30 December 2012

Last Sunday of 2012

Our last Sunday of 2012....and our last Sunday here on O'ahu! Both countdowns are ticking away!! I've been on an emotional roller coaster the past few days, and hours!

I'm excited, nervous, anxious. Hawaii is my home and so far Mahie's home. She doesn't know what's going to hit her. I'm having constant flashbacks of this past Christmas in Apia. Hmmm....Heavenly Father really can be humorous in his planning, was I being prepared (in a way) ???? At least we have a little sense of what we need to pack. Thank you for end of the year sales, because we were able to buy a whole bunch of big clothes for the babies to grow into while there.
Bye Target, see you in a few!

 James is just excited and ready! We were laughing at how long he's been in Hawaii. He came back in 2006?? for just a visit and ended up not returning to New Zealand...going to school, working forever at PCC, finding ME, marriage & now kids! HE....IS.....READY AS CAN BE!! James has definitely been my reassurance and strength! I'm glad I have him. It will be our new 2013 adventure, yes AN ADVENTURE! While all the world will probably fall back into their same old ways, we have something fresh to experience. Yes, different & maybe challenging, but I have no doubt we will be strengthened as a family!
2011 Christmas in Samoa flashback!

I've heard it all. EVERYONE'S opinion's and reactions....so save it! I'm happy to hear that a lot of my friends may make plans to come visit....PLEASE COME (not if i don't know you!), its just us in a big ol' house & yard.
See....we ain't gonna be in no hut! Probably better than some of the houses here in Laie :)

We're even near the temple!!

Oh, & I'm taking my closet with me.....so don't ask or hint! I can rock my Steve Madden's or Jeffrey's anywhere, K?!

And no, we're not just kicking back on a hammock drinking from coconuts! We'll be busy running my in-law's successful family business & hoping to help expand it. Who knew my four semesters of Samoan at BYUH would came in handy (yeah like I remember!). It's not all that sad, since we're already planning for me and the babies to visit in April! (You know, to keep my sanity!) At least in Samoa I don't have an Alamoana or online shopping to tempt me, therefore I'll be returning on my visits with SAVINGS!!! Yeeyah, that's something to look forward to!

Anyways, gots some cleaning & packing to do.

We "the Aspinall's & Kaahanui's" LOVE YOU TO PIECES!!

26 December 2012

Christmas Eve & Morning '12

This month has probably been the quickest to come and go. And it is definitely sad to see the end slipping by. If you didn't know, our little family of four have been making preparations to MOVE!

On January 4th we will be heading to none other than HOT, SWEATY.....SAMOA!! No, not "American Samoa".....Samoa, SAMOA! Next Friday we will be flying to Apia! 2013 will be a big change :)

Knowing that we were moving made this month even more special and family oriented. Although we had a million things hoping to do when the holidays rolled in, I can honestly say that we didn't get around to half....isn't that usually the case though? haha. I blame Pinterest!

Christmas Eve was very special, relaxing for us and exciting for Mahie. I had the babies bathed and bundled when James got home from work. We packed up the car and off we drove "looking for lights". Mahie pointed and screamed, "Liiiiiiiiiiiights!" at every house along the way. And then we arrived! My Mom has always loved going to "Christmas lane", street where every neighbor is known to go ALL OUT. Sadly the original block we go to wasn't that good.....well good, but not breathtaking-i-need-to-grab-my-camera awesome. We didn't even get out, but Santa came to the window with candy! So off we went to our NEW "Christmas Lane", and it was definitely breathtaking. Even James and I were blown away. Mahie loved Elmo!

Our family again did a Secret Santa gift exchange, which is better now that we're all adults. But no one really cared about who they got, because all the attention went to the babies. My parents were extremely happy to be able to shop for CHILDREN again! And since it's just Mahie who's old enough to play with toys, she got spoiled big time with her own christmas tree (which had ornaments safe to mess up so she wouldn't touch Grandma's "Pier 1" tree) loaded with gifts.
Helping Grandpa read the scriptures before opening presents!

"Her" tree

Santa got her EXACTLY what she's obsessed with at the moment: A baby doll set with a stroller, crib and carseat, the "Backpack" from Dora that doesn't stop talking, Lilo & Stitch dolls, clothes for Samoa, slippers, panties....and more things galore. (Thank you Grandma & Grandpa, Aunty Ida/Tiana, Aunty Kiana/Uncle Isaac, Aunty Annie, Aunty Lanea for the goodies)
Evan's 1st Christmas!

I even got EXACTLY what I wanted....so I kinda have an idea of who had my name :)
It's pretty hard shopping for James. When you ask him what he wants, he says nothing. The few materialistic things he own, are the only things he's interested in. He's easy to please, but that has never made it easy on my part. However, I usually pull through for birthdays and Christmas, and happy I was to get him a Ninja! He's been seriously planning to take on a healthier lifestyle (which we all should be), and so I thought a blender would be ideal! Not just a crappy one from Walmart, so after some research I saw that the basic Ninja model was on sale. I showed up at the store, and saw that the very upgraded model went on sale too, that did even more things! Plus I had a 20% coupon, AND it was the last one in store....I freeeeekin scored! I literally had the hugest smile at checkout. Not only can we blend and juice, but I'll be able to make Evan baby food in Samoa :)

Later that day, we left early to Les Miserables (with only Evan, lol). It was jam packed and very long, but we enjoyed it.

We enjoyed every moment of this holiday season, even if some days were spent cuddling on the couch or taking long drives, being with family and loved ones should always be the priority. And Grandma & Grandpa are soaking in every second of their Mahie and Evan! (No tears!!!.......yet)

Hope you all had a good one!
Love, Ashlyn, James, Mahie & Evan!

19 December 2012

Booted from the Bed

The title is exactly what it is right now: one snoring husband and two chubby babies have taken over the bed. Lately I've felt it a waste of SPACE having a toddler bed & crib crammed into our room, when  NO ONE sleeps in it!! Speaking of said 'space wasters', it's been a battle putting those two little ones to sleep & KEEPING them THERE.

Mahie is pretty good taking naps and then later, sitting in her bed to watch a late movie or cartoon. But as soon as she senses her sleep coming on, she climbs down and sprints to our bed. Before you know it, she's climbing over one of us to sleep in the middle. James is usually too tired (or can't be bothered) to put her back on her own bed....BUT NOT ME.....I NEED MY SPACE! And that comes with a price, meaning I tuck her in, sit next to her on the ground and sing "I am a child of God" over and over again. I've since placed a little glow star on her bed rail, that lights up and projects little cartoons on the ceiling above, playing music. She loves it. It actually is very soothing to watch.
        Even I fall asleep watching this projection go round and around

Evan is slowly sleeping longer. I still have to wake up at least twice to nurse, but I guess my body has accustomed to the limited sleep. I can be soo tired and as soon as I shower, I'm wide awake in bed instagram-ing. (You know you do too!) I think Evan hates his crib. We have added so many things to make it more comfy, but we've concluded that he loves to be held or be next to someone. That is the only way we can get him into a deep sleep. If I put him in his crib, his eyeballs are wide open 2 seconds later. He is getting chunkier by the minute. After his bath tonight, I struggled getting his 0-3 months onesie on, is it really time to upgrade to 3 months and up??? Little buddha!

And James and I are doing what we (hopefully!!) do best: BEING PARENTS! We need a nap just like the kids to survive. We're looking forward to watching the following movies: The Guilt Trip, This is 40 and LES MISERABLES!!!!! (The Hobbit was good, but loooong)

Anyways we have a few things planned. I need to de-clutter and get rid of stuff, so there should be a sale soon posted online and a garage sale this weekend. Other than that, we're staying indoors to keep dry and praying no one catches a cold :)

10 December 2012


A little recap, as blogging hasn't been easy when two little monkeys are hungry, crying and tired at the SAME time :)

Earlier in November, Mahie went to her first Kahuku Football game, which was the OIA State Champs! She loved it and was so excited when I got her ready and even more excited when she saw the crowded stadium. It was also the first time I took Evan out without James (who I feel secure having at my side) and in my baby carrier. He did so well, so Moms get an Ergo! It was also a breeze nursing him, which I dreaded.

Thanksgiving came and went just as quickly. So quick, we didn't even take any pictures. My Dad's brother from Chicago flew in & brought my Grandpa down from Kapolei. And my Aunty Kim also drove down from Waimanalo. Grandpa B is getting old, it's crazy how fragile our bodies will turn with age. Nonetheless, I still love hearing him tell his family stories. Mahie seemed confused when she'd hear me call him Grandpa, haha. She also got a little confused when she saw my Uncle Kevin, since he looks similar to my Dad. She ran to him by accident a few times thinking it was her Grandpa :)

Then December hit! And we've tried to make a few adjustments to our daily schedule....which includes healthier meals & snacks for Mahie....playtime OUTSIDE for Mahie, since we've both been trying to catch up on naps whenever Evan knocks out......family prayer......and in the near future: potty training & toddler bed sleeping :) *As of now, Mahie has slept in her OWN bed for 3 days! Yay!

Some of our December Happs so far:

Me, the kids and my Family drove down for the Honolulu City Lights Christmas Lighting and parade. We've done this since I was little like Mahie & Evan. I still get excited thinking of the parade and the lights around downtown. As children, my Mom would get us ready, pack us up in our station wagon and we'd drive to town early to meet my Dad who worked near Iolani Palace at an architectural firm. Even though our parents didn't buy us any of those expensive glow lights and street food, we did have good seats right on the curb in those days...not so much now :) And I bet it was just as fun for Mahie this year. Double plus because "Grandpa Kent" bought malasadas :) We then made a stop at Likelike drive-thru for a late dinner.

Evan James Kaohi'ai was blessed by his wonderful Dad! I'm so grateful to be married to a worthy priesthood holder. It was a beautiful blessing, as all baby blessings are :) Ida even visited from Kailua and we had lunch in Kaneohe after. *My good friends Kaui & Toa also blessed their daughter Wailani the same day!

I got my 6 weeks postpartum clearance!!! I like how I couldn't wait to exercise, and now that I can, ugh NO MOTIVATION! Good thing I'm breastfeeding, that will at least buy me sometime hopefully :) I think I still have 20lbs to go, but it's more toning than poundage loss for me. Don't want to be lighter but still flabby, hello!

We've done a secret santa selection for the family, took Mahie to see Santa at the Mall, play in "fake bubble snow", taking turns baking yummy cakes, muffins and cookies....and going on long drives. It not only soothes Evan and puts Mahie to sleep, but it gives James and I time to ourselves in a way.

We also have 3 Pandora Christmas Playlists on replay: Mariah Carey (duh!), Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer, and of course The Carpentars........and randomly without James' approval, our secret 4th: Justin Beiber!! *Shout out to Lanea!