28 August 2013


Goodbye August, hello Mr. 10 months, three teeth, and super quick legs.
Our little happy boy is all over the place exploring. Looking back, I think it was around this stage that I enjoyed the most with Mahie. Because after that, it's potty training & tantrums, haha. But with Evan, our only concern is trying to keep up with this little guy. He looks like a baby T-rex, wobbling all over the place with his hunched arms. He still enjoys crawling, but as soon as he pulls up onto his legs…..fa soifua!
He is still breastfeed, I'm pretty sure he'll put up a fight when it's time to wean. He is stubborn, and refuses a bottle. HOWEVER, he will drink water, ONLY water from a sippy or regular cup. Little weirdo. Speaking of water, our kitchen is blocked off somewhat, to prevent him from crawling to the water dispenser. He just LOVES to stand there and hold down the faucet thingy, making water run everywhere. When we catch him, he'll give such a sly smile. That is until we move him away, and he'll just plop over, really dramatically and cry. Can baby babies throw tantrums??? I'm serious, I think he does already hahaha. He'll just roll around and kick, until you hand him a toy and then it's like nothing happened.

So many things I've tried differently with my baby #2. Natural labor. Exclusive breastfeeding. Co-sleeping. Cloth diapering here & there. No wipes unless its big poo messes. And what has made me most nervous, but am okay with now: baby led weaning.....or just letting the baby figure out how and how much to feed themselves. It's pretty crazy how you naturally learn to figure things out. Now my chubby bubba sits at the table and I lay food in front of him :) I think it's a trend starting in the U.S., but very popular in the U.K./N.Z. I suggest you check it out online, lots of interesting benefits.
Here's some photo's I posted on Instagram. Evan is always so happy, well if I'm around. Such a Mama's boy. We stumbled upon a pretty cool (and legit looking) toy store in Apia one morning and brought home a mini pool. The kids loved it. We have a larger one, but no one's put it to use yet because of it's size. I was afraid for Evan at first, but he enjoyed splashing and almost drowning himself. 

I'm definitely one of those "Insta-Mom's". Who cares, I have no regrets when my family and I look back through old photo's and reminisce :)

And Miss Mahie is still TWO, hahaha, or....let me count.....27 months?!

We were invited over for dinner Sunday at the Tiakia's. Wonderful Niuean/Maori family originally from New Zealand. Thank you Heavenly Father for looking out for us & having people befriend us, haha. Mahie was given some homemade play dough to bring home. And now its smashed into every nook and cranny.
She is getting so tall. This girl can throw the meanest tantrums, and yet be very caring/compassionate. I love watching her include Evan while she plays, even though she can be bossy. It's ok for now, like Evan cares what she's telling him. Our goals with Mahie is to 1) Keep with a constant schedule/routine, especially with naps/bedtime. So far so good. Plus it keeps the drama's down to a minimum. 2)Adding more vege's/fruits to her plate & snacks 3)Brushing teeth. No silver caps for my kids *KNOCK ON WOOD! 4) Water, water, water! 5) Reading time. 6) More conversations with her. 7) Reducing poop accidents, ugh, annoying! 8) Leaving her alone in Nursery. We were successul one Sunday, and then they her teacher got called to Relief Society, back to square one, bleh! I miss Relief Society, but I can't enjoy it knowing my child is in tears.
Gone are my sacrament meetings, listening to the speakers, enjoying the reverence….instead, I'm constantly trying to keep my two year old quietly entertained and preventing my squirmy baby from wiggling free. When the weekend gets closer, I find myself dreading Sunday because of my kids. Waking up for 7:30am church isn't a struggle, my kids on the other hand….Arrgghhhh! However, I remember reading somewhere about a young husband and wife, who found themselves both in the hallways, each holding a child of theirs. The oldest child refused to go to class and the other very fussy baby….even though it seemed easier to just go home, or questioning whether they learned anything spiritually by being in the hallway, they looked at each other and smiled, knowing they were EXACTLY at the right place on Sunday. So even though I'm usually outside, straining to hear a speaker, or getting stuck in Nursery….again, at least I'm at church. And trying.

Oh & James.....he's good. He has me :)

We love our bread, we love our butter, but most of all......we love each other.


  1. No silver caps. Bahahahaha. Good to read the updates :D

  2. your babies are getting so big. john and i were just discussing tonight during dinner doing what you mentioned-lay food out and let her eat and feed herself. it sounds great to me and i think we'll start! and no silver caps! i'm with ya on that one for sure! lol.