07 July 2013


We made it to THREE years of our eternal journey together. It's interesting looking back at our marriage celebration history:
Married: Kona, Hawaii LDS Temple
Honeymoon: Caribbean & Mexico Cruise
1st Anniversary: O'ahu, Hawaii
-Pregnant with Mahie
2nd Anniversary: Maui, Hawaii
-Pregnant with Evan
3rd Anniversary: Auckland, New Zealand
-Never ever pregnant again (just kidding)

I definitely have to thank James for all the above. He makes sure our little family never has to worry about anything. I am especially grateful that he was able to take time off from his busy work schedule and fly us to New Zealand. We both couldn't wait for our plane to land to see family....and to also be back in civilization! Well mostly we had our eyes on the movie theaters and BAKERIES ;)

New Zealand weather/seasons are opposite the U.S. While I saw everyone at home posting bikini worthy pictures, our family was layered up and bundled. We were warned that it was COLD, but it wasn't THAT cold for James and I. I actually enjoyed the crisp air, it was very refreshing. (Except when it came time to shower because there was no central heating.) Mahie and Evan on the other  hand HATED bundling up. They were always dry and didn't like putting on lotion. They kicked off their shoes whenever possible. I think in every picture, Evan is wearing only ONE sock!! He'll kick and kick until one wiggles free, but then doesn't bother with the other foot.

We stayed at good ole' Rangitoto Road in Papatoetoe, James' family home. It was nice to finally meet  energetic Sofia and her rosy cheeks. And it was also perfect timing because Asher was visiting too. The grandparents also flew in from Wellington to be with their grand-babies. 

1. Virgin airlines = uncomfortable. 
2. James' luggage was stolen. Somehow whenever we travel, something goes wrong with his luggage. 
3. Celebrated our sister-in-law Rose's birthday. Everyone was addicted to her cake. 
4. Cousin Asher & Mahie becoming buds, even though he's 7 and she's 2. She loved shadowing him.
5. Our kids in boots, mittens and coats. 
6. Bakery runs for meat pies, tarts, cream donuts, sausage buns.
7. Butter chicken and naan bread everyday at the mall.
8. Freezing toilet seat.
9. Gloria Jean's mint chocolate bomb everyday.
10. Attending James' old ward and meeting tons of people from his childhood.
11. Sprained my right ankle, collapsed right in front of a hobo.....but still went shopping after.
12. Finally watched Superman & World War Z.
13. Letting my kids run wild at the parks. NZ has awesome public parks.
14. Auckland Night Markets.
15. Family night with Papa playing his guitar and the kiddie's dancing.

A week just wasn't enough. But we were dead tired returning back to Apia.
Thank you to Nana and all the Aunties who filled our bags with treats, clothes and toys for the kids to bring back. I'm so grateful to have married into a close and loving family, one that totally reminds me of my own.

Happy three.
Love you James.
No really......I LOVE YOU JAMES!!!

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