30 July 2011

Polka Baby

Saturday was interesting, fun & of coarse, busy!
All three of us fell asleep early Friday night & then woke up to Mahie crying to be fed. When we got up to feed her, we wondered why all of our neighbors were up still being loud. We thought it was 5 in the morning, when actually it was just past midnight. It was so funny, and we were wide awake. Then around 6am we woke again, James left to work & I was trying to fall back asleep but decided I wanted to have a fun Saturday. I packed Mahie up, and off I pushed our jogging stroller towards the bike path to Kahuku. My Dad joined us and it was very enjoyable. Since it was early in the morning, the path had a cool breeze. We even stopped at times to feed the cattle. Mahie was out cold.
It was nice hanging out with my Dad & talking story with him the entire time. I'm happy for the progress that my body has made since giving birth. I ran the last half and it seemed that my body got a wake up call to get back to running. Until this time I was only going for walks, things changed :) My legs are really achy now though.
 my daughter smiles a lot
Mahie and I then spent the day at my parent's house. The weather was perfect, so my Dad set up a little baby pool shile I put her in another cute swimsuit. My Mom added some warm water to the pool so that Mahie wouldnt scream her head off. 

Mahie enjoyed the pool for about 10min & then wanted OUT!
Aaron kept dunking his head in & tried to blow bubbles.
The sun was really strong, didn't want anyone to get sunburn so back into the house we changed and had long relaxing naps.  Saturday was a full day of activities.

28 July 2011

Thirsty Thursdays

The title of this blog has nothing to do with this post being alcohol related, just that it's a Thursday, and I'm always reminded of the radio advertising 'Thirsty Thursdays" since I was in high school. haha.

Today was a busy day, again, but I'm sure I'll have a good nights rest.
James worked all day, but came home telling me about how they took the boys on a field trip to learn about the windmills in Kahuku. Haha, although it probably wasn't an amusing experience for the kids, I enjoy hearing all the details about his day. 

I'm grateful for Hillary helping me out today. When we got to the store, I realized I forgot to bring a blanket for Mahie. All I had was my SleepyWrap, so I bundled it up and covered Mahie. Hillary was like wtf? why is this blanket so long. When she realized it was a baby carrier wrap, she wanted to try it out. So in the middle of the baking aisle, I helped her put it on, & then we wrapped Mahie inside.  It was funny because there was a Fireman shopping in our aisle and I think we made him feel uncomfortable.
What a good mommy in training :) The SleepyWrap is suppose to be better/more comfortable than the MobyWrap. I love using it because you don't feel any weight or discomfort at all. Everything evens out so you barely feel like you're holding your baby, if that makes sense. There's no pull on your back, lower back, & Mahie had nothing to complain about. She got cranky only because she's a very niele baby & wants to turn and look everywhere. Keeps your hands free to do other things!
Also, as a wonderful break to my clueless homework, I went on a walk to check the mail & look what was waiting:
A letter from HERMANA MOEAI
I was beyond happy, especially when she said how much she loved the ultrasound & maternity pictures I had sent her. I hate how slow SNAIL mail is. Keisha is serving in Guatemala and I can't wait to hear her chat in Spanish. She is one of my best friends growing up, just down the street from my parent's home. She would give the best birthday presents ever, lol, but she was known to throw the funnest sleepovers too. Oh man, I have so many memories with this girl, and its all hilarious just thinking about them. I miss her a lot, she was suppose to be in my bridal line but left to the MTC 2 months before my wedding. Reading her letter, I can definitely see how her mission has blessed her life and testimony.
Pretty soon Popolani, see you in December.

26 July 2011

what a day is :)

Back to School, Back to Work
Our new TYPICAL day so far:
5:45-James wakes & starts to get ready for work, sometimes even exercises
6-6:15-I get up & start to get ready
(Mahie will be awake or asleep)
6:45-We all pack up and leave to Kahuku
7-Drop James off at work
7-7:25-spend time with Mahie at her grandparents
7:30-12noon- Classes

12-Pick Mahie up, clean house, do hw
3:45-Pick James up from work
4-Drop Mahie back off at Grandparents if I'm called in
4:15-7:30 Work
....pick Mahie up & knock out as soon as we can :)
Good thing I only have classes MWF, and that James' schedule is always changing so we have our low-key days where we can just relax. However, we find that on days where we don't need to get up early, WE STILL DO! 
We are currently trying to get EXERCISING back into our daily routines. So far so good. Plus eating right. It's just interesting now that we're starting the school year with a baby. Scheduling and time management has become so important. Once you have a baby, your life will never be the same. And I'm saying that in a good way....because it definitely is. 

When Mahie was a newborn, I worried about so many things like how I held her fragile body, if she was getting enough to eat, constantly checking on her sleeping. I was just one BIG worry wart that I ended up stressing myself AND James out a lot. Looking back, (2months, 3weeks, 5days ago!) I roll my eyes because I'm so comfortable now with my little Mahie. Even when that worry wart starts to reappear, Mahie reassures me with her smile & powerful kicks that she's alright & I'm still on the path to being a good mom. 
James on the other hand, from my observation, had it RIGHT from the beginning when we first peeked in at Mahie at the nursery. (she was rushed to be put on oxygen after she was born) He was the one who gave me strength, and was so so patient, when I felt I was at the lowest part of my life due to some postpartum depression. It was hard coming home empty handed without our baby & I just wanted the whole world to leave me alone. But my husband was at my side the entire time until Mahie was in my arms again, never getting impatient, never telling me to get over my crying, he was just there ;) Nothing ever seems to worry James, that's just how he is. I'll ask him once in a while if anything is bothering him, but no, he's the opposite of me. Heavenly Father knew I needed him that much, for times like these. 
So now we've had Mahie for almost 2 1/2 months & I suck on her chubby cheeks everyday and we tell her how special she is because her Mommy & Daddy love her so much.
She's starting to get her laugh :)
nighty night, sleep tight

23 July 2011


adam sandler fans all the way

22 July 2011

a love like me

Look at that hair & those eyes!
Such a cute little baby
Anyone wanna squeeze those chubby cheeks???

If you're wondering why Mahie is opening up Christmas presents in the middle of July, don't be too confused because the baby above is actually a picture of ME (Mahie's Mama) many years ago. 
I was grabbing some juice tonight at my parents, and after I closed the fridge door, this old picture was blinking right back at me. I pulled it off and showed James. Everyone passed the photo around and couldn't believe the strong resemblance Mahie and I shared.

Look at that hair & those eyes :)
I love this little girl so much. Now that I'm back in school & back to work, I miss my little baby and will text or call my sister to see how she's doing. Of course I know she's spoiled at Grandma & Grandpa's house, but I can't wait to hold her. As soon as my last class is over, (well today I actually just stood up and left in the middle of a lecture) I speed over to my parents. Im suppose to be studying but I play and cuddle with her until its time to pick James up from the BBC. So I pack her up and off to Kahuku we go. James gets to play with her for a little bit, then we drop her back off with her Grandparents or Aunty Hillary before heading to work on the days that I get called in. Today her Grandpa had her all to his self & he enjoyed every minute. He even attempted to swaddle her, haha. After our shift's pau, I tell James to HURRY UP so we can go get her.
Another outfit from Grandma <3
Mahie has a wonderful Grandma that has her bathed and fed when we come to pick her up. Which is great since our energy levels are pretty low by the time we get her around 730pm. She's usually sleeping or about to knock out. 

She's out for the night & so are we.
Aloha Friday Everyone

21 July 2011

Sunny Skies

Today Mahie experienced her FIRST Beach Day
We originally planned to leave Laie very early & head out to Cheesecake Factory for lunch and then enjoy the beaches of Waikiki. Mommy got up at 6 a.m. but Daddy & Baby were still knocked out and refused to wake up. So...back to bed it was. 
Plans changed to good ole' Hukilau :)
Such a cute swimsuit a friend picked up from Nordstom. Can you believe the tag reads "12Mths". Our little Munchkin is growin...well she's more long than chubby. We may have a future volleyball player on our hands.
We thought she'd be kicking and smiling big since she loves bath time, especially kicking her legs under the faucet...but as soon as the little waves touched her feet, she seemed very confused. We didn't see a smile the entire time she was on the beach haha. 
this was when we first got to hukilau, the breeze made her fall asleep so we waited until she woke up
Wasn't too excited about sand getting every where so I ended up bathing her at the showers. Poor baby had the shock of her life under that cold water, screaming her head off like no tomorrow. But as soon as she was dried & changed, she happily ate then crashed for the rest of the day. More beach days to come for Mahie the Water Baby!

20 July 2011

Farmer's Marker

At the last minute Mahie & I jumped in the back of Grandma & Grandpa's car & tagged along with them to Kaneohe. Every Wednesday my parents visit the Farmer's Marker at Windward Mall to stock up on fresh fruits & vege's. Real good stuff for a cheap price, seriously. Everything's way bigger than in the grocery store for a great deal, so I can see why the Mall is packed on Wednesday's. There are also some yummy baked goods & organic products.
My brother's now live somewhere on a hill in Kalihi, so they drove down and met up with us...well, basically to visit Mahie more than my parents and I. This little girl is a true FIRST Grand-baby SPOILED to the max! Mahie kept being passed between Uncles & stared at their phones as they took a million pictures of her. 
And...while she was occupied with her two kolohe uncles, I was with my Mom bargaining for maui onions, cabbage, papaya, potatoes, the list goes on...without even going over 10 bucks, seriously! One sales guy even gave us a whole bunch of banana's for free cause they needed to pack up. My Mom & I cracked up after thinking, "Hey we're from the country, we drive out from the country to buy fruits/veges in town, from other country ppl"....yah well it was funny for us at that moment!
 Lol, we were walking around the mall afterward with all of our grocery bags loaded with food. Wednesdays at Windward Mall guys, trust me, you won't be disappointed!

18 July 2011

Skyping Nana & Papa

Guess who Mahie just finished skyping with?
Her Nana & Papa in Samoa
(Along with funny Aunty Luga)
She wanted to wish her Papa a big 
and let her Nana know she can't wait to hug her in December. 
James and I are definitely counting down the days until Christmas in Samoa. It will be our own little Aspinall reunion with all of James' siblings & their kiddies. It will be even more special now with the two newest baby girl additions (Mahie & Geraldine's bundle expected in October). Plus we haven't seen Luga since she was unable to fly down for Rich & Rose's wedding because of school obligations. Aunty Luga will definitely be in love when she meets Mahie, haha. Thank you technology, our skype convo tonight was the highlight of our day. I LOVE talking with my in-laws & skyping them whenever I see them online or when my Mother-in-law calls my cell randomly during the day :) Christmas count down hurry up!

"Love you Nana, Papa & Aunty Luga. Sorry I was cranky tonight & just wanted to eat and fall right back to sleep..." -Mahie

17 July 2011


Mommy & Daddy have been sick all day in bed and Mahie has been taking good care of us...we wish :) We're in the last stages of our cold, James is almost done but I'm still stuck with a RUNNY RAW/FLAMING RED nose. I hate getting sick because my body takes forever to get over it. James can be sick one day and better the next morning. We're just hoping Mahie doesn't catch anything. Our hands are chapped from constantly washing/sanitizing them.

Church Update:
Today we were set apart as Sunday School Teachers to teach "Marriage & Family Relations"
I'm glad that couples are called to team-teach because I don't think I'd be capable of this calling without James. He knows so much about the Gospel, but our Bishopric reassured us (more ME) that we'd be teaching the interesting/fun stuff, haha. There are two types of sunday schools in our ward: Marriage & Family Relations or Gospel Doctrine...since James works some Sundays, we'll only be teaching once in a while :) Speaking of working Sundays, we got off the hook from giving talks in sacrament next week! (Phew, thanks Bobby!)

The Drowsy Sniffling Aspinall's are off to bed!

14 July 2011

How do we look?

very late nights, very early mornings
bottles here, diapers there
un-washed, un-kept, un-folded laundry piling....everywhere!

swaddled and sleeping
occasional fussiness and weeping
faith, patience, prayer
soothing and cuddling with sweet tender care
Daddy's tired body wants to lay in bed
Mommy has an ache in her arms, legs & head
Our Little Mahie keeps smiling away
Refusing to be put in her crib to lay
So the two drowsy parents keep taking turns
 The hours tick, the night oil burns
sweet lullabies fill the home 
rocking & swaying
Finally! ...she quiets all on her own

their round little bundle 
 no love can measure
makes these difficult moments
a 'New Parent' pleasure.

Stranger: "I can tell that you are very good parents and love your daughter very much!"
Us: "Really?"
Stranger: "Yes, you are taking really good care of her! I can tell!"
Us: "How?"
Stranger: "Because of how tired you both look. No one else it taking care of your baby but you two. You LOOK like new parents. GOOD new parents".
Us: "haha, thanks!"

13 July 2011

Every name has a meaning

 “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold” (Proverbs 22:1)

The naming of our daughter didn't come all at once, but it was a very enjoyable and interesting experience for our first born :)

First Name: Māhie
Throughout my pregnancy, I always felt that our soon-to-be baby seemed very, very happy kicking inside of me. Even at my ultrasound visits there was always a warm feeling of joy that filled the room. She was already charming her way into our hearts before she was even born. I wanted a name to describe all of these emotions we felt  and saw in this little spirit. And as we all know, every OTHER language is far more beautiful and meaningful than English. Plus since we do have an English last name, I told James once our dating turned serious that I wanted our children, at least one to have a Polynesian first name. (Because how you get one samoan with a white last name, ya blurted that out when I first met him) We came across "māhie" in the Hawaiian language through poetry, and its meaning was exactly the description of carrying our daughter for nine months and then observing her personality in person.
In Hawaiian, "Māhie" means: delightful, charming, pleasant

Middle Names: 
Growing up in Hawaiian culture, it was already a given that our daughter would have a Hawaiian middle name. It would just be weird not having one, haha. I didn't know how Samoans work, lol, since not all of James' siblings have a Samoan middle name, but we both agreed on having middle names in honor of our cultures. She doesn't have a middle Navajo name, since that isn't apart of Navajo culture really. Umm, drive out to the Rez and everyone has English names....hello! Oh, and they don't live in 'teepee's' either fyi. Some people (cause I can read it all over their faces) may seem that we're neglecting her Navajo side without a name, nope not at all. For her, like my siblings and I, through our mother and from our grandparents we each are born to clans within our tribe. There are tons & tons of different clans, which in a way describes who you are, your relatives, even who you can/can't marry, etc within the Navajo people...like myself, Mahie is of the Naakai dine'e (The Mexican People clan) through my Grandma Yazzie, and the Honaghaahnii (One-Walks-Around clan) through my Grandpa. There are more we inherit from Great-Grandparents and on, however these are our nearest in genealogy. These I have always considered my Navajo names. So that was to all those confused people wondering why we didn't name her Pocahontas.

Māhie is named after my little & only sister Hillary "Ka'uipuaonālani". Literally in Hawaiian it means like the beautiful flower of the heavens, or beautiful heavenly flower. Metaphorically, it can have a deeper meaning which is how Hawaiian traditionally is understood. However, it meant so much to me to name her after one of my best of friends growing up, my sister. I was named after my Grandma so I know how it feels to want to live a life and make choices to honor your namesake, and so will Māhie. I knew once I found out I was having a girl, that I wanted to name her after Hills. Plus now I know Hill can't complain when I ask her to babysit, haha, jk.

James along with the help of his mother Failuga, chose her Samoan name. My Mother-in-law suggested naming her after HER Mother's taupou name. Words straight from Mahie's Nana, "Fonofili means the meeting place where the chiefs meet when the church first arrived in Samoa...". Fonofili is a shortened version of the actual full name, which is: Fonomafilifilimataniuofeagaimaleata. It's a very popular name within the Stevenson family and in the area they live in Samoa.

So there you have it
Māhie Kau'ipuaonālani Fonofili Aspinall

12 July 2011

Two FULL days of James

James had a back-to-back day off 
(thanks Bobby)
Nope, we didn't spend it at home on the couch in front of our t.v., I forced James out of the bed & out of Laie we drove. I cherish any free time I get now that he works a lot. I'm so grateful for marrying a loving and hardworking person who constantly tells me not to worry or stress over things because he's there to take care of it all. (Too bad that I still do) But if you've ever met my husband, you can't help but notice the 'awesomeness' that fills him inside. Heavenly Father knew I wanted to be treated like a Queen, cause he paired us up GOOD!

A little throwback '07/08 when we first started dating:

It's funny how I started this post intending to blab about the fun (shopping sprees) our family had these past two days, but all I can think about is James
Life is Wonderful.

10 July 2011

By The Way....

I started a sister blog to this family one
I thought to keep all the "fambizzo bidness" here & all my shopping/baking/anything ME yapping to the other blog which is like my only little journal. James is no longer that much around to hear me talk and talk, nor do I see my friends that much, so I started up another blog. (Umm...not to have a conversation with myself, if that's what you think LOL) But as way of having a bit of "ME TIME", while still being home and burping the bebe on my lap.  
The link is located on the left hand, whoops I meant RIGHT side of this page, towards the bottom. 
Or you can go here:

Still working on it, but already I'm in love with it :)
Ciao, xo

Arrrr! Arrrr!

Hey Sunday, where have you gone?
At least you left a bright shiny moon outside my window :)

James had to work today, I was so happy to wake up and find bottles pre-made for the baby waiting on kitchen counter. Thanks Love. Great start to a fun day.
Mahie & I got up at 7a.m., we laid in bed and had our own little baby convo going on. She smiles so big when I do this with her...her favorite baby words that she likes to hear is "wa-wa" & "chun-kah". But cuddle time in bed was even more special because she actually laughed for the first time! haha, it caught us BOTH off guard, our eyes got really big and then we smiled at the same time LOL. I tried to tickle a laugh out of her again...but she kicked me in the chest instead. Still working on that attention span :)
I didn't really feel like going to church without James. No I'm not one of those cry-baby wives that have to tag along their husband's sleeves, I don't know, for some reason people in my ward just stare when it's just me and Mahie at sacrament. Wasn't feeling THAT...So, as we got ready for church, my Dad called and invited us over for a big breakfast that my Mom had made. Hill and Isaac came over to pick us up and I decided to just attend my old family ward with them (the one I grew up in). Mahie started to fuss so Hill busted this little medley out & her eyes lit up :)

Arrrr! Arrrr! Arrrrrrrr! A Pirate, A Pirate, A Pirate Says Arrr!
I must say its quite catchy, cause even the adults watched it LOL. Plus the names got me laughing too "Uniqua?" Mahie loved it & all the characters moving around. Hill & I are thinking of doing our own music video, of course with baby wearing a pirate patch too.
Anyways, my Mom is the Primary President in her ward, so baby and I sat in on music time which was more enjoyable than 'relief society time' :) Old ward members got to see her for the first time & play with her hair.
Later, James got off work, the older boys & kiana drove down from honolulu side, friends came over, and we ended the night eating a yummy home cooked meal, guava cake and laughing over stories, stories, stories.

09 July 2011

Couch Potato's

Another Day Off relaxing in front of the tv
Mahie enjoys watching t.v. We use her boppy pillow to prop her back like a chair and wedge one of the couch pillows under her feet. She loves it, sucks on her hand & watches Say Yes to the Dress with me, The Break Up with her Daddy & anything else that pops on.We can't believe how strong her neck is already
The longest she's lasted was today, I think because James was right next to her. On her own she last about half an hour, which lets me wash dishes & spot clean the kitchen & living room.
Ends with nap time <3

06 July 2011

special moments

James & I were in the middle of our "own" time, where he's already knocked out for the night to get up for work tomorrow & I'm doing whatever on facebook or blogspot, when we hear a little whimpering and fussiness coming from the bedroom.
Mahie is awake when usually she's sleeping the night away
And even though James needs his sleep
and I need to waste time online
our little girl does nothing but smile smile smile when she sees us
mouth wide open for a silent giggle
hands grabbing for mommy
eyes blinking at daddy
legs happily kicking her blanket off

and we hug our little mahie and hug, hug, hug her some more
oh what a joy she is
tonight my little girl has warmed my heart
like my friend Chelly once said, "The best thing about being a mom (as she cuddles with her sleeping son in a photo).....so grateful for the opportunity"
these are the special moments that should never be forgotten
if only life could give us copies to hold onto forever

05 July 2011

lullaby lullaby

Our little sweetheart LOVES listening to baby einstein's classical lullabies.
she can be so fussy, but right when we play our iphones her eyes light up and she quiets down & just listens. she even loves looking at the screen. omg these lullabies even put james and i to sleep at times too!
Suggestions for any other Baby Einstein favorites?!

See what I mean?
She knocked out while shopping with me early this morning at Costco
Sweet Dreams Everyone!

04 July 2011


...i am grateful for a father's blessing

thank you dad

03 July 2011

baby blessing

Our little one was blessed by her daddy today
Thank you James for all the love that poured out from your heart
We are so blessed to have a worthy Priesthood holder in our home so that we can have all the joys that come with such a sacred power. 

Mahie's baby blessing outfit was made by my Grandma Yazzie in Arizona. My sister Hillary & I were also blessed in these navajo clothes.
Aren't those buttons just so adorable?

I couldn't believe it was MY baby getting blessed during sacrament meeting. As soon as James started I got emotional! He truly made this day special. I admire my husband so much. 
Thank you to my family members & friends who attended.

02 July 2011

Mrs. Johnson

Congratulations to the newlyweds:
Danica & Chase Johnson
It was such a nice reception.
Hill was one of Danica's bridesmaids, that was a given!
My family has known the Auna Ohana forevers.
Growing up us kids thought we were cousins, that's how close our families were and still are.
Danica is like my second little sister, and today I got so emotional at how life really does pass by quickly. One day we were all little girls playing dress up or doing house chores and the next day we're each walking with our new husbands out of the temple!
I love her so much & wish them the best. 
Chase is a wonderful guy.
Have fun in Mexico <3

01 July 2011

2 Month "Owies"

2 Months, 1 Day Old
12 Pounds!

Our poor little girl arrived at the Doctor's smiling & playful, but left crying to sleep in Mama's arms. 
We didn't know she was getting FOUR!!! types of vaccines today.
Good thing they combine two in one needle, so it was only 2 shots!
We think Mahie knows the smell of rubbing alcohol = a shot, because as soon as the nurse started cleaning her skin, she started crying.

Here she is sensing somethin's up:

And afterwards being soothed in between shots :( 
one shot per chubby thigh!
Such a sad way to celebrate her two month birthday, blah!

Even I went through (and still am) some pain. 
It's funny aka ANNOYING/FRUSTRATING how the body decides to fall apart/breakdown when funds or insurance is nonexistent. 
It's either my bottom left wisdom tooth is coming out at a bad angle or my back molar has a bad cavity. Whatever it is ruined James & my date night since a little tooth had me bawling from EXTREME pain. We left before Transformer's was halfway done.
Tylenol, Tylenol, Tylenol
If anyone knows of some affordable dental insurance/dental care places, hook a sister up!