30 May 2012

It's that exciting time again...

Tomorrow brings BIG, HUGE, PRETTY COOL, news.
What will "Round #2" have in store for me, James and Mahie?
(don't pay attention to the middle blue dot, our appointment is tomorrow @9am!)

And for some fun, but definitely did not hold true to my 1st pregnancy

28 May 2012

Memorial Day

The weather today was actually very disappointing, in all my years of Memorial Days. The cloudy skies, heavy winds and random showers kept me in the house half of the day cleaning & just wishing I was outside. Eventually I got James off his butt, as Mahie was going crazy bothering everyone wanting to nap....and so off to Hukilau we went. Of course it was PACKED as usual, I still was hesitant about the wind, but the sun seemed promising. The reasons why I hate going to the beach when its windy, (this coming from a forever Laie beach bum since a kid) 1. the top loose sand whips at your legs, face, everything if you're not in the water 2. BLUE BUBBLES duh! 3. random gross debris 4. BLUE BUBBLES! lol. Anyways, we had a little fun before Mahie started to shiver & James had to head back for work. Got to see Annie & the Kahawaii Fambam, along with Shayde & Aunty Sherry them.
James & his cousin Audrey
We got back to the house and Mahie didn't show any signs of going down for a nap just yet. So my parents set up a pool for her, and up and down the yard chasing Cooper (family midget dog) and into the pool she went. The yard tent went up, the bbq, the table & yard chairs.....it was nice lounging and watching my parents take turns bbq-ing. My brothers came down from Kalihi, Kiana sadly had to work. The food and leftovers were yummy. The smore's later were even YUMMIER!
Before we blessed the food and ate, my Dad recognized all of our family members who served in the military. It's always nice being with family. And that's how everything went down today.

Congratulations to my sister-in-law Sharon and her husband Shaun, who was in labor throughout the night and gave birth to a chubby healthy baby girl, Sophia Failuga Martin. That makes 9 cousins altogether on the Aspinall side: Reagan, Deahn, Talia, Asher, Andrus, Cael, Mahie, Wilhelm & Sophia. Such a beautiful name.

Thursday we find out what we're having? To find out or not.....OR to find out AND NOT TELL? haha

15 May 2012

Week On Fire

last week was ON FIRE, literally. PCC threw its annual World Fire knife Competition, and our marketing department was in charge of covering, shooting, facebooking, tweeting EVERYTHING Media. There was live coverage for the first time, so people around the world could watch, so that was cool. I was assigned to "TWEET", which was VERY new to me. I don't even own a Twitter account. What's the proper way to tweet professionally? Basically, to be as corny as possible. I was laughing at the tweets I was publishing, "Contestant #2 is on fire tonight!" lol, get it?
2012 Winner from Tahiti, aka "Larie's crush" :)
Larie tweeting on her ipad
It was a long week, turned weekend, and as exciting as sticks on fire can be, especially when not only 3 but FOUR are linked together......I was HAPPY to see the competition come to its end. By the way, Larie and I cheered for the contestant from Papeete, Tahiti & he WON!

I got a little break in between the festival to help out with PCC's Mother's Day Dinner and Concert. THAT was fun, especially since the majority of guests were Samoan and old people. But no matter that they were all over 40, those old grandma's and grandpa's were getting down. No shame, and they kept telling me to take tons of photos of them, haha. The couple below was my favorite of the night. They were the only ones dancing where he led and she followed, you know OLD OLD school, lol. Too old that I don't even know what to call that style, hahaha. It was beautiful and very classy. You could tell they were in love. So I told Uncle Steve Laulu, who was the mc, to give them a prize lol, and he did.
go to PCC's facebook page for more photos
And before I got a good night's rest, I was back clocking in for the high school We Are Samoa Festival the following morning. I felt like I was back in Samoa....because it was a HOT day, there were crafts vendor booths everywhere, samoan's everywhere, puletasi's everywhere....it was cool listening to the tulafale's that spoke, because I was like, hey I remember learning about those words or metaphors in my language class.

Yes, it was a long, long week. Especially since baby#2's sickness returned, in the morning AND while I was at work. My insides fertilized the back of Hale Aloha many of times that week, at least I lost a few pounds. And I developed some kind of sickness that no one knows what it could be. It first started off as the heartburn from hell, then I showed signs of gallbladder infection/gallstones, and then I couldn't keep anything down but bread, and then my chest tightened up and I couldn't breath....and now all of that is gone and I'm stuck with a bad cough, where you cough non stop and nothing comes out. My whole body feels normal, its just this annoying cough. Dr. Shlacter gave me an inhaler, which I've never had before, but I'm pretty sure he didn't even know whats wrong with me because the dumb inhaler is doing nothing. So hopefully whatever I have leaves, and leaves soon.

13 May 2012

Mama: for love is spoken here

2 little babies and "Mama" off to church, i left my roses home lol
Mother's day is always a very sweet, special and spiritual day. I think of my Mom and how grateful my siblings are to have been raised by a loving individual who has always put us first. From putting off college to stay home with us, to putting off sleep to hunt us down in the middle of the night during high school days, we never doubted our Mother's love and affection. And now that I am a Mommy too, or like Mahie says, "Mama", I hope to follow in her footsteps.

How wonderful it feels, that no matter how much my parents, or siblings or friends spoil Mahie, as soon as I come into the room from work or open my arms to her, those almond shaped eyes light up and she runs to me screaming for joy. All my stress from the day disappears as soon as my baby girl hugs me back. I'm still TRYING at being a good mother, not anywhere close to my own Mother's perfectness, but being a mother period.......so when my baby walks over and kisses me randomly and pats my knee softly, I know I'm doing something right.

I think nothing can describe a mother better, than Primary songs. If you aren't a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or didn't grow up as a child in Primary, I encourage you to google the LDS Primary Hymn book, and just listen to these songs directed to teaching children about the gospel. After I went through the temple and was sealed to James, I realized that these songs and their purpose to educate our little ones, are soo true. Everything I sang about since a little girl and when I was baptized made sense. Little children really are the kingdom of heaven.

*When I think of my Mom raising us kids:
Lyrics to, "Love is Spoken Here" by Janice Kapp Perry
           (click here to listen: loveisspokenhereMP3 )

1. (Girls) I see my mother kneeling with our family each day.
I hear the words she whispers as she bows her head to pray.
Her plea to the Father quiets all my fears,
And I am thankful love is spoken here.
2. (Boys) Mine is a home where ev’ry hour is blessed by the strength of priesthood pow’r,
With father and mother leading the way,
Teaching me how to trust and obey;
And the things they teach are crystal clear,
For love is spoken here.
[3rd ending] I can often feel the Savior near
When love is spoken here.
Mosiah 4:15 "But ye will teach them to walk in the ways of truth and soberness; ye will teach them to love one another, and to serve one another."

*What I hope my children think of me:
Lyrics to "Mother Dear" by Maud B Kimball
           (Click here to listen: motherdearMP3 )
1. Mother dear, I love you so.
Your happy, smiling face
Is such a joy to look at;
It makes home a lovely place.
2. Mother dear, I love you so.
Your lovely, shining eyes
Are just like stars that twinkle
Way up in the bright blue skies.
3. Mother dear, I love you so.
I’ll try the whole day through
To please our Heav’nly Father.
I’m so glad he gave me you.

*When I sing Mahie to sleep:
Lyrics to, "I Often Go Walking" by Phyllis Luch
        (Click here to listen: ioftengowalking )
1. I often go walking in meadows of clover,
And I gather armfuls of blossoms of blue.
I gather the blossoms the whole meadow over;
Dear mother, all flowers remind me of you.
2. O mother, I give you my love with each flower
To give forth sweet fragrance a whole lifetime through;
For if I love blossoms and meadows and walking,
I learn how to love them, dear mother, from you.

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom, my Mother-in-law, to my Sister & all my Sister-in-laws & Friends (because we are all mother's), and to.....MYSELF!!! 

08 May 2012

Operation No Bottle/Formula

Today was Mahie's 1 year old re-registration at WIC. And the topic that came up was "Out with the formula and in the with whole milk". Which shouldn't be too difficult, seeing as we've already been feeding Mahie all sorts of food and drink. So the month of May has officially been declared *Operation: No Bottle, No Formula.

We know the formula won't be too hard, she already shows an interest in our regular 2% milk, but we've turned to whole milk as suggested by WIC. The bottle on the other hand, will be hard. We've already started limiting her bottle use down to two specific times. In the morning, because James and I are both too lazy and dead tired to do anything but fix a quick easy bottle and she's satisfied. And at night, because it helps her to calm down and get ready for bed. In fact, she'll reach out and point at a bottle and will cry if she doesn't get one before bed. I know night time will be the harder of the two.

She's good drinking with a straw or directly out of her plastic baby cups throughout the day.....so hmm, a new challenge/milestone to reach for with this little girl.

Here's a picture from yesterday. She got 3 shots and blood drawn. She was really fussy afterwards, so James brought her to pick me up at work....and where Larie surprised her with a birthday present from Manuhealii. (Thank you Aunty Larie!!!) We treated our brave girl with her very own McDonald's ice cream cone. (With help from us to catch those drips)
Tomorrow we hope to take a dip in the ocean, the weather has been hot and sunny. I love clear sparkly ocean water......and then it'll be a long night at work with the Fire Knife Competition beginning.

*FYI any tips for the bottle battle?? :) lmk

05 May 2012

Baby Luau

Chantilly cake, yum!
Today was Mahie's 1st Birthday Baby Luau. 
Months & weeks of creativity, planning & budgeting was put into her birthday, so that everyone could enjoy the celebration. We hope everyone did. We had it at the back Laie North Stake chapel, next to the temple. 
*Mahalo to the Logan Ohana for the yummy local buffet menu. It was so yummy & fulfilling, I was starving and looking forward to eating. And I love that we have leftovers too!

We put in a lot of thought in entertaining our guests, especially the kiddies. Because if the kids are having a good time, the parents will be too. We hand candy everywhere, balloons everywhere, a cotton candy machine, shave ice machine and a jumper. Good thing the rental company brought their own people so we didn't have to run anything. Sharay Brown painted all the kiddie's AND adults faces and did glitter tattoos. She was awesome and a lot of people inquired about her. We covered the tables in white butcher paper, and provided crayons in baby food jars for the kids to color. I'm surprised at how crazy both the kids AND adults got with their artistic skills. We got all kinds of drawings and happy birthday notes, lol. Costco had a sales on bubble machines "hurricane million bubbles"....and it really did shoot out a million bubbles a second. It was a hit because the kids went nuts. 

My Mom and I handmade all the centerpieces and hula girl inspired goodie bags. They came out so cute and it feels good when your guests and aunties applaud your work, lol. My brother Isaac also brought pineapple so we added it to the decor & then gave it away to friends after. Another thing everyone enjoyed, was that my Dad made a genealogy pedigree chart, showing three cultural family branches that extended from Mahie: 1) Hawaiian/German, 2) Navajo, 3) Samoan, with accompanying pictures of grand, great grand & great great grand parents. A lot of these pictures were taken while still setting up.

We're so glad to blessed with wonderful friends and family members. A lot of my Ka'ahanui Ohana came, which is rare since they have to drive out from Kapolei, Ewa and on. They were so fun, as they usually are, and truly set the tone for the party when my Aunt and cousins kept requesting the electric slide. No shame those ladies, everyone cracked up and enjoyed watching them.

We're very grateful for my parents and siblings for being very cooperative and helpful in planning and making the party a success. And for being the mc's and pinata rope holders cause James and I were too shame, lol.  

It was a busy week, day...a lot of work, but it sure paid off with a lot of fun. Thank you everyone who came and those who helped us clean up afterwards. That chapel was spotless in like 10minutes. 

We love you Mahie, Happy Birthday sleepyhead.