01 January 2013

Now that all the illegal fireworks have blown in Laie & the babies are finally fast asleep....I have been blessed with some alone time before hitting the sack. I'm dead tired, a little smokey, and the all of a sudden heavy rain is making me shiver. But I thought it would be nice to welcome in our FIRST OFFICIAL BLOG POST for 2013!!!

Many MANY things are in store for this year, with the biggest change happening this Friday at 5a.m. Honolulu to Apia bound! We are calling it our new adventure. And to keep our smiles up incase we hit those hard times (especially me), I've stumbled upon a beautiful quote that fits perfectly for 2013.

Here's to our little family!

Printed, framed....keep ya head up!

Goodnight Midnight!
Laie, soon-to-be-Samoa, Aspinall's


  1. Ok so I'll just repost my comment onto this post since it wasn't working on the last one:

    *so inregards to your last post*

    bahahahaha omg can i just say that this is one of my FAVORITE posts u posted! and mostly cuz u gave ur shpeeel in ALL honesty! haha and now we dont have to worry about u because we know that you live in a REAL house (better than ramshackle crayon boxes in kahuku and laie), and it probably has A LOT less roaches than my own house right now. OKA u have a huge yard! SO now you can make one of those pinterest gardens and eat organic! See, your internship came in handy!!! aaaaaahhhh so exciting! I'm SAD but excited because your totally right, everyone else here will be settling into their normal non-branching out ways like always while you and James will be hustling! everyday u hustling! I will miss talks, vents, and alll that, but thta's what skype is for! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 LOVE U ASPINALLS!

  2. i'm glad you live in a real house and not a shack! hahaha, jk. loved this post. it's just like when people on the mainland ask, 'do you canoe paddle to school?' or, 'do you live in a grass hut and eat coconuts?.' trust me, i've been asked those before. i hope all is well in adjusting to life there. looking forward to all your new updates on life in samoa. 'come what may and love it.' love! something that i'm sure everyone should follow.