30 December 2010

Movie Junkies

Over the weekend James and I randomly drove to Kaneohe to pursue my cravings for a BK Whopper! I've been so over McDonald's since I got married. (Well I love their fries & vanilla cone) Anyways, here's the movie we decided to see!! TRUE GRIT! It was really funny, I was surprised that I enjoyed it, the ending was kinda weird though :)

Movies, Movies, Movies! Thanks to our Netflix account, we're able to stream all types of movies at a click of a button, seriously. I made some spaghetti, rice crispies and James made some chicken wing appetizers to go along with our homemade pina colada's. Definitely a comfort food night that went perfectly with our television :) Tonight has been so far, an Al Pacino Movie Night for us. James has got me hooked onto his movies, although some scenes I have to look away from (gross-o blood & language!). We both try to figure out the angle in the movie before the other. Anyways, we are both addicted to the rice crispy treats. It's 2 in the morning and we're suppose to be heading to town early tomorrow!!!

27 December 2010


It's so exciting going through so many 'FIRSTs' together as a couple
Christmas for the Laie Aspinall's was fun & a learning experience
We combined traditions from our own families with ones we created on the spot :)

I have always enjoyed opening gifts from James. Not ONLY because they're GIFTS, but it's funny to see what he thought to get me & why, lol. I can remember the most hilarious but sweet ones came for my birthday, our first year dating. Memories!! After our Christmas morning together, we cleaned up and headed over to my parent's house for my Mom's big Christmas breakfast. Here are some shots of her gorgeous and awesome decorating skills. I think if there really WAS a Santa Clause (Sanoe I hope your boys don't see this post) my Mom would be the Head Elf, cause she goes crazy for December!!

My Mom always decorates her archway every year. Yes this is ALL done by HER HANDS with REAL Christmas tree branches. She has done this so long that she's made friends with the chronics (straight from her mouth) that sell tree's at Alamoana and they always keep a supply for 'their Auntay'. She strings the lights in, and decorations that she's collected over the years. It is ALWAYS an eye-pleaser for everyone that comes over, first thing they see & 'wow-ed' by. She also makes all the garlands for our home by hand too.

My Dad likes Snowman & my Mom likes Gingerbread and Nativity Sets (I got her some from Paraguay and Argentina)

My Mom has NEVER owned a fake tree (which has rubbed off on me) & she always gets huge ones. Their home was under construction for a while, which caused my Parents to get their tree late with a limited selection/prices. However, this tree was originally a whopping 13 FEET and cost over $400...if you know my mother, then you KNOW she talked the salesman down to barely over a $100 and arrived home with her giant tree. My older brothers had to cut/trim it down. It was still very HUGE in person. 

Dad has always read from Luke before opening presents (followed by a long BUT sweet prayer). I am so grateful that my siblings and I were blessed with a wonderful example of a Priesthood Holder. I can't imagine a home without this powerful and spiritual blessing that only Father's can bring. He has served from callings of Primary Teacher & Boy Scout Master to callings of High Council & Bishop. I love my Dad and am so happy he decided to serve his mission, learn Navajo :) and meet my crazy Mom! He is part of the reason I fell in love with James, because my husband shares many of these Priesthood & Fatherly qualities I admire and want for my own babies to come :)

Dad already wearing his rain boots we got him for his construction areas & Mom excited to use her new vacuum from Isaac. No really, she made my brother put it together and started vacuuming away and then  went to James and said "Look at how much it got from just this little area!!!" Although she was proud, I was embarrassed, hello that was definitely a dirty carpet LOL.

Hill got the best gift from Eric....a baby pot belly piglet!!
Rockin' the pencil skirt at 21 Weeks....i love dressing my pregnant body, its fun!

18 December 2010

lights, tree, ornaments

Cute little Christmas craft I bought
It's the weekend after finals and freedom feels soo good. After our last tests Thursday, James & I headed to town to escape Laie. We had a yummy dinner, caught a movie, & looked at Christmas lights on our drive home. James LOVES blue Christmas lights and wants everything blue next year. (YEAH RIGHT!) Sorry love, we're sticking with the traditional colors :)

Now with school out of the way, we can definitely feel and ENJOY the Christmas season even more! (Plus a break from my 7:30am classes) Although we wanted to sleep in really really late the day after Finals, we both got up early and cleaned every inch of our house because the 'Finals Week Tornado' had hit! It took us an entire day to achieve our thorough approval, but it was worth it. Our house can breath again once more!

Here are some shots of our Jolly Season so far:

It was our ward Christmas Party & I helped out with the desserts. Yum, yum, YUM, I decided to make some Cherry & Blueberry Cream Cheese Tarts. It's a very simple & inexpensive recipe.

the nilla wafers  bake into a crust, cool huh?
Poor in your cream cheese mixture over the wafers and bake for 20 minutes. After they cool, spoon some cherry or blueberry pie filling over as a topping. Our dessert was the first to be devoured & everyone loved them!
We have some many more yummy things to bake this season. One of my favorite things to do is finding recipes online from other wives. Even when groceries are limited, type into Google all that you have and you will always find a great hit. 

Our lights are plugged in 24/7. The majority of our ornaments were again STOLEN from my mom's decorations, haha. My mom loves Pier 1 & since I can't afford that place, I shop at my parents house for things. They have the best home decor ever, especially for Christmas. I love our tree, it was a gift from my parents. We come home and our apartment is FILLED with the smell of Christmas (Real trees are the only way to go!)

12 December 2010

Eternity, stop missing out on it =]

This past weekend was very special & came as a wonderful break before heading into finals week. It began Friday evening when my beautiful friend entered the Laie Temple for the first time. I enjoyed every moment of the session, especially since I had waited since June to enter the House of the Lord again. The things you learn, the emotions you feel, the people you are surrounded by, makes you wish that everyone in the world could enter and be apart of such a heavenly place. If only they knew.
Rejieli is the lucky woman in the gray cardigan, with her Mother-in-Law, Sister-in-Law & Sister
So proud of her, this woman is a perfect example of faith <3
Continuing on with the endless blessings our temple provides, this morning I was able to attend my FIRST temple sealing. I was so so so (you dont even know how much) EXCITED to have the privilege in attending Jason & Roimata's sealing. Nothing is better than being a part of a Temple Marriage, you dont realize how much you had been missing out until you have a temple recommend!! Sorry for all of you that have to stand around outside, hey lets just say you all have a goal now to work towards!! Trust me, its definitely worth it. Especially since you'll always have the chance to be reminded of the counsel & love expressed when it was once you holding onto your husband's hand. I left the temple that day with a greater appreciation for our gospel, living next door to our temple, being sealed to my family for eternity and the greatest of all...falling in love with James all over again.
Congratulation to Mr. & Mrs. Jason & Roimata Sam
Gorgeous Bridesmaids Danica & Nea, loved their romantic attire
Their Reception was at Waimea, the open lanai & scenery plus the night time & candles totally beat Koolau
us nightshow girls dancing an auana hula with Roi, yes dancing in pink with my baby girl
Update: 19 Weeks & 2 Days
Thank you Thank you for my friends allowing me to spend such special memories with them this weekend, I truly needed it. Now its temple dates with my husband & many more with friends too.

05 December 2010

Pretty in Pink

Friday morning we were able to see our baby girl
She was sleeping at the time, so the doctor had to keep trying to wake her up
Already she isn't a morning person like me!
But also, she's quite a lady, she wouldn't open/keep her legs open
haha, very classy <3
James was so excited when Doctor Lyon announced the sex
since he was publicly cheering for a girl
We were suppose to keep it quiet and announce it on Christmas Day
as a gift to everyone, but we couldn't hide our joy!
Mommy Group here I come :)