30 August 2011

Drooling & Munching

She's charmed her way to 
 here she is rolling around in our bed, trying to fight her sleep.
I think she's almost longer than our longest pillow.
I meant to measure her, but she is such a wiggle worm nowadays, plus I knew if she grabbed onto the measuring tape, it would be devoured by that drooling mouth. She sucks on everything, not just me anymore *wink, wink!
Speaking of drool, her latest fashion MUST HAVE: Bibs, in all shapes & colors
Mahie is very alert & responds more to when she sees us by kicking uncontrollably and smiling. My favorite time of day is morning, because I'll look over into her crib and all she wants to do is play. I don't even care if it means I'll be late for class. She also gets very happy when Cooper (family dog) runs by.
Her her has grown much more, wavy curls.
Her eyes have gotten rounder, not so pake anymore. 
It's a battle trying to get her to lay down. She'll kick her feet out stiffly and try to stand. 
She loves to be taken out on walks & smiles up at the tree branches. One time she even started laughing, hahaha.
I've switched to total formula feeding, and now her appetite can consume too many bottles for the dishwasher (ME) to keep up with.
Did I mention she held her bottle all by herself today, whoa!
Her 4month check up is this Friday, so we'll see what doctor says about any new changes.

And that's us in a 4-month nutshell :)
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29 August 2011

For Sanoe

Welcome Back to Reality MONDAY!
(*shout out to Sanoe for reminding me to get with the blogging program)
Over the weekends, James & I always set a whole bunch of goals to accomplish...to help ease our troubles for the upcoming week. 
For instance: 1. laundry, 2. hw 3. study 4. organize piles of clothes, papers, slippers, toys that gather everyday.....well, as always we didn't do ANY of them. What we DID do however was, work, visit family, eat that family's food, relax, NOT wash the laundry, add more STUFFS to piles lying around the house & kick toys on the side out of our way....hahaha, and it was enjoyable (as long as it lasted)
Weekend SnapSHOTS:
not letting go of mommy's (unopened) tampon, while watching daddy GRINDING his chicken

ByeBye Uncle Corey (left a week ago)

Found Nea on my phone!

Sui's Bridal Shower

Nea demonstrating the nasty's on my phone

The Blushing Bride-to-Be!

Banana Tickles LMAO, eww!

walking around laie with a feet muncher!
James was off Sunday, we were able to attend church as a complete family FINALLY! Got my visiting teaching done, better late than never. James came home & slept the afternoon, evening & night away.
Mahie has turned into a little pirate...her baby coo's have turned into deep Arrrhhhh's! (what the?) During one pirate moment, we noticed two little white areas on her upper gums....OH-EM-GEE, THATS WHY YOURE DROOLING FOR DAYS! They haven't broken in yet, but it'll only be a matter of time. She hasn't shown any signs of fussiness YET!
Last week of the term, let me hear it procrastinators, WOOHOO!

22 August 2011

oh my family hotness!

This past weekend was a NO-SCHOOL-NO-WORK-NO-OBLIGATIONS just free time with family.
We all met at my brother's place up in the hills next to Kamehameha Schools, is that Kalihi (who cares), ANYways my brother's place has a BEAUTIFUL view of Honolulu, the airport planes coming & going, the ocean, the sunsets, etc....they've lived out here, Isaac, Eric & Isaac's sweet girlfriend Kiana for a couple of months since its more convenient for their jobs. Plus isn't everyone's dream to GET AWAY from Laie, hahaha, totally not a hater. We all love their new home & I wouldn't mind kicking them out after we graduate, just kidding guys, but I don't think James likes the up, up, upward drive :)
We jumped into our cars & headed out to, to, to.....the SWAPMEET!
And it was sweaty HOT, HOT & SWEATY!
 the slipper & farmer tans were pretty mean. we kept Mahie cool by wiping her down with a wet rag from my cold water bottle. It was still windy at least, but I know she got a tan too! She walked around with her Grandparents buying pickled mango, seeds candy & li hing mui goodies :) Hello at one tent we were lookin at some cute little clothes until we realized they were DOG clothes, LMAO, tell us later!
Cold Fruit, so yum for a hot day.
We went back to the house to cool off & rehydrate ourselves. Everyone wanted to rest in Eric's "cave", so I put Mahie in there next to her Uncle for a nap. Well, that's after Grandma cooled her off which she GREATLY appreciated & enjoyed in Aunty Kiana's kitchen sink.
 Mom made a whole bunch of spaghetti & garlic bread, James drove up from Laie and we all had a nice dinner as the day cooled off into night. Looking out after the sunset reminded of that song, "Honolulu City Lights".
Enjoy your families everyone, love from the 3 Aspy's in Laie :)

19 August 2011


I came across a friend's blog, and read EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Lately, the 2 big M's have been on my mind: Mommy & Money. Today we live in a world where choosing to prioritize one 'M' over the other 'M' becomes a lose-lose battle:
"You're JUST a stay-at-home Mom, you don't work?"
"You work? So where's your baby?"
People will always jab at you with disappointments, and for a slight while I almost gave in to feeling ashamed with baby/not with baby. However, I know where my balance is...I love being a Mother, I enjoy learning to be a Mother, I'm grateful for having a flexible job, an almost completed degree, having family "Ka'ahanui Day Care" just down the street, and especially grateful for a hardworking & supportive Husband.
How wonderful it is to be apart of a Church that makes you feel honored, cherished, understood, essential....loved.
 I was so surprised to read that someone else shared similar experiences once baby arrived. If you have time, read one mother's take of being more than "just" a Mom :)

I am a Mother

I just finished reading a book entitled thus. A truly enlightening book. A book with truths that I believed, but needed to hear. 

My mother-in-law (an incredible mother in her own right) gave me this book as a present on my 22nd birthday. At the time I was living in Dallas, TX and so sick with pregnancy that I couldn't stand up to walk across the room, let alone focus my blurry, head-achy eyes long enough to read. The book was packed away in our move and I just recently pulled it from my ever-evolving "I'm going to have a library in my home someday" collection.

I don't think it was a coincidence that I waited until now to read it. I've been a mother for almost 3 months. Truly a veteran, right? The beginning was tough. I was not blessed with a "sleeper." The hormones released from giving birth and nursing, combined with extreme exhaustion made me sad. Not depressed, but sad. I had my fair share of "I don't know why I'm crying" moments.

All of a sudden I had this precious little being who depended on me for EVERYTHING. I was supposed to feed her, change diapers, burp, rock, sing, nurture. I was filled with anxiety for her well-being. What if I wasn't good enough? 

But wait, there was a house to clean too. How was I supposed to set her down long enough to tackle those dishes piling up in the sink? Or the laundry, or the vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing, straightening? Oh, but wait a second, I forgot: I'm a wife too. To a guy who spends all day studying his brains out so he can have a good career and I can continue to stay home with our children. He'd probably like some dinner when he comes home, huh? But whoops, I haven't been to the grocery store in 2 weeks. Tuna sandwiches anyone? Oh and Kyle if you could open the tuna and mix it and wash the lettuce and grab the pickles, I'll lay out the bread. Ta da, I made dinner!

And then there was me. Sarah. Not Lydia's mom or Kyle's wife. Just me. When was I going to sleep, or eat, or lose the 55 lbs I gained in pregnancy? Yeah, you heard that right. 55. We'll talk about it later.

But as the weeks passed it got better. I was filled with such indescribable joy when I looked down at my beautiful daughter with her big, googly "I'm so happy to see you mama" eyes. She had faith in me. She trusted me. And so did God. Eventually I did learn how to read Lydie books, take her on walks, exercise during her nap (if she takes one), feed, change, play itsy bitsy spider, clean the house, and have a real dinner cooking by the time Kyle walks through the door. Not everyday. But most days.

It is work being a mother. Joyful work. Hard work. So why does the world tell me that it's not important? Why do people think motherhood is not a real job? In her book, Jane Clayson Johnson relates an experience in which she attended an LDS business function with her husband. She was a very new mom at the time. She listened as the men took their turns listing their prestigious professions, degrees, and successes. And one by one she listened to their wives stand up and give different variations of the phrase, "I'm just a mom." "My life's not very exciting right now; I'm just a stay-at-home mom." "I don't have any credentials; I'm just raising our six children." "I'm just a mom."

Reading this, I felt the same way Jane did. If you don't call that real success, real accomplishment, real work...then what the crap am I doing all day everyday? Okay, so Jane didn't say that. But in slightly different words, she sure as heck thought it.

President David O McKay once said, "She who can paint a masterpiece or write a book that will influence millions deserves the admiration and the plaudits of mankind; but she who rears successfully a family of healthy, beautiful sons and daughters, whose influence will be felt through generations to come,...long after paintings shall have faded, and books and statues shall have decayed or shall have been destroyed, deserves the highest honor that man can give, and the choicest blessings of God. In her high duty and service to humanity..., she is co-partner with the Creator himself" (Gospel Ideals, 453-54).


If we are to believe this, then no banker, lawyer, doctor, or dentist does work that is even half as important as the work mothers do. I do not say this to bring down the importance of what men do. For mothers who choose to stay home (and I'm not saying that's right for everyone) hard working men make this possible. I am forever grateful for the work that Kyle does in preparation to support our family. And I know that the work I do is just as important, if not more so. "For Satan has declared war on motherhood. He knows that those who rock the cradle have the power to rock his earthly empire" (Sheri Dew).

It makes me sad when even LDS women do not see the merit in what they do. Why are women ashamed to be stay-at-home moms? Because the world tells us that if we are not making money we are not contributing? We are contributing far more than the world could ever imagine, and we are doing it without prestige and without monetary reward. Every CEO, every world leader had a mother to coax, teach, support, instill. Perhaps the world will never again know this truth, but I hope that women of the church always will. "If the day comes when we -- meaning covenant women of God -- are the only women on earth who find nobility and divinity in motherhood, so be it" (Sheri Dew). We are in the business of raising people. And we should be proud of it.

This is not to say however, that we must do everything ourselves. Without my own support system of family and friends I could never do this. The book addresses the fact that all LDS women, all mothers are in the same boat. So why do we criticize one another? The following quote rang true to me:

"If LDS women criticize each other rather than connect with and support each other, the adversary wins the day by driving wedges into natural, womanly relationships of strength. Because women can give so much never-failing charity to each other in relationships, one curse of the modern world has been to isolate and alienate women -- including LDS women -- from one another by making them more competitive" (Elder Bruce C. Hafen).

After I read this quote, do you know what I did? I started thinking of all the women I know who criticize others too often and how destructive that is in the church. Oh the irony of it all. How many times have I said to Kyle, "Oh, I couldn't be good friends with her, we're too different."  How does that make sense? It doesn't. 

How many times have I either heard or said the following:
Her children are out of control. Doesn't she know how to discipline?
Her children are like little robots...she needs to lighten up.
She should cut her hair/ She has mom hair.
She's super shy/ She talks too much.
So and so watches R rated movies/ So and so is a Molly Mormon.
Ugh, could she be any more gorgeous/sweet/talented/perfect?
She's a working mom.
She's just a mom.

Elder Bruce C. Hafen said, "Can we love and support each other without judging each other so harshly? So many of us are trying our hardest to live the commandments, often against great odds in our personal lives and unique family situations. Heaven knows, the world isn't giving us much support in these relationships. Let us support one another, even when -- especially when -- we differ on matters of personal choice and circumstance."

I read this book during the many hours I spend nursing and rocking Lydia. So I had a lot of time to think about the role I play in criticizing other mothers or just women in general without even realizing I'm doing it. There must be a reason why we are always counseled against negativity and gossip: it's everywhere. And I decided something: I don't want to be that girl. I'm hard enough on myself without other people talking badly about me, and I should show the same kindness to others. So I've started a positive activity: for every name that pops into my head I pick a physical attribute that is lovely, a talent that they possess, and a quality that I admire in them. I began with family members & close friends and moved on to girls on my street and in my ward. And you know something? It was EASY. My biggest problem turned out to be narrowing it down. Her eyelashes are stunning...wait no, her hair is the perfect color. She is just so dang friendly...wait, maybe I admire her faith more. I don't want to just smile in the hallway when I see women at church; I don't just want to speak kindly of them; I want to think kindly of them. After all, we are all sisters. We are all mothers. If not in this life, than the next.

More than 60 years ago the First Presidency of the LDS church defined motherhood as "the highest, holiest service...assumed by mankind" (Improvement Era. November 1942, 761). What mothers do is sacred work. If I can accomplish one thing in this life it would not be to write a book, make lots of money, or build that library that I dream of. It would be to raise righteous, happy, productive children and support other moms in doing the same.

You will never hear me say, "I am just a mother."
Here's to proudly leaving out the "just."

*Every quote I use is found in "I am a Mother" by Jane Clayson Johnson*

18 August 2011

Frustrated with a "smile"

The mailbox has been our enemy for the past week, since its deliveries has only brought letters of stress, frustration, and a few occasional tears of a mother trying to figure out WHAT'S GOING WRONG?
Anyways, here's the lowdown: Insurance problems for Mahie's birth coverage
SOOOOOOOOOOOO irritating these insurance people & billing departments.
I mean really, sometimes James & I feel like we have to jump through the phone in order to do THAT person's job CORRECTLY.
Don't you hate it when customer service rep's keep sending you to someone else & you feel like you're just going around in circles.
the phone chase: Castle Hospital-> HMSA -> MedQuest -> DMBA -> back and forth, forth & back!
So...Mahie's Mommy finally snapped at someone at HMSA & broke down out of frustration.....but after some comforting words with the hubby & prayerful words with our father in heaven....tears were wiped away and replaced with a smile full of faith. things will work out.

a quick remedy for frustrated tears:

with love, "j.a.m."

16 August 2011

a new trick!

Mahie is proud to share a "3month-2weeks-3days old TRICK"
Pretty soon this girl will be sitting up, because she does NOT like laying down on her back. Although she is no where near sitting up on her own, she sure does not fail in the attempt of using her abs to try & lift her upper body an inch or two off the ground into a curled situp/crunch. Even when we hold her, she likes to be held upright as if she's a big girl carried on mama's hip. She LOVES it when ppl try to help her sit up. The slightest touch of her hands, she'll grab onto you tightly to help herself get up and then to stand. She can stand for days holding onto your hands. And speaking of hands, she sucks & eats her chubby paws as if we dont feed her, lol. She also drools, drools & drools! Teething? Not yet please. She also recognizes a bottle & opens her mouth to wait to be fed, LOL....and irritatingly, has learned to hate her car seat.

As for Mom & Dad...James has been sick the past two days, which means I've been trying to take care of him, keep the house some what orderly (failed!), and watch Mahie. But Grandma & Grandpa Ka'ahanui help out with babysitting Mahie when I need to study, which hasn't been going too well with my past two science tests. LOL, I told James that we should call my parent's house "Ka'ahanui Day Care" :)
My Dad bought this for Mahie while in Honolulu today:
hilarious, you go aunty hillary (plus aunties ida, crystal, tiana & tisha)

*lights out!

15 August 2011

The Help


Everyone needs to watch this movie! Hilarious, Informational & VERY Touching. A definite wake up call about how our Country once was & that we should learn from our past and continue to work on respecting others.
favorite line, "EAT MY SH*T"
(lol before you judge me watch the movie, hahaha!)

13 August 2011

...are FOREVER!

Tonight I've been reminded about how grateful I am to retire to bed each night with my husband and baby girl near me.
My heart goes out to a family who lost their 7-month old sweetheart to liver failure, after months of fighting to keep her alive. 
Today Mahie was fussier than ever, kicking & crying...but I patiently rocked her in my arms, knowing how grateful I am to have been trusted with such a special little spirit.

Come, come, ye Saints, no toil nor labor fear;
But with joy wend your way.
Though hard to you this journey may appear,
Grace shall be as your day.
Tis better far for us to strive
Our useless cares from us to drive;
Do this, and joy your hearts will swell--
All is well! All is well!

Why should we mourn or think our lot is hard?
Tis not so; all is right.
Why should we think to earn a great reward
If we now shun the fight?
Gird up your loins; fresh courage take.
Our God will never us forsake;
And soon we'll have this tale to tell--
All is well! All is well!

11 August 2011

Girl's Day Out

Daddy bought a new car over the weekend, so Mommy picked up Aunty & Grandma and hung out in Waikiki for the day.
1. Forever 21
There was a creepy female employee that would NOT leave us alone for a second. We named her "Botox Lady" because, poor ting her face! I mean she was sweet, but she kept handing us clothes to put in our shopping bags, then disappear, but up out of nowhere she'll pop out again. The store has 3 levels so we ran & hid in the elevator until we reached a different floor. 
2. Cheesecake Factory
My Mom was SICK today, so to CHEER her up we had lunch at Cheesecake Factory because it was her first time :) We kept laughing at Mahie because she loves kicking her legs out straight & lifting them. Yes, here she is "Planking" while Grandma keeps trying to adjust her grip LOL. 
This little girl I tell you, kolohe just like her tank top says.
3. Waikiki Beach
The weather was awesome. My Mom kept repeating how she was missing out on a good "laundry day" weather & breeze. We walked down the beach access & the beach was packed. The water looked so good, only in Hawaii....
4. Ben Franklin's
(Grandma needed craft supplies)
5. Walmart
(Mommy needed to restock Mahie's 72hr-kit diaper supply)

What a fun and hot day like no other. I enjoyed treating my little sister & Mom on our Girl's Day Outing. Poor Mahie is having a love/hate relationship with her car seat. I need to start cutting down on outings...sometimes I'll wake up early & decide at that moment that I just want to GO! Mahie is my little partner in crime. Tonight she had a blast as I gave her a warm bath. Non-stop kicking, wiggling & of course leg raising. She smiles more than ever now & interacts with us so well that we almost think she understands, haha. A long ways to go from here, enjoying every moment.

09 August 2011

30-Min Tummy

Tonight's Dinner:
Nothing beats a 30-minute meal :)

"30-Minute Garlic Chicken with Potatoes & Oven Roasted Asparagus"
 Dinner time is FAMILY TIME :)

07 August 2011


Saturday & Sunday(today) we was ALL OVER the place, ya Mahie?

It began Saturday morning, out on the bike path to Kahuku, me, Granda Kent & Mahie doing our thing...when all of a sudden a silver jetta speeds off the highway and stops right next to us. 
"Well good morning Grandma Telaya!"
So our early morning goals to exercise are cut short as my Mom tells us to get in, get ready....Ward Center here we come!

I always fall in love with this place, it reminds me of the little cafe's in DC and cobblestone roads in Argentina
Such a fun little place to push Mahie around. The indoor A.C. was wonderful since it was blazing hot outside. Plus they were having like a floral craft fare? Where you could put together your own arrangements, make cards, etc.

First stop was dropping Hills & my Mom off at Paul Brown's for a cut.
Her stylist was cool to talk to. He had her right by the door, so we'd stop and chat with them both as we shopped around. He said he was giving her the "Kardashian Cut" :)

Then, a re-introduced LOVE emerged from this place....
a love for BOUTIQUES!
I forgot what this boutique is called, but my Mom & Dad said I NEEDED visit this place & I'm so glad I did. I've always shied away from boutiques, because I like to get more BANG for my BUCK and boutiques can get expensive. However, you can find the most interesting, one-of-a-kind items. (Usually why they're pretty expensive at times) This particular spot had sooooo many things to look at: handmade, internationally imported, one-of-a-kind, etc. And of course, Grandpa Kent sat outside while my Mom & I looked at EVERYTHING! I definitely know where to visit for cute bridal shower, wedding, birthday or babyshower gifts.
Guess what I snagged?
Who has seen the movie Serendipity and CRAVED their famous frozen hot chocolate? Well, the boutique sells food, treats, home decor, baby things, clothing, ACCESSORIES, books, practically everything...and I jumped for joy when I saw this! Tomorrow has ice cubes on my priority list, so that James & I can try this yummy drink.
My crimz floral design...all I really wanted was that big orangy flower, but the guy kept asking me to add & add...and after a while I thought he needed to add it to the garbage can.
Then my Mom & I HAD to make our MUST STOPS at Nordstrom Rack & Pier One.
We visited Uncle Isaac up in the "grand" hills of KAlihi :)
Where we devoured some yummy 20-piece chicken mc nuggets, then rushed home to work.
Daddy spent a Father-Daughter night with Mahie & I spent a "Momma's" night with my good friend Chelly :)

Then what did we do today Mahie? 
Well Daddy had to work, so Uncle's Isaac & Eric came over to help us get ready for Grandma & Grandpa's ward. It was Fast Sunday so we were blessed to hear Uncle Aaron's testimony about being apart of Mahie's baby blessing & his preparation for his mission. Caught up with old friends. And really enjoyed & Coo-ed loudly during music time in Primary. (Grandma is Primary President)
And had story time with Uncle Isaac until Daddy came & woke us up from our naps...Daddy was surprised to find baby with a fresh pink pedicure :)

"May our families and homes be filled with love: love of each other, love of the gospel, love of our fellowman, and love of our Savior. As a result, heaven will be a little closer here on earth.
May we make of our homes sanctuaries to which our family members will ever want to return."

04 August 2011

Splurge Day

I woke up at 6 this morning to the sound of pouring rain!
First thing that came to mind:
But as I started to make some hot chocolate, I realized I wanted something to munch on too...so on to toast, eggs, bacon, soon our home was filled with BREAKFAST! And as wives know best, yummy food = a wide awake husband. Mahie came around a little later, then we each got ready & headed out.
Both James & I were off from work, so we had the entire day to do whatever. These kind of days hardly ever happen because of school and work schedules. But today, everything was OURS for the taking. We didn't even know what to do with ourselves. 
Well things got a little crazy & the dollar bills kept disappearing. 
I know I keep saying this, but my husband is truly a keeper! He spoiled Mahie & I the entire day: shopping & food...food & shopping!
Don't worry, even the Daddy won a REALLY awesome prize today, which I think put him in the best of moods to spoil his favorite girls.
To celebrate Mahie's 3 month markdown, James got her a swing (more to help her Grandpa babysit her), and a bouncer. 
We know she won't really bounce when we put her in, but this girl can STAND for days when you prop her up. Of course not on her own yet. But when you try to pick her up or lay her down, she won't bend her legs. She loves to stand. Maybe she'll be an early walker in the next couple of months. She IS however, a very big DROOLER. We haven't used any bibs yet, since they're all too big, but her mouth is constantly needing to be wiped and she'll suck away at anything. Please don't be teething early. This girl needs to just calm down, growing too quickly.
 (amazed at her own reflection)
We drove all over to Target, Honolulu & ended at Ala Moana, where I even picked up some fabulous shoes!
"Thank you Aunty Hillary for setting up my swing"

03 August 2011


Little Wibble Wobble's is 3months & 4days old
Mahie's favorite thing to do (other than eating) is to elevate her legs high above her head, haha. She'll have a six-pack of solid abs in no time :)
-Talkative (Baby Talk)
...she is for her little age. 
(Of course the hair compliments haven't stopped since birth)
She's such a beautiful baby.

love you little girl, smile all you want :)