12 March 2014

little white dress

While setting out our church clothes Saturday night, I asked Mahie what she wanted to wear. Lately, she has decided to ONLY wear a certain coral dress that she got in New Zealand for Christmas. Although it keeps her cool here in Samoa, it taken quite a 'beating' from every week of Nursery snacks and spills. Surprisingly, she pointed to a different dress that I almost forgot existed. 

This is a very special white dress. Almost like a little door that takes me back into fond memories of my blissful honeymoon, holding hands with my new husband, and strolling the afternoon markets of steamy Mexico. Me, of course hungry to shop and James, just hungry. I can still remember walking down the main strip of town. Shops lined the rough cobblestone road on the left and the Caribbean ocean lapped gently on the right, taunting the sweaty bodies of the scurrying tourists. There was a man selling wooden puppets, and as we stopped to admire his craftsmanship, my eyes found interest at a dress store in the background. 

It was a very small and stuffy store, filled to the brim with all sort of garments and fabrics. An old woman came over to help and since she barely understood English and I totally forgot all basic Spanish I learned from Paraguay & Argentina…I pointed to my ring and then over to James standing out front waiting and then out to our cruise ship. She smiled and beckoned me to follow. 

I was a bit confused as to why she was showing me layers of adorable little dresses. So light and airy, perfect for keeping cool under Mexico's sun. And then she smiled again, tapped my tummy (which was so flat and fit THEN), smiled over at James, tapped again and smiled at the tiny dresses. Wow, was I ever a "blushing bride" then at that moment! No English required in figuring that one out!!

Then I thought…..hmmmmmm, smiled back at that cheeky old woman and fell in love with this little size 3 white dress. I never showed James what I bought, in fact over time I had put it away and forgotten it. Hidden under life's continuing hustle and bustle, of honeymoon stage turned long nights with a newborn + research papers.  

Tonight as I helped Mahie into this special white dress, so special I tell her she can ONLY wear it to sleep. I watch her walk away, twirling in admiration of her new 'princess dress' and warm memories rush back, ever so clearly. Me and my new husband. Walking down a homely street in Mexico. One hand in his, the other holding a plastic shopping bag. Crowds of tourists rushing back to the cold relief of the cruise ship. 

A little baby girl on my mind. What would she look like?


  1. <3 You're post sounds kind of like a magazine article from an editor that writes for travel magazines :-) I remember that honeymoon video you and james made when you were on the cruise ship, and she looks adorable

  2. beautifulll she is too cute for words. loved reading this post!!!

  3. Ash, really sounded editorial! Enjoyed reading it, Mahie will cherish that story and maybe tell it to her daughter when she's 3 and has worn out her favorite Nursery dress!

  4. How gorgeous is this lil girl! Love this story, and Ash well written xo