30 December 2012

Last Sunday of 2012

Our last Sunday of 2012....and our last Sunday here on O'ahu! Both countdowns are ticking away!! I've been on an emotional roller coaster the past few days, and hours!

I'm excited, nervous, anxious. Hawaii is my home and so far Mahie's home. She doesn't know what's going to hit her. I'm having constant flashbacks of this past Christmas in Apia. Hmmm....Heavenly Father really can be humorous in his planning, was I being prepared (in a way) ???? At least we have a little sense of what we need to pack. Thank you for end of the year sales, because we were able to buy a whole bunch of big clothes for the babies to grow into while there.
Bye Target, see you in a few!

 James is just excited and ready! We were laughing at how long he's been in Hawaii. He came back in 2006?? for just a visit and ended up not returning to New Zealand...going to school, working forever at PCC, finding ME, marriage & now kids! HE....IS.....READY AS CAN BE!! James has definitely been my reassurance and strength! I'm glad I have him. It will be our new 2013 adventure, yes AN ADVENTURE! While all the world will probably fall back into their same old ways, we have something fresh to experience. Yes, different & maybe challenging, but I have no doubt we will be strengthened as a family!
2011 Christmas in Samoa flashback!

I've heard it all. EVERYONE'S opinion's and reactions....so save it! I'm happy to hear that a lot of my friends may make plans to come visit....PLEASE COME (not if i don't know you!), its just us in a big ol' house & yard.
See....we ain't gonna be in no hut! Probably better than some of the houses here in Laie :)

We're even near the temple!!

Oh, & I'm taking my closet with me.....so don't ask or hint! I can rock my Steve Madden's or Jeffrey's anywhere, K?!

And no, we're not just kicking back on a hammock drinking from coconuts! We'll be busy running my in-law's successful family business & hoping to help expand it. Who knew my four semesters of Samoan at BYUH would came in handy (yeah like I remember!). It's not all that sad, since we're already planning for me and the babies to visit in April! (You know, to keep my sanity!) At least in Samoa I don't have an Alamoana or online shopping to tempt me, therefore I'll be returning on my visits with SAVINGS!!! Yeeyah, that's something to look forward to!

Anyways, gots some cleaning & packing to do.

We "the Aspinall's & Kaahanui's" LOVE YOU TO PIECES!!


  1. Yay for new adventures!!! So happy for you! I'm just sad I won't get to see as often!! At least I can still read your fabulous blogs and FB updates!!! You are going to be so awesome. I'm so excited for you and your new endeavors. You are so awesome to work with, and I know that you will be successful at everything you try. Good luck and I hope to see you before you leave. If not, I'll have to go shopping with you when you come back in April! Love you lots!!!

  2. AShhhhlllyyyynnnn!! I'm super excited for you!! It's a big adventure!...and for realz, we actually might see you sooner than later...we're gonna try to break up our flight back to NZ to stop off in Samoa for a week, so fingers crossed and here's hoping! We're gonna miss you though :( but I know there's so much in store for you and your young family!! So much to experience which is always fun and nerve-racking to look forward to :) Love you guys sooo much! thanks for reminding me to update my blog! hahaha