28 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

It's countdown til midnight (10 something in the morning in London), and while James is putting together more baby things that I've bought today, I'm watching Prince William arriving at West Minster Abbey Live LOL......who ISN'T watching the marriage of Prince William & Kate Middleton?! can't wait to see her dress!

24 April 2011

Waiting Game

It's about 2:20 in the morning, and I'm still working on trying to exhaust myself someway so that I can finally knock out. After this blog I NEED to throw the blanket over myself. James has been out since 11pm.

The baby has been on my mind a lot lately, not because 1) I'm 38 Weeks (13 more days to go) or 2) Braxton Hicks contractions have been painfully waking me up lately....but because 3) In a few days I'll be a Mommy coming home with a baby!!! Excited, yes, Anxious? VERY.

You want to be everything your mother was, do everything the Doctor says, & hope you didn't miss anything that "What to Expect when You're Expecting: the 1st Year" covered. I listen to labor stories from friends hoping to experience what they've gone through or praying NOT to go through at all. People ask me all sorts of questions, "Are you scared?" "Are you gonna get drugged up or go natural?" Ummm, hello, I've never given birth before. I'm still learning what certain medical terms MEAN.

I look around my tiny TVA apartment and never feel its CLEAN ENOUGH. And then there's times where I become so tired/lazy that I don't even want to glance at the sink piled with dishes. Things are so wishy-washy nowadays, I must be close to the end! Well, at least I've gotten James to throw out a lot of old things he's had since he first came to Hawaii in 2006. There's more room to breathe, shelves & cabinets have been wiped down and organized, baby clothes washed, folded & put away...very content with that....just playing the waiting game for now. My next baby appointment is Tuesday, so we'll see how that goes.

Oh, it's Easter Sunday today, Happy Easter. Hopefully I can put something descent together for church tomorrow without looking like an easter egg.
Yay I feel tired, good night/morning!

19 April 2011



It is definitely crunch time with baby preparations. I'm in FULL nesting mode & am totally LOVING every moment of it. Free of school and work, woohoo. However, I still need to pace myself since running around doing errands costs me the price of SWOLLEN/ACHEY Feet and Drowsiness as soon as I climb back into my car. I can't believe how long my naps can go, and sometimes I don't even realize that I've knocked out until James kisses me on the head to say he's heading to work.

Our home has been taken over completely by ALL THINGS BABY. (Girly things that is!)

Pre-washing & folding some of the newborn clothes, blankets and things
Hill's favorite beanie cap:

James the Builder
Pretty soon my poor husband is gonna go cross-eyed with all the instruction manuals he's been reading lately to assemble our daughters crib, travel system, etc. My job, I felt, was to encourage him throughout the entire process, haha. He's adorable, thanks sweetheart!
making me laugh

Thanks to our Aspinall & Ka'ahanui Parents & Siblings we were blessed with the following necessities: 
Diaper Bag, filled with things to change baby
A Diaper Genie!
Our Awesome Travel System, my Dad has good taste!
Ipod plug-in & speakers, cool!
miss ladybug bedding
A Boppy thingy-ma-jiggy
Anyways these are just some of our little blessings from our 'Ohana.
 We still need to learn the proper names AND USES for a lot of the stuff we have, haha. 
Our little apartment is still being arranged, but we're getting there. 
She'll be here soon!

14 April 2011

coming & going

The past two weeks were crazy busy & filled with family here, family there, driving, groceries, mosquito bites, beach days, rainy days, airport pickups & drop offs.....its been an Aspinall Family Event! The main reason James' family flew in from New Zealand and Australia was for Richard & Rose's Wedding. I'm so glad James and I were able to spend more time hanging out with everyone, since we weren't able to last year since we were the ones running around for OUR wedding.

We came home to our nieces & nephews climbing all over the place, but then 'Uncle James' scolded them & our apartment returned to normal :)
James' family rented a huge vacation home on a beautiful ranch between Hau'ula & Punalu'u. Seriously it was straight from a magazine, nicely decorated, huge beds & rooms. There were a ton of annoying mosquitoes some nights though. You had to get pass a couple of gates on the way in & out, I hated when  James & I stayed late because it was pitch black outside, so we'd end up just sleeping over.
i loved passing by the livestock, especially when they'd come right up to the window. However, my MACHO husband would become VERY paranoid so my special moments never lasted long.
We realized how much TECHNOLOGY is favored OVER playing outside, haha. These kids were addicted to the laptops, video games & iphone apps...
Siblings and couples were assigned days to do breakfast or dinner. James made some yummy pancakes, which his sisters couldn't believe were from scratch. Everyone out did themselves, we literally were feasting night and day. I learned how to make some creamy thick & delicious scrambled eggs using carnation canned milk. I also realized how much we Americans barely make anything from scratch, we always cheat with some part of our quick recipes.
THEN the weekend that everyone was SUPPOSE to return home hit, & it kept hitting LOL. James' parents misread their itineraries and missed their flight (flights to Samoa happen only once a week). Richard & Asher's plane was delayed for another day...it seemed that no one wanted to go home haha. Poor James kept having to drive back & forth from the airport (yes after a while I just stayed home LOL).

But...soon enough our OVER-crowded & hot tiny TVA apartment began to empty out. And you'd think it would be a relief, especially being 3 weeks to your due date with swollen feet and a sleepy body, but it was sad not hearing everyone laughing all the time, the fridge opening & closing, children being scolded, the fans blasting, the t.v. volume booming, our Mini-2 Week-Aspinall Reunion was over. Tomorrow morning at 5a.m. James will be dropping his parents off at the airport & it will be an official aloha 'oe until Christmas time in Samoa (celebrating with two new additions!)

04 April 2011

Richard & Rose Aspinall

This past Saturday, we celebrated Richard & Rose's Wedding. It was beyond beautiful, very elegant, white roses, white tent, white lanterns, candles & romantic music. The Aspinalls have another daughter added in, girls are definitely dominating! After they were married on the beach, a beautiful rainbow appeared. Congratulations you two from James & I. We love you both very much :)


Last Thursday, my Mom & all of her little helpers (whom I thanked so much) threw me a baby shower. So many hands contributed to celebrating the "Ka'ahanui's 1st Grandbaby". Eric & his friends (thanks Brens) set up the tent, Dad & Aaron strung the lantern lights (pretty ones from Pier One), Hill & her friends helped my Mom decorate, Kiana (Isaac's gorgeous girlfriend) decorated & made the cutest diaper cakes.....all for me & my guests to enjoy. And we SURE DID, I love my family. I really did feel special (Although I still don't like being the center of attention for parties)

 Thank you to everyone who came, and for my family throwing James & I a fun & sweet party. All of your gifts have been a big help. James is surprised at how many things women can buy for a baby :)

Aspinall Baby

So a few days ago, before all the family events/craziness poured into our laps this weekend, James and I spent a late Sunday afternoon surrounded by yellow flowers. And our awesome friend/ward member, Kylie Turley, captured every moment of it.
Wish we could share every shot, they are ALL gorgeous. Some different ones we've posted on Facebook, but others we've kept to ourselves. Thanks you Kylie for capturing our love for each other and our excitement to become parents so very soon!

Check Kylie's Portfolio out: http://flybirdphotography.tumblr.com/

03 April 2011

Desert Rose

Happy Birthday 
to my HOT Navajo Mama 

Telaya Marie (Yazzie) Ka'ahanui

Isn't she gorgeous?!
Look how long her hair was
Full Blooded Navajo Beauty

My Dad calls her his 'Desert Rose'

The only LDS member of her family, she joined the church when she was a little girl, lived away from home (Sawmill, AZ -Navajo Reservation) after my Navajo Grandma put her on the Navajo Placement Program sponsored by the LDS Church. Even though she was young herself, she took care of all of my uncles when they were babies (that's why she's an awesome cook today!). She attended BYU-Provo & LDS Business College. Very Strong & Smart Woman. (Not even a Tita with all her hickies & gold bracelets up her arm can intimidate my Mom, hello she's from the Reservation!) 
Has always been a hard worker.
After many trials Heavenly Father blessed her with a young, handsome, Hawaiian missionary who knocked on my Navajo Grandparents' door, wrote her a couple lovely letters & then sent her a plane ticket & whisked her off to Hawaii....
where they lived happily ever after with their 5 Hawaiian-Navajo Babies
I love you Mom
I want to be everything you are, for my children to come ;)