28 August 2013


Goodbye August, hello Mr. 10 months, three teeth, and super quick legs.
Our little happy boy is all over the place exploring. Looking back, I think it was around this stage that I enjoyed the most with Mahie. Because after that, it's potty training & tantrums, haha. But with Evan, our only concern is trying to keep up with this little guy. He looks like a baby T-rex, wobbling all over the place with his hunched arms. He still enjoys crawling, but as soon as he pulls up onto his legs…..fa soifua!
He is still breastfeed, I'm pretty sure he'll put up a fight when it's time to wean. He is stubborn, and refuses a bottle. HOWEVER, he will drink water, ONLY water from a sippy or regular cup. Little weirdo. Speaking of water, our kitchen is blocked off somewhat, to prevent him from crawling to the water dispenser. He just LOVES to stand there and hold down the faucet thingy, making water run everywhere. When we catch him, he'll give such a sly smile. That is until we move him away, and he'll just plop over, really dramatically and cry. Can baby babies throw tantrums??? I'm serious, I think he does already hahaha. He'll just roll around and kick, until you hand him a toy and then it's like nothing happened.

So many things I've tried differently with my baby #2. Natural labor. Exclusive breastfeeding. Co-sleeping. Cloth diapering here & there. No wipes unless its big poo messes. And what has made me most nervous, but am okay with now: baby led weaning.....or just letting the baby figure out how and how much to feed themselves. It's pretty crazy how you naturally learn to figure things out. Now my chubby bubba sits at the table and I lay food in front of him :) I think it's a trend starting in the U.S., but very popular in the U.K./N.Z. I suggest you check it out online, lots of interesting benefits.
Here's some photo's I posted on Instagram. Evan is always so happy, well if I'm around. Such a Mama's boy. We stumbled upon a pretty cool (and legit looking) toy store in Apia one morning and brought home a mini pool. The kids loved it. We have a larger one, but no one's put it to use yet because of it's size. I was afraid for Evan at first, but he enjoyed splashing and almost drowning himself. 

I'm definitely one of those "Insta-Mom's". Who cares, I have no regrets when my family and I look back through old photo's and reminisce :)

And Miss Mahie is still TWO, hahaha, or....let me count.....27 months?!

We were invited over for dinner Sunday at the Tiakia's. Wonderful Niuean/Maori family originally from New Zealand. Thank you Heavenly Father for looking out for us & having people befriend us, haha. Mahie was given some homemade play dough to bring home. And now its smashed into every nook and cranny.
She is getting so tall. This girl can throw the meanest tantrums, and yet be very caring/compassionate. I love watching her include Evan while she plays, even though she can be bossy. It's ok for now, like Evan cares what she's telling him. Our goals with Mahie is to 1) Keep with a constant schedule/routine, especially with naps/bedtime. So far so good. Plus it keeps the drama's down to a minimum. 2)Adding more vege's/fruits to her plate & snacks 3)Brushing teeth. No silver caps for my kids *KNOCK ON WOOD! 4) Water, water, water! 5) Reading time. 6) More conversations with her. 7) Reducing poop accidents, ugh, annoying! 8) Leaving her alone in Nursery. We were successul one Sunday, and then they her teacher got called to Relief Society, back to square one, bleh! I miss Relief Society, but I can't enjoy it knowing my child is in tears.
Gone are my sacrament meetings, listening to the speakers, enjoying the reverence….instead, I'm constantly trying to keep my two year old quietly entertained and preventing my squirmy baby from wiggling free. When the weekend gets closer, I find myself dreading Sunday because of my kids. Waking up for 7:30am church isn't a struggle, my kids on the other hand….Arrgghhhh! However, I remember reading somewhere about a young husband and wife, who found themselves both in the hallways, each holding a child of theirs. The oldest child refused to go to class and the other very fussy baby….even though it seemed easier to just go home, or questioning whether they learned anything spiritually by being in the hallway, they looked at each other and smiled, knowing they were EXACTLY at the right place on Sunday. So even though I'm usually outside, straining to hear a speaker, or getting stuck in Nursery….again, at least I'm at church. And trying.

Oh & James.....he's good. He has me :)

We love our bread, we love our butter, but most of all......we love each other.

06 August 2013

Making it to August '13

I was almost ready to give up on our family blog. For a while, I was just not into it and it just seemed like a big hassle: what with limited internet issues, thus making uploading take forever & ever long, and then needing to copy n paste the photo link code because we've reached our photo uploading max on the blog, and then usually one of the kids has a meltdown, and then someones hungry, and then someone accidentally pulled the camera wire…..so by then I just want to shower (for the 100th time) and relax in some a.c. BUT THANKS to a few friends with new blogs that I've recently stumbled upon, my 'blogging love' has been reborn. Hahaha. With also a reminder, to be ME when I blog. Keep things real :)

Years from now, I'll appreciate the fact that I kept a record of our young family days. Moving from Hawaii. Being away from all my family (boohoo…..while James is probably like, FINALLY!). Living in Samoa. My kids driving me nuts and into bipolar monster mom everyday…..and then making me feel bad as soon as they hug me & apologize. James who turns me into bipolar monster wife everyday because we both know how to irritate the hell out of each other! hahaha. Living the life of Him "Business Owner" and Me "Stay-at-Home-Mom-trying-to-learn-Samoan". But anywho's, a FRESH PERSPECTIVE STARTS NOW!!

What happened to these past couple months aka the "Summer Months" for the U.S. people…..oh ya, I became useless & didn't blog anything.

August has marked our EIGHTH month living in Samoa. Crazy.
After my one month return home to Hawaii in April, and our one week June anniversary celebration in New Zealand……I am now comfortable to say that this is our home. 
Even when we were freezing in New Zealand, Mahie finally got over wearing layers & boots and finally sighed, "Momma, I do ("go") home pease." As in back to Samoa, as in my kids claim HERE home, as in I'm horrified and remind her that they were both born in Hawaii. Hahaha. 

So we have transitioned. 
1.Finally, after scarring our legs with a million kaki'os or "po'u"s in Samoan, the mosquitoes have left us alone, sort of. I still keep my can of mosquito repellant and coils burning nearby though.
2.The 110% humidity still kills me at times, but now that we're in the cooler/wet months, I feel like I'm in Hawaii. Plus, you learn to shower & change clothes throughout the day.
3. I used to get big time headaches or just get really disgusted at smelling smoke/trash burning. Now it's whatev, I've learned to not hang your towels/sheets outside on Saturday mornings because that's when EVERYONES grandma wanna burn their pile of leaves. 
4. I miss Costco & Walmart, and just the fact of paying cheaper prices for quality. Over here, everything is expensive, especially if it's an American brand and quality is almost nonexistent. Plus, you're just stuck with the general Western Family brand…..unless you want Watties (blah!) or some unknown with Chinese writing. 
5. Also, I miss the convenience of food options, especially eating healthy. Not like I really went that route, but now I regret taking it for vantage. We still have the option of eating healthy, just not the convenience. For instance, if I want 'boneless skinless chicken breasts'….I have to chop up a whole Tegel chicken myself! Which still grosses me the hell out, so that's usually James' job. (We eat chicken sold in the store from NZ, not the ones running outside, FYI) However, it's nice having an endless supply of 'ORGANIC' produce. Samoan people be like "Organic?"….you mean food? hahaha. Fresh cabbage, lettuce, carrots, ginger, papaya, bananas, many of these growing in our back yard!
6. Driving with "road sense" not according to "road rules". Here in Apia, traffic rules are modern with lights, road markers and signs….doesn't mean drivers follow it. If you follow road rules according to the book, you'll probably get into a car crash. Hence, you use your "road sense", aka, move out of the way when some idiot driving on the opposite side of the road wants to all of a sudden swerve in last minute. Wait five more seconds after a red light, because a taxi is still going for broke like there's a green. People, kids, dogs in the road! And then sometimes the traffic lights won't work for a week, eeeh!
7. I still feel sorry for them, but I'm not as culture-shocked heartbroken at street beggar kids trying to sell stale popcorn or q-tips at your car window.
8. We carry an "ili" or fan everywhere. 
9. I still crack up at the commercials on tv, even though we get only two channels, one is just less fuzzy. There's satellite available, but we don't really watch tv anyways, and it isn't worth the price. Either Hip-hop/Rap music blasting as the background music or huge fafafine's (Fafa's or Mahu's) as a company spokesperson. 
10. We don't use carseats. Just being honest. I strap the kids down the few times we drive far and they scream the entire time.
11. Still annoyed that people have NO SHAME: to ask for money (you don't know them), make you feel bad that you don't give them money (you don't know them), will stare at you & keep staring (after you said no to money or when they get caught being dishonest). I KNOW these types of irritating people exist in Hawaii, I guess I wasn't as directly involved with them as I am here daily. 
12. We've been watching some kids straight from "kuA" or like the village boonies, that my MIL wants to adopt. They are both a BIG help & big PAIN. The latest 'smh' moment: They learn correct English from my 2 year-old, while my 2 year-old learns FOB English from them. Exactly. SMH!
13. Having a "house girl". I don't know how NOT to sound weird in explaining this….basically someone who cleans/tends to your home, some even babysit, cook, for minimum or whatever wage. And hell no, not a house servant and YES I still clean, cook and watch my kids. It's just hard to explain, unless you live in Samoa. It's pretty common throughout the South Pacific. 
14. Doesn't even phase me that there are graves in our front yard :)
15. Saving your coca-cola bottles!
16. I enjoy attending our English speaking International Ward, Pesega Lima, Alafua Chapel. Oka 7:30a.m.!!! We have attended church every Sunday since January, but people still think we're new. James is the Young Men's advisor, while I'm stuck in Nursery because Mahie will go nuts if I leave. It's not really a problem, because that is the only other room (besides Bishops) that has ac!! I should just be called to Nursery since I know all the kids and leaders already. Plus Evan gets to nap in the cold.

Anyways, that's our update/my vent sesh! hahaha. Got to go, don't want to miss Samoan Idol (my ears!!)