17 February 2013

Happy 24!

Happy Birthday to ME & Happy (Belated) Valentines Day to You!

One thing's clear: James can not plan a surprise to save his life. And I am just too niele about everything, that if something DOES NOT make sense to me, I get upset and thus spoil my surprise. This has happened on a few special occasions, so I don't know why James and I still fail at this. No matter what, we end up happy laughing at our dumb selves. 

Anyways…if you didn't know, I was born February 14th, 1989. Apparently I was the first baby born on Valentine's Day in Hawaii, and so my Mom was surprised with roses and gifts. I loved being a Valentine's baby until high school. Then I felt embarrassed because many of my friends (I was soooo popular, jk) came to school with all things V-day to celebrate my birthday. Again, I dreaded that day because 1) I didn't want people to feel obligated 2) I was very grateful for all my gifts, but I'd have to haul my school bag full of treats + heavy textbooks, gift bags, platter of cupcakes, welted roses, leis and the largest clump of tangled balloons that could outdo the movie "Up". I'm serious. It sucked those years rushing across the HOT football field from P.E. to my third floor class in A building. Roll your eyes about me complaining, haha, but once I got home every year, I really did take the time to read through all my cards, admire all my balloons, water my flowers….I was really happy & felt loved ;)

Favorite Valentine's/Birthday Memories:
Childhood- Woke up and my Dad had roses and things waiting for my Mom, Hill and I. I was very little and got so excited. Back then Laie used to have a small flower shop next to Laie Chop Suey and I saw these set of teddy bears with red ribbons in the window. I came home from school and my Dad had got them for me!!!

Teen's- One of my bestie's Annie stole her Mom's car one night, picked up me & my other two besties….and off around Laie we cruised. Yes, so shame, but what else do Laie kids do?!  (ANd we were good, compared to what Laie kids do nowadays!!!) Annie knows I love her, so I can say this: That old blue car was a piece of crap, BUT WE LOVED it nonetheless. It was probably our 5th best friend, lol. It squeaked, smoked, had duck tape, we played our ringtones for music….consequently it broke down on us behind PCC, just when the security needed to lock up. All of us were underage, non of us had a license, non of our parents knew what we were doing and no one knew how to fix the car. We were scared out of our minds!! Especially for Annie. Long story short, we prayed, stalled the security, pushed the car all the way to where the tour buses park until it somehow kickstarted the engine, fire shot out of the muffler….and off we chased after Annie who shouted that she couldn't stop or else!! Somehow we jumped in the backseat and cried/laughed til we got home.

College- My roommates and I woke up to chocolate roses and cards. We then had a photo shoot in the beautiful winter snow and James had sent me a vase of roses. (long distance relationship)

This year I turned 24!! I'm married. I have two kids plus taking care of one more. I live in Samoa (say whaaaat?!). I'm not at my ideal weight, but hopefully that will change. And, I forgot it was my birthday since I'm not mindful of the days of the week. Usually, I countdown the time til I can rush to Alamoana for a shopping spree. However, since we're so busy: me with the kids and James with work, all I wanted was to spend time together. James randomly found a resort, mind you "resorts" here are usually 3 stars and below….oh, and NEVER appear as they do in pictures. Just a FYI! Regardless of the crappy customer service (what is that in Samoa?), their a.c. was freezingly awesome for Evan to sleep forever and Mahie loved the shallow water. Not really what James had in mind (false advertisement LOL), but we somewhat had a weekend of rest.

I'm so thankful for my husband. I love him more everyday.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, I really mean it!


  1. The pictures are so beautiful! And evan totally looks like jay. Im glad that u guys are enjoying life in sa and that u had a wonderful birthday. Let us know when u come back so that we can meet up. Love u guys!!

  2. I love you and JAmes and your bebes :-) And I'm so glad u had such a fun bday in Samoana! AND I was gonna come in March but I'm gonna save my moneys to spend happy in April lol :-) I wrote such a negative Vday post but hoenstly I had a fabulous time in Maui tat week which I think we should still go to Vegas AND Maui if u can in April!!! I MISS U TERRIBLY!

  3. Even though the resort was crappy, at least the pictures look awesome! I love the scenery, and it makes me want to go home even more. Happy belated birthday to you!!