31 October 2011


Halloween this year can be described as busy, crammed, overtired, hungry and too much sugar :)
James left to work, Mahie left to Grandpa's house and I left to last minute hw, class and a huge presentation. We had to dress up for my class and since I didn't feel like wearing a bumblebee outfit lol, my last minute idea was "a 50's housewife"....I got ready early, did the whole 50's victory curls, heels and carried a oven mit & spatula.........by the time class came, I wondered how women back then actually wore all that??? Hair ended up in a bun & heels replaced by slippers. 

Other than being irritated since Mahie and I were ready to trick-or-treat at 6pm....BUT had to wait for EVERY one who kept saying to wait for them to get ready so that they'd come with us........we all got a good night's rest afterwards from all the craziness.
 Setting up with Grandpa
I dont have a picture with my oven mit & spatula

Baby Bee & Gypsy Grandma

Halloween 2011
Aaron & Jackies costumes.....cool. These guys stood in the dark as we passed and we fully thought they were yard decorations :)

Here were some of our Halloween Album, although we have pictures galore! Check out Facebook if you have a chance. James and I were just commenting on how fast October came and went. We were also reflecting back on a year ago being newlyweds and just finding out I was expecting. How time flys! Now we have a restless baby rolling around our floor, trying to chew on our slippers. I hope you all enjoyed Halloween. Although we were suppose to be a "Bee Family" Me as Queen Bee and James as a Killer Bee....I'm satisfied that our Baby Bee came through. We know she enjoyed her night because she kept fighting her sleep to stay awake and look at everything and everyone. 
Time to eat Mahie's candy :)

29 October 2011

Good Bye Haunted Lagoon

As you know I started an internship with the PCC Marketing Department and so every night I helped out with their Haunted Lagoon ride. At my prior job I mainly dealt with the photo's tourists took with the Halloween characters or on the canoe. So I was already familiar with the long hours and craziness that this event demanded. But now at my new job, things were slightly different. Actually EVERY night my job was different. Of course there were some Up's and Down's.....but now looking back I can finally laugh at those Down's and realize they were fun experiences.

Random ppl with masks chasing you even though you yell, "I'm an EMPLOYEE"

Dressing up as pirates while selling
Famous lines used:

"1 for $15, 2 for $25.....and for 3? Let me grab my calculator "
"Please don't take a photo of the photo with your phone....yes I'm talking to YOU"
"Sorry I'm married......ya you can take me, my husband and my baby out......yup you heard me right, I'm a Mom"

Walking home after closing and watching a guy (who I guess locked his keys in), pop open his trunk, clear everything out, kick down his seats, and crawl through to open his back door....I was amazed. Ok at first I was frightened because all I saw were two legs wiggling out, but then it was a happy ending. 

 Packaging photo orders late into the night

the best help ever, 
they put up with me barking at them to "run FASTER"

Crazy Crowds + DEMANDING Kama'aina that want everything for free, eh

New Job + New Co-workers (Alex)

Hosting & meeting cool dance groups

 Meeting the "Mid-day Munchkin"

I had to operate the fog/laser light machine one night in the haunted house/maze. I was in charge of 5-6 little boys/pre-teen's that TRIED my patience the entire night. I've never been called "Aunty" soo many times. And after they kept saying, "Aunty the light machine is crooked" I stood in front & took a picture to check it's alignment and then the two above jumped out of the fog and scared the hell out of me. You bet I gave it to them after (haha) Other than it was stuffy, "Aunty can I do this?" "Aunty can I wear that?", and dealing with silly boys....they really did crack me up even though I wanted to strangle them at times. Plus you can't get a better view of people (even macho guys) screaming than 2 feet away! Little do they know they were getting scared by 10-13year olds...

Free buffet dinner

Tonight (my last night) I controlled the black light/strobe light for the "Laie Lady" while she scared the canoe riders. I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't excited to be flipping a switch on and off.....however I began to enjoy/appreciate my area (especially once it rained & I was under cover). I laughed at practically every canoe. People are hilarious when they're scared, especially the Japanese tour groups. There were three "Laie Lady" characters that would switch off (One was Junk, one was Okay & one was THE BOMB) They wait until I flip the strobe light on which is their cue to crawl and scare. I felt bad at one point, since it's easy to doze off at my area. (At one point the sounds guy actually did.) Anyways, there are kiddie rides once in a while and the monsters just stand and wave. They signal its a Kiddie ride by waving a glow stick back and forth. BUT, it was late, dark, quiet....and I was already in tired "automatic flip-on, flip-off" mode. So I flipped the strobe, the laie lady starts crawling and all I see is a glow stick hitting/swinging at the laie lady character....then I realized OOPS IT'S A KIDDIE RIDE.....so sorry traumatized kids, pissed off glow stick tour guide and new laie lady volunteer who probably got yelled at afterewards.

That was my Haunted Lagoon 2011 highlights...no late nights, yay!

27 October 2011


I can't believe I finished a 12-paged paper in one day. Thank goodness it was James' day off because I was planted down on our bed, laptop on my stomach, typing until was D.O.N.E. And I'm so glad I got it turned in around 4pm (Its due at midnight)

Around 5:30 Mama Bee & Baby Bee headed off to Grandma Bee's "Table"-Or-Treat ward party. I say table because it's been pouring like crazy the past few days. So instead of canceling, the party was just moved indoors on spread out tables. My Mom went all out and brought her yard blow-ups. She won best booth, hahaha, a free desssert at Angel's. 
Hill and I walked around with Mahie to join in with the Halloween fun and also to collect some candy since our booth was running low, haha. We were surprised that Mahie held on to her little jack-o-lantern pail :)
Daddy was able to join us at the end :)

26 October 2011


We received Mahie's Halloween costume photo's
And my favorite.....
the "Mom-I'm-Over-This-HOT-Costume" face
This costume has made up for all of my neglected sewing projects. It was indeed a busy project but I'm proud I accomplished it, and early too. I never know when I'll have free time again. 
Hope your little monsters are enjoying their costumes :)

25 October 2011


Tues and Thurs
are the best days in the week because James is home.
It's also our Run-a-Million-Errands day. 
And today's list included Wahiawa and Kapolei. 
I had a dentist appointment, tire needed to be checked, a.c. re-installed, and papers picked up for our new car. We still had time to kill before heading back to Laie. For a while James has heard me complain/think/wonder/contemplate CHOPPING off my hair. The last time I did a dramatic cut was on my honeymoon in 2010, and came home having to wear clip-in extensions at night show. Throughout my pregnancy I continued to grow it out thinking I'd return to Night Show, nope. So since no dancing, mind as well do it. I thought even if I ended up not liking it short, my hair grows back EXTREMELY fast. 
The wonderful husband James is, he pulled over at the first salon we saw "Regis Salon" in Kapolei...and I told the woman to have fun with my hair. And she did for 2+ hours (James had had enough after 30min). 
 The Mama-do
It looks way better freshly blown out, but since I had to rush straight to Haunted Lagoon in the rain, I'm surprised it's still manageable. Many people don't even know about my hair cut since I usually rock this "Internship-do" below. Because it can get so hot running around.
I have the cutest short layers ever & I keep twirling them in between my fingers. Cut, Layered, Thinned...i have a lot of hair, seriously, her entire floor was covered :) I wonder if Mahie notices the difference, since she kept staring and pulling at my strands. Lol speaking of Mahie and strands, she was able to get a hair-cut of her own at birth :) Now it's James' turn before he turns into a werewolf.

23 October 2011

Primary Program

Mahie and I attended the Laie 4th Ward Primary Program. It's the ward I grew up in since a child, and now my Mom is the Primary President.
 {Laie 4th Ward Keiki}
 Boys had matching ties and girls wore flowers in their ear
{the wonderful Primary Presidency}

Excerpt from April 2011 General Conference:
"These precious children of God come to us with believing hearts. They are full of faith and receptive to feelings of the Spirit. They exemplify humility, obedience, and love. They are often the first to love and the first to forgive."
"Elder M. Russell Ballard has taught us the importance of the Savior’s admonition to “behold your little ones” when he said: “Notice that He didn’t say ‘glance at them’ or ‘casually observe them’ or ‘occasionally take a look in their general direction.’ He said to behold them. To me that means that we should embrace them with our eyes and with our hearts; we should see and appreciate them for who they really are: spirit children of our Heavenly Father, with divine attributes”
"Have some of life’s experiences taken from you the believing heart and childlike faith you once had? If so, look around at the children in your life. And then look again. They may be children in your family, across the street, or in the Primary in your ward. If we have a heart to learn and a willingness to follow the example of children, their divine attributes can hold a key to unlocking our own spiritual growth."

22 October 2011


Today was a day that kept going and going.
My Mom and I literally finished Mahie's costume for her photo shoot this morning. (Yes I was doing the last minute thing & recruited my Mom to help) I also can't believe her bumble bee costume is pau and I made a legit tutu, haha. I tried to snatch a quick photo before she began to shred her tutu apart lol.
She doesn't like to wear anything on her head, so this is where that full head of hair came in handy. I found two yellow scrunchies and made pigtails as her bee antenna's. I tried to color dots on her checks, nope wasn't having it. Baby's are on their own agenda...that's what frustrates us Mother's the most, right? haha. But still we make them sweat it out to look and take cute photo's for memories sake :) Thanks LeeYen for letting us be a part of raising funds for children in need, even though there was a grouchy bumble bee, haha.
Work tonight was FUN. There were the same run-arounds, but the group tonight I helped to host was "Hype"........awesome, hilarious, I instantly made friends with like ALL of them. They are not only so talented, but very down to earth. 
Seriously, they are their own family and very supportive of each other. I didn't know that they are considered the best of the best. They've been featured on America's Best Dance Crew, on MTV,  and they've won all the Hawaii competitions consecutively and in L.A (they even have a member of the Jabbawokeez helping them out that night, top right w/hat, bottle & shaka.....one member explained it to me like this, "Ok girl, it's like this....we're like Kahuku where everyone hates on us....and everyone ELSE is like Kaimuki or Moanalua (I have a blank face, so he goes....).....EXACTLY! They have a football team?? Who the hell are they???" hahaha, hilarious.
I made great friends. "Tuli" who helped coordinate a.k.a yell at everyone, "Gee" the hot stuff on the wall posing. He's one of their top choreographers/instructors. "Jojo"with the pink straps on my left, were some of the names I remembered. 

"Hello Salem, my name is Winifred, what's yours?"
p.s. Yay All Blacks for winning against France and taking the RWC 2011, James is satisfied & ready for bed :)

21 October 2011


This past Monday I found out I was hired for an internship and a PAID one I might add. I was so excited and beyond happy since I had been searching, calling, emailing, resume-ing for internship opportunities like crazy. Plus it's a huge and nice change from Photo Poly and dancing, and an opportunity to lead me towards my career interest......AND....drum roll, I don't have to leave Laie at all.
So I've experienced my first day on the job.
"Marketing Research Assistant" Intern for the PCC Marketing Department. 
Honestly, I'm exhausted, can't wait for a shower, and my feet are throbbing. The promotion of the month obviously, is Haunted Lagoon and I was everywhere: setting up for special groups coming in (purchasing drinks, grabbing tables/chairs, changing areas), hosted them throughout the night, made friends and made about a million phone calls.
Here's a clip of the first group called "Boogie Down"

The second was a group of winners from a radio call-in contest that Shannon Scott held on KCCN FM 100. So he brought all the winners to dinner at PCC and then they all rode the Haunted Lagoon together. It was funny because he had secretly planned to get pulled into the lagoon by the "Laie Lady" and then be apart of the monsters to scare the canoe of winners. The interns had to ride with them to make sure everything played out and it was hilarious. The people thought they were going to get pulled in too and Shannon Scott's own FM 100 crew totally freaked out.
It was also funny since I was 'working' and not on the ride to enjoy it as a regular rider....and I tried my best NOT to scream or get scared, LOL. I'm very jumpy so I couldn't conceal my 'fraidy-cat' weakness.
 All in all, my night was hectic, awkward and fun, lol. I say awkward because I need to learn and remember about a thousand names, faces, places and procedures ASAP. I'm also the "New Face", so I kept getting stopped at certain areas and scolded until I explained that I was "with Marketing, etc., my boss is..." and then they'd let me through. 
Three things made me hesitant to go along with being hired. 
1. Pay rate isn't as good as my other job
2. PHYSICALLY busy (while at my other job everything was effortless and I was getting paid REALLY good)
3. Work Schedule is crazy. If I'm not in class, I'll be at the office plus I need to be flexible when things pop up out of nowhere (I already miss my baby & I fear the h.w. load)
However it's one of those decisions that pay off in the long run....as in helping my resume & future career goals. Cause YES Mommy's have Career Goals too. Plus it's rare to find a PAID internship that's close to home, with cool bosses and lets me get college credit for my Communications Major. One less class to take in Winter.
Definition of Internship= busting your okole off

20 October 2011

O Vaea ma le Tui Fiti

If you didn't know, my ICS major has a language requirement. Not just two semesters of the same language, or three, but 4 semesters (as in we have to complete up to the highest level of that language track) At first I thought to take French, since I had studied it all through high school and had a challenging, but rewarding teacher. But then I thought it would be cool to instead take Samoan and have first hand help from my fiance at the time (James).
During 101, I didn't take the class seriously and therefore struggled and kept mixing up Hawaiian words with Samoan. (Got an A though) But during 102, I really pushed myself and was able to understand word order, vocabulary, simple conversations and translations. I even learned to say an opening prayer to start class or to give a blessing on food. Now I've made it to 201 (3rd Semester-Intermediate Samoan), and I thought it would be scary/intimidating, but not at all. It's still very challenging, especially now that  I'm in a smaller class alongside RM's and fluent native speakers....but it's been very fun so far. I'm still lost at times, but James and I realized how far I've come. Now I think I know more Samoan than Hawaiian, actually I do, sad, haha. Anyways, our semester is filled with studying legends. I'm amazed that I can read a story now & know what's going on (of course it takes me a while to put pieces together). Today I had to memorize a legend and perform it to my class WITHOUT notes. Here's a portion of what I had to say:
"Ua malama le taeao, ma 'ua ala Tui Fiti ma lona auva'a, 'ae peta'i o lo latou va'a 
ua iai i luga o tumutumu o la'au. Sa 'aioi atu Tui Fiti 'ia Vaea, e fa'asaoina o latou ola. Sa fai atu Vaea e 'aumai le afafine o Tui Fiti, o Apa'ula. 

Sa 'auina e Tui Fiti ni tagata e to'atolu i Fiti e 'aumai 'Apa'ula. Sa taunu'u mai 'Apa'ula 'i Samoa ma 'ua fa'aipoipo ma Vaea. Sa mavae ni nai aso. Sa fai atu Tui Fiti 'ia Vaea, ole'a latou toe fo'i 'i Fiti. Sa fiaalu 'Apa'ula e toe fo'i ma lona tama. I lena lava po so sola 'o ia 'i le va'a ma 'ua latou sosola loa i Fiti."

This legend could basically pass for a Samoan soap opera, because of it's drama, haha. It talks about a strong and handsome Vaea and a jealous Fijian King (Tui Fiti) who seeks to kill him (fasioti). However Vaea proves his strength to Tui Fiti by placing his va'a up in a tree one night. Both Tui Fiti and his auva'a (crew) awaken and plead for their lives, "Sa 'aioi atu Tui Fiti ia Vaea, e fa'asaoina o latou ola". Vaea then asks for the hand of Tuifiti's afafine (daughter) Apa'ula. After she is brought from Fiji to Samoa to wed (fa'aipoipo), Vaea allows Tui Fiti to return to Fiji, but Apa'ula "I lena lava po, sa sola o ia i le va'a" escapes to her Dad's boat that night and returns with him to Fiji.
BUT, she soon gives birth, however Tui Fiti kills the baby because he doesn't want his lineage tarnished. Heartbroken Apa'ula returns back to Samoa but, "ua liu mauga Vaea 'ae toe lava o lona ulu e le'i liu mauga".....Vaea turns into a mountain except for his head and thus very heartbroken tells Apa'ula to leave. Now there is a mountain in Samoa named after Vaea.

I'm sure James is happy he doesn't have to hear me reciting it anymore. 
Tofa. Manuia le aso.

19 October 2011

Pumpkin Pet

We have a little pet that has finally made an appearance on our doorstep. Totally ideal for TVA & budget-student living. He lives outside, stays in one spot, doesn't require any food, makes no noise....and scares naughty children away, haha.
Last year James and I bought a pumpkin but didn't do anything with it. We eventually gave it to my Mom right before the Halloween weekend. This year, I was determined to revive our childhood pumpkin carving skills. And by this I mean JAMES as Mr. Carver. So when he showed me a draft of his jack-o-lantern, I told him it wasn't at all family friendly for those passing by our apartment. Doesn't it look evil? However, I get pretty annoyed when I hear children trying to get at Mahie's stroller outside (even when they're accompanied by an adult, ugh)......and our evil pumpkin pet has actually proven to scare those annoying youngsters away. Ok, this makes me sound like I hate kids, hahaha, but TVA Life teaches you to be cautious of anything left RIGHT OUTSIDE of your door, seriously.
We still need to light him up. His stump broke off from rolling around in our trunk for an entire day.
Come check out our pet, he doesn't bite :)

17 October 2011

Rollie Pollies

It's just "Daddy & Me"

16 October 2011

Sabath Sunday

I'm really glad I attended Church today. Not like we're inactive, but there was Conference & then my Parents persuaded Mahie & I to attend their ward the Sunday after...so it seemed like the Aspinall's were M.I.A. from BYUH 5th, but we showed up bright and early today :)
Other than Mahie making the meanest stinky farts during Sacrament, followed by a quick rush to relieve a very FULL diaper....the talks, lessons, EVERY part of church was wonderful. It would've been even better with James next to me, but he knows that we appreciate his hardwork. 
Mahie was passed around like crazy during Sunday School and Relief Society. I think it's her irresistible and very contagious smile that got all the sisters hooked. Maybe her leg rolls too. She left her drool mark on every one of them. After today, she has many new "Aunty's" that have already reserved to hold her next Sunday.

After church I was able to start on Mahie's bumble bee costume. My sewing skills are not the best, but hey, that makes funny memories to look back upon. 
Not really knowing how the end result will be, since there is no pattern, haha. My Mom made similar bee costumes for my brothers when they were babies so she's been my costume adviser. My Dad doesn't get why I chose polka-dot ribbon for the stripes instead of all black. I like it though, it's a cute touch. Plus it'll take away from my stitching flaws, hopefully. I think Walmart ripped me off because I already ran out of ribbon. At least the front has been covered. Plus Mahie can't sit up yet so the back doesn't even matter (yes my justification). 
My parent's said, "We need to take a picture of you for your blog." haha. I keep my sewing machine and things at my parent's since 1. there's more room and my Mom has her own sewing corner in the family room 2. Family members are always available to play with Mahie while I get h.w., studying, anything done (Dad in background).
I'll keep you updated on the bumble bee costume adventures...

James brought me back some Liliha cocoa puffs from town today. Yum yum yum.

15 October 2011

Pumpkins & Canoes

Who knew Hawaii had a pumpkin patch?

Last month my Dad mentioned that we should take Mahie to the pumpkin patch in Ewa. So my Mom, Mahie and I left Laie early, picked up my brother Isaac in Kalihi and headed to the HOT west side. There were tons of people. For a second it almost seemed like Utah...a quick second.
So basically we stayed there....BARELY 20 minutes top. 
It was not fun, at all. haha
1. well, it's Ewa = HOT
where you walked, ate, searched for pumpkins was right next to cars driving in and out. You were miserable if you didn't wear sunglasses. And Mahie was NOT wanting to sit in her stroller. Hence, look at her squinting above LOL
3. BUMPY-ness
No patted down areas to walk/push strollers...and people were tripping lol
4. Pumpkin let-down
The pumpkins were expensive AND the majority of them were already rotting from the sun.
My Mom was like, "Usually you're suppose to be bundled up & sipping on hot cider/cocoa...um, NOT getting roasted by the sun and getting dirt blown in your face." hahaha. Even the cars were having a hard time driving through the area. Seriously we were covered with a layer of red dirt. My brother took off his glasses & cap, and you could see the outline, LOL.

However, we did make use of our $1 per person admission with pictures:
You can never have enough right?
And since we each couldn't return to our homes empty handed...
Walmart's READY-TO-GO Pumpkin Patch saved us

Later that night, Hillary, Kiana and I rode the Haunted Lagoon. The line was crazy, so we hung out at my parent's waiting for my friend Amanda (who does the photo sales as you exit) to let us know when the line died down. 
We were literally the last people in line on the last canoe, with 3 hilarious drunk ladies. Yes, they made Haunted Lagoon enjoyable. We sat right behind them & they cracked us up the entire ride. They probably almost lost their minds that night from all those clowns & monsters jumping at them. I've never laughed so hard, especially since we'd crack up at them...and then scream right after at something popping out of the water at us.
My co-worker Mariah came with us and she got so scared at one point, she knocked herself and me backwards while also pushing our entire row to the right. If that makes sense. Cracking up for days. Our Canoe was totally confused at one of the supposedly "scary monsters" in the Maori Village....one person goes, "Aye is that a mahu?" We were all dying of laughter.
What a very eventful day :)

12 October 2011

World Traveler

Mr. Postman dropped off something special:
Mahie's passport came in. 
So quickly too. It seemed like we had just submitted it to the Hau'ula post office 2 weeks ago. Isn't her picture adorable. Our friend Puni hooked us up with her head shots. For some reason, Mahie will smile and laugh, until she sees a camera...and then she just stares. This girl will be making full use of this little booklet, since we plan to visit family in NZ, Australia & Samoa whenever our wallets allow us :)

Anyone in need of a good laugh?
What fun would it be without including passport shots of Pre-Mommy & Pre-Daddy:
Yes, I look drugged. I was smiling but then the photographer said "No Smiling" and snapped it without giving me time....hence my weird mouth. I was 19 & preparing to go on a BYU Living Legends dance tour in Argentina & Paraguay. James had also taken me home to NZ that Christmas to meet his family.

Look how YOUNG James is, teenager days, haha, nice his 90's necklace

Passports [check]
Tickets to Samoa [check]

Here we come Christmas in Pesega :)
p.s. Congratulations to the Joyce's (Jame's older sister) on having their 5th baby, a little boy "Wilhelm".