07 April 2013

"Life in these Islands" -Kaukahi

We've been back in Hawaii for almost a week now. This mini-vacay feels like Samoa was all a dream. For reals. It was very easy for James, Mahie and I to fall back into our usual "Hawaii Habits". James with his movies, me with my shopping, and Mahie reuniting with all her old toys and especially her "Papa".

When you live in a place for soo long, sometimes you can get bored with it. That's how I was. Until we moved to Apia, CULTURE SHOCK......and now being back.....totally love/MISS my Hawaii nei! Not that I hate Samoa, because I don't think I've given it enough time to grow on me, but nothing will ever compare to home.

Our flight back (again on Air Pacific, eeh!), was packed and hot. Although Mahie is still "free", we decided as soon as the place took off, that we NEED to buy her her own seat. She is just way too long and heavy to fall asleep on us, plus with Evan's chubbiness too. I still think that Air Pacific has cool flight attendants, as one offered me two free seats at the back for Evan and I. (Earlier I decided to just stand at the back the entire flight because it seemed better than being squished with a fussy baby.) And thankfully, James and I got to sleep, hands free alongside our babies.

We froze when we got in. I liked it though. Better than being sweaty and hot.

Habits I didn't know I picked up from Samoa:
-Saw the front door open and sprinted to close it yelling, "the mosquitoes!!!" (but then, YAY, no Mozzy's)
-A witto fly came inside and I quickly backhanded it against the wall. LOL. Flies are wayyy quicker in Samoa, like I use a fly spray because I have to sprint after them. So I didn't even expect to get it, haha. I was both proud and grossed out.
-Thinking James was driving on the wrong side of the road. Also, being VERY attentive of EVERY car on the road. Drivers in Samoa are crazy. Now that we're back, I'm like, "Can this car get out of the way?!" or "James, just pass them who cares". hahaha
-And the Kids: they HATE their carseats. Screamed all the way home. You don't use them in Samoa. For REAL. As long as they're in the backseat, the Samoan police don't care. And even if they did, you'd just pay them off with five tala. And at least I have my kids sitting with me in the back, because you'd freak seeing people drive with newborns on their laps. *But before we GO THERE, remember people drive like that here in Laie too!

Sadly, James was only here a week. I need to rush through this part, before I start getting all emotional because I freekin' miss him. James got to see all the movies he missed out on in Samoa. Plus it gave him a nice break before heading back to working 24/7. We kept commenting on the unlimited luxuries we used to take for granted here: free wi-fi, HD cable, healthy food varieties, the weather! The kids went everywhere with us, until our last night, we went on a date! Whaaaaat? JUST US! Honestly, it felt weird. Like that, "I'm missing/forgot something" feeling. It took me a while to stop worrying about our kids and then also worrying if my parents were able to handle them incase they cried. We were suppose to head out to Waikiki, but only made it to Kaneohe for dinner. It really was nice being alone together. I think that's what probably made it harder for me to part with James. But anyways, before I get choked up, we got a lot of shopping done (not just for me!), we celebrated easter together, hung out with our kids, and took Evan to his check up together.
Easter 2013
Isaac, Mahie & Evan

So the kids and I are here in civilization for a month and James is back to his roots where he belongs, haha, jk. I have the worst cold ever, so meeting up with friends is put on hold because I'm so tired. But hey, I'm back with no car & a ghetto "go-phone" from Target.......holllllaaaaa!


  1. haha no worries. I felt bad making plans to see you and not even thinking about how u still have so much to do with your own family and I forgot about James leaving the week. SORRY!!!! I didn't even think about all the shizz u had to take care of. But regardless, I didn't wanna be a bad friend and not see you at all :-) Anyway I'm effing tired, I just chased a cockaroach all over my room and finally killed it, and the mozzys find their way into my house.

    I think it's funny how you were talking about worrying about your kids and whether they were gonna cry if you guys weren't there :-) Samoa has definitely changed u in a few ways :-) Which is all good. Annnnnd.... I'm tired of being single already, I want my own kids.

    And it's super late and I'm tired. This week I'm tired. But even if we go out any time the last 2 weeks of April, I'm down. So sorry I keep making plans and not thinking about your own schedule. I was overexcited that u came back das y hard :-) lol. But for real, your sick. I'm sick. And everyone in the damn world is spreading their nasty germs making everyone else sick.

  2. How fun!!!! lol@closing the door. I can't imagine how you're parents must be to have their babies again :D

  3. Man, I hate seeing people drive around with newborns in their laps! Hope you had a good trip in Hawaii though!