the concert}

That night was also my last big work event. PCC hosted another concert featuring Irie Love and Rebel Souljahz. I really enjoyed myself and have my good friend Lanea Snow to thank. She volunteered her time to help me host our VIP guests, especially in times where I couldn't waddle around fast enough. I'm pretty sure each member of Rebel Souljahz was trying to spit game at her, but sadly, they are all two feet SHORTER than.....well, than the average person, LOL. 

Irie Love on the other hand was the spotlight of the night. I felt so lucky to have met and hosted her. She was very down to earth, funny, and gorgeous! Perfect bone structure!! A lot of people think she's from Jamaica, BUT NO!! (Hello, can people do their research before asking a VIP guest dumb WRONG questions! This happened many times that night) She was born and raised in Kailua, and yes, her REAL name is Irie Love. All her sisters have "Love" in their names because they are 4th generation? descendants of their grandpa who started thee "Loves Bakery" here in Hawaii. Cool huh?
Nea and I got to know her, her friends & Mom....she even found me on Instagram & thanked us for hosting her. She was also fun to take pictures with. LOVE HER VOICE!!!

{got to hang out with my bff's for a quick minute}

{some of the interns & workers}

{Miss Hawaiian Air doin' her thang}

{Majority of the Marketing Team's last night w/Larie!}

20 September 2012

Money brings random thoughts

Soon there will only be one person working in our home + an additional (cute little) mouth to feed. No we haven't hit rock bottom, nor anywhere close in comparison to those who really do need help. We've NEVER taken advantage of government assistance. It's easy to think, "Let's just sign up for this, so we can get this for FREEEE!", but we have reminded ourselves that there are others who must need it more than us, even though we struggle too. And struggling isn't bad either. (We ARE grateful for the help we do receive) You can still indulge once in a while, if you play your cards right and plan out finances. We do, we treat ourselves. You're not human if you don't. We also go to garage sales, shop on the clearance rack, use coupons, research deals......you don't HAVE to be "rich" to have nice things.

I know come October, I will miss working. I've loved working since my first job in high school. Even with James working, I still felt more secure with me also contributing to the money pot. And if you're capable of working, work! (If not, don't sweat it) Thankfully, Heavenly Father has blessed us with family nearby whose schedules have worked perfectly in times when our work schedules conflict. I love being a Mom too, and to me, a part of my love is financially providing for my babies.

Sometimes I look at someone's high income earning job and KNOW I am just as capable. Sometimes as I'm dying in the heat of our Ford Taurus (ac has been broken), I look over and yearn for a glossy new car. Sometimes I want to walk into Sephora and splurge like I was single and carefree. Sometimes I wish I had my own house to call my own, to decorate, to clean, to restock supplies, to cook new yummy meals, to escape to. The list could go on.

Welcome to the humble road.
But how beautiful it still can be with what we'll learn and grow from at this part in our lives. Just remember: 1) What matters most? 2) All things come according to Heavenly Father's time :)
President Gordon B. Hinckley on motherhood:
“Most of you are mothers, and very many of you are grandmothers and even great-grandmothers. You have walked the sometimes painful, sometimes joyous path of parenthood. You have walked hand in hand with God in the great process of bringing children into the world that they might experience this estate along the road of immortality and eternal life. It has not been easy rearing a family. Most of you have had to sacrifice and skimp and labor night and day. As I think of you and your circumstances, I think of the words of Anne Campbell, who wrote as she looked upon her children:

You are the trip I did not take;

You are the pearls I cannot buy;

You are my blue Italian lake;

You are my piece of foreign sky.

(“To My Child,” quoted in Charles L. Wallis, ed., The Treasure Chest [1965], 54)

You [mothers] are the real builders of the nation wherever you live, for you have created homes of strength and peace and security. These become the very sinew of any nation.”
       - Gordon B. Hinckley, “Women of the Church,” Ensign, Nov 1996, 67

16 September 2012

Nursery Transition

Lately, we've been slacking on our church attendance. We are still active, don't worry. It's just that we are never ON TIME. We usually give in to our Sundays and sleep in, well I do because it's hard getting up, but last night we set the alarms and EARLY we were to sacrament.Yay for us, now it's PERFECT attendance from here on, lol! (Hopefully)
It was also a special Sunday, because it was Mahie's 1st day transitioning into Nursery. Next month she will be an official Nursery goer, so until then the little-LITTLE ones come in with their parents to get a feel for what's in store. 
James explaining to Mahie it's time for Nursery & to be a good girl

At first she was excited as soon as she saw the toys scattered everywhere. I guess it was a thrill after coming from a long sacrament meeting. I finally realized how small and baby-ish Mahie was in comparison to the other kids. I kept feeling like she was going to get run over or pushed, which in some cases she did get picked on by two older Nursery girls because they wanted the toy she had. I was kinda annoyed at the situation, as the older Nursery girl tried twice to snatch Mahie's toy (with a billion OTHER toys lying around unused)....and so on the third snatch attempt Mahie gently responded by patting the girl's arm softly, which means "be nice" (we do this to Mahie at home when she's being naughty). The older girl, who is SO HUGE SHE SHOULD BE IN PRIMARY ALREADY, scratched Mahie's eye and grabbed the toy away. Damn right I did something. I firmly tapped the girl's shoulder and scolded her to play nice and to share..........I know I won't ALWAYS be there to stand up for my children, and now I can understand how bullying can break a parent's heart. It's my duty to make sure I raise MY children the best I can. *And just a side note, the huge older girl was such a brat climbing all over the tables and stealing snacks from the younger kids!
After playtime, Mahie was not feeling it for music time around the table. She sat on her own little chair with the rest of the kids and I guess that freaked her out?? I was sitting at the farthest corner to be out of the way, and she started to look around and shout for me, "Mama! Mama!". The Nursery leaders tried to calm her but that just elevated her cries and eventually tears. I sat closer and pulled a chair next to me for her, and she was fine doing all the motions for the songs. 

 *Christlike Story of the Day!
And then as they had clean up time, Mahie got overwhelmed in the middle of all the kids, didn't see me and started to cry. *And this is where I got emotional.......

Little Raya Yuen saw Mahie crying and walked over, looked at her for a few seconds and then walked away. However, before I crossed the room to comfort my daughter, Raya returned dragging a chair. She placed the chair behind Mahie, and somehow knew Mahie couldn't sit on her own. So she took Mahie's hand and helped her up on the chair (Mahie's tears had stopped as she watched Raya). Raya then brought another chair, sat right next to Mahie and handed her a toy doll to play with. Mahie was not only comforted, but smiled and followed Raya around the rest of Nursery for snacks and lesson time. I shared this story with Raya's mom Carol and thanked her for Raya's Christlike spirit and love.  
I'll never forget this experience.

"If we have a heart to learn and a willingness to follow the example of children, their divine attributes can hold a key to unlocking our own spiritual growth." -Jean A. Stevens, "Become as a Little Child"

15 September 2012

BBQ Nails & The 55

Sleep is something that doesn't come easily anymore. There is no comfort in walking, sitting or sleeping at this stage. This is also the time, where my back usually begins to ack up due to sleeping on my side. (i hate it) Hence my 'groggy' Saturday morning attitude. My cure? Warm, moist, sweet cinnamon rolls from our neighbor Sis. Goo, and a pedicure suggestion from James! Two MUSTS for any easily-irritated pregnant woman. 

It was a party all on its own at the nail salon. The woman next to me wanted to redo her gel manicure. Apparently, apart of the removal process is wrapping foil around your hands. OMG this lady was hilarious. She quickly asked, (very loud, & not even joking) "Are my fingers prepping to get barbequed??!!" LOL! I couldn't help being niele and started laughing. The asian nail techs just laughed it off/ignored her....however the lady adds in, "Or I should say, 'Mongolian BBQ'!!!"......I thought, can that be considered racist? And laughed even more at the random situation.

The hot day dragged on. We got to taste a delicious asian lunch plate that a TVA couple was selling. James and I loved it, and so we returned to buy more plates. It was a nice change to our usual food choices for lunch. 
My parents had another yard sale and closed up shop around noon. With the profit they made, they decided to spend the rest of the day in town together, just the two of them. That's until Mahie and I crashed their romantic plans. I thought it would be fun to take Mahie on a bus ride. You see cause we no get fancy trains in Hawaii, just the local one: Uncle Fasi's Da Bus! 

Mahie was excited, but I think she thought it was some kind of train like at Windward Mall. She waved at everyone on the North Shore's infamous #55. She was a good girl and sat next to her Grandpa the entire ride looking out the window. A few times she got tired and cuddled into her Grandma's arms. And MANY times she was curious about the homeless man behind us & kept pointing at him and smiling (eh). Her wiggles kicked in JUST as our stop came up.

My older brothers and Hill met us at Ward. We hit up Starbucks & Nordstrom Rack, while my Mom splurged at Pier One for fall decor. ANNDDDD with no intention of doing any shopping, I got SUPER lucky and came across the Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag that I have been seriously wanting!!! It was on sale and the last one. Very cute print for a baby boy. You don't even know how quick I snatched that bag and paid for it.

The day couldn't have been successful without my parents, especially my Dad who chased Mahie everywhere....and ended up catering to all three of us girls (My Mom, Me & Mahie). 

James drove out and picked us up. It was a long day & I was glad to see my husband pull up to the curb.......looking forward to a long shower!

12 September 2012

Bring out the FALL

The Ka'ahanui house is a very festive house when it comes to the holidays, thanks to my Mom. Although it is barely mid-September, and there is never a season change here in Hawaii, nothing could ever stop my Mom from decorating. Today some of her "Fall" boxes were dragged out from the garage and its orangey-red contents displayed for passerby's. Including THREE scarecrows below:
Where's Mahie???

Our little girl got a kick out of helping her Grandma decorate. I don't think my Mom enjoyed it as much, since Mahie kept rearranging her display MANY times, lol. I told my Mom that it's just a preview for when her house is FILLED with grandkids pulling things off her shelves left & right. 

I can't believe the holidays are about to start! Sometimes I miss the change of seasons, but hey, I'll settle for decorations. (Snow can get old after a while) It's also fun to see how Mahie is responding to her Grandma's decorations and Halloween aisles popping up in the stores. She's definitely at the fun age where she can actually trick-or-treat, fill her tummy with holiday desserts & do things ALMOST like a little girl. She tires me out big time, especially nowadays with my big opu. But I love, that SHE loves the world around her now that she isn't a little baby anymore. 

ALSO....I made 33 weeks today! 49 Days to go!
James took this photo when he picked me up from work. Mahie was in the backseat pointing and laughing for some reason. Any changes other from getting bigger? Well, I've felt a little swollen in the toes and legs. But not too drastic, it comes and goes. I think more after sitting at my desk for a loooong time, which I do all day everyday. I have to keep reminding myself to get up and move around/stretch, because it's not good to be in the same position for a long time. I've been getting really tired and achy lately.....and yes, a little LESS patient with those around me. But hey, it comes with the belly! I can't stay up as late, so hopefully any upcoming work events don't run late into the night. In a few weeks I'll be turning in my 2weeks notice!!! Woah.
Instagram: @ashlyn_aspy

And since my glucose levels have been MORE than good throughout the day, James made some yummy chocolate chip cookies (his own recipe) and I treated my cravings!!! Sooo delicious + vanilla ice cream :) Anyways, tomorrow will be an early start for work (ughhh), but my husband gets to join me, so I know it'll be fun gettin' paid driving around the island with him.

xo, Ash, James, Mahie & Baby Brother (who still has no name!)

11 September 2012


I've never blogged or even "journaled" about Sept. 11th; even on the day it happened. I really meant to, actually, I did jot down a quick paragraph in one of my classes that morning (being forced to by our history teacher). However, today was one of those CLOSE TO THE END OF PREGNANCY days, and so while on a drive with James, we shared about our memories that day....here it goes:


Ashlyn: I woke up to get ready for school (7th Grade at Kahuku to be exact). My older brothers were at Seminary (yup, they were once active), and I guess my Dad returned from a walk or somewhere outside and told my Mom to turn on the news. Our neighbor had told my Dad he needed to watch the news because.......I didn't really understand what my Dad was quickly explaining as the channels flipped to the breaking news. I remember hearing "attacks", "airplane".....but 1. I didn't know WHERE/WHAT the World Trade Center was and 2. what the heck was a "terrorist"??? (blonde-teenager-i live in an island-bubble-moment: "Like a tourist?")

And then everyone in my house went quiet as we watched the images on screen playing over and over. My #1 image is of a black woman running out of a cloud of smoke covered in grey ash, crying & in shock. I remember seeing firemen running towards the chaos, the towers on fire, total strangers helping a nearby day-care center evacuate all the children, and the collapse.......all day, in all of my classes on repeat. None of my teachers cared about their lesson plans, even in my strict honors classes. Everyone was glued to the tv screen.

James: (as told by himself in 2 min) I think I was getting ready for school (Form 6? in NZ), everyone was gone already. I watched it at home on the news. And then yup, I went to school.
               Me: And then what?
                  J: And then I went to school.


And that's our Sept. 11th flashback. Where were you?

08 September 2012

to the beach

We are two shades darker. Sand is still everywhere, including Mahie's hair. Our beach clothes are hanging up drying. James has a farmer's tan. My sunglasses are imprinted on my face. Our bodies are still feeling the heat from today and are drenched in aloe. 

We're surprised it stayed sunny & hot for the length that it did. It was nice taking in all the heat with the breeze in your face and toes in the ocean. Mahie and I made a ton of sandcastles and sand crabs. James knocked out in the shade & popped out every once in a while to chase Mahie around. The water was a little rough and we got smacked in the face by the white wash a couple times, but we enjoyed ourselves today. Even "little brother" got some hugs from his big sandy sister.
 lots of sunburn love, from the Aspinalls

06 September 2012

32 Weeks Smiles

Today started early at Castle Hospital for my 32 weeks appointment. I felt kinda "iffy" about this check-up, for reasons I'll explain later, but in the end everything turned out better than expected and we were out of the office before Mahie got too bored.

I've been trying my best to limit carbs and watch my sugar cravings (I still slip once in a while). So it was nice and reassuring to here that my blood pressure & baby growth were right on track. I need to tell my mouth & stomach to keep it that way for 7 more weeks.
 {Morning walk shot, up to the gazebo behind the temple}

Progress has been good so far. I feel not AS huge this pregnancy, in comparison to Mahie. (Nor have I seen any swelling in my feet) I am more active, even though its a struggle now that I'm very tired in the morning & evening times. I enjoy my walks when I force myself out the door, but the baby is seriously hanging out RIGHT on my bladder that the nearest bathroom is always on my mind. It has gotten very annoying and uncomfortable at times. But, I thank my walks and prenatal pilates for giving me a positive appointment today. *FYI: Appointments will now be every TWO weeks! I must be at the end!!!

After my appointment, James, Mahie & I made a town run for errands. I bought a few essentials for my hospital bag, but yet again, no specific baby boy things.

I found myself home alone and bored at one point. James was at work & my parents took Mahie for a drive. So I thought what a perfect time to play with my makeup collection. Sorry no self shots, but I did get one of my model who climbed up on the bed next to me. It was entertaining to watch her grab the mirror, and start using my makeup tools CORRECTLY on her face. She knew to apply my bronzer to her cheeks, my unopened mascara tube to her eyes, lol, and even closed her eyes to let me put eyeshadow on. Even though she looked like an innocent drag queen, it was cute and fun observing the personality of my daughter.

When the day cooled down & the rain clouds looked faraway, Mahie and I went on a little evening walk. I thought she would take a nap, but the tourists at the temple got her wired up again and so we pulled over by the BYU faculty playground. Maybe I'll take her there more, as its not as crowded or beat up as the TVA ones. I let her go crazy running all around & climbing the playground. She learned how to slide without my help. However, twice she got too silly and almost "huli maka flip" down the spiral slide. She got scared for a quick second but was back at it in no time climbing the slide.
 {doesn't go anywhere without her bright red "gum boots" as they say in NZ}

The rain is pouring down & making me sleepy. Tomorrow is Aloha Friday, hopefully the wedding event I'm working doesn't go toooo late. James and I are still going over baby names. We found a few, but I think we just aren't taking it seriously yet, lol. No Polynesian first name this time. I think. Pretty soon a little boy will be here ahhhhh!

05 September 2012

Work & Weddings

Lately, we've been having a bunch of wedding bookings the past few weeks. They are pretty easy to work (unless you run into diva guests who really have no connection to the bride & groom, other than taking advantage of a free meal offered). Anyways, they are somewhat a breeze that sometimes I forget I'm clocked in. Other than making sure specific things have arrived on time (food, sound system, decorators, guests, etc.) usually I can be found sitting in my own little corner keeping watch on everyone. I'm always mistaken as a guest, even more now that I'm fully pregnant, and so people of the wedding party will ask if I've eaten, or offer to find me a seat at a table or to make me a plate. I kindly waive them off with a smile and point to my PCC employee name tag and say "I'm working."
However this time I got to work AND be with friends. A lot of friends and old faces! It was Danica Seumanutafa & Ross Salanoa's wedding reception. I met Danica while dancing night show at Horizons, and then again when I moved back from BYU-Provo for Ha. She has been a fun coworker and very fashionable friend. You can totally tell she's from New Zealand. Very chic. Ross is an old OLD childhood friend from Laie Elementary days. They have diligently waited a while (Ross to get off his mission) to get hitched, and it was such a fun reception. 
I helped Larie make sure the reception went smoothly. But now that I waddle around, it was more Larie because she is one of those superwomen who can do a million things at once. And instead of being in my lonely little watch tower corner, I got to hang out with my old dancing buddies and friends. 

Here are some of them going crazy over the crab legs. Sooo crazy, that crab was literally flying everywhere in between our gossip convo's.
{Sui & Teuila's chubby happy son Joseph}
Congratulations Danica & Ross! Enjoy living the TVA newlywed life....it only gets better from there!

02 September 2012

little pumpkin spotlight

Today happened quickly. I woke up around 6am to PAIN! My whole stomach was in pain. I tried everything to alleviate the sudden alert to my morning Sunday bliss....toss, turn, stretch, use the bathroom, drink some water, walk around....it started to go away with some water, but still it was just THERE hurting. Eventually I knocked out back to sleep dreaming of going into labor.

Don't worry I didn't. 
Part of me wants to already, now that a few of my friends have recently given birth (ahhh i'm next!), and the other half of me is getting a little scared. Am I ready again for HOURS of PAIN?!

I ended up sleeping in until forever. James made me some breakfast in bed because I was still in pain. The huge pain turned into little random braxton hicks, but nothing serious. Sadly we skipped out/slept through church so I could rest. 

The rest of the day was pretty relaxing, until we realized we had to be in Pupukea by 4pm, and the clock somehow fast-forwarded, leaving us rushing to get out of Laie.

But we made it....to my maternity shoot for our son, baby #2!

Sneak Peak:
 Thank you Chelsea Scanlan Photography for reserving a spot for us at such short notice. Isn't this shot soooo cute?! If you didn't know, my expected due date is HALLOWEEN!!

Mahie tagged along and got in on some pics. It was up to Chels' #1 Assistant "her husband" Jaliz, to entertain Mahie, and he sure did with that magical pumpkin! hahaha, you should've seen all the tricks he was coming up with. She loved the Scanlan's & gave them hugs when we left.
Thanks guys sooo much! Too bad I showed up sweating and totally forgetting mascara/lashes! Oh well, Chelsea is awesome, so I KNOW the shots will be too, ahhhh can't wait. Hope you guys have fun on your Anniversary Trip in San Fran (again, jealous!).

via Instagram @chelseascanlan