30 April 2013

Mahie is a TWO YEAR-OLD

My first, my oldest...my talkative, mischievous little girl is now an energetic two year-old. How ironic that just a few hours ago, this tiny little person gave me the biggest scare of my life. Quick story:

While shopping at Nordstom Alamoana today, Kiana and I were trying to comfort a fussy Evan who woke up in the stroller, but apparently still tired. It literally took us 3 seconds to get him to knock out, and as soon as we turned around, "Umm...where's Mahie?" We calmly & patiently checked behind & near us....and then the aisles....and then we split up....and then I started to jog, run & yell MAHIE! like a crazy person. That was the longest I ever 'lost' her in a store. I frantically asked the nearest worker for help & everyone was on the hunt. Scary thoughts started to crowd my mind, and then I turned around to what seemed like a muted room. I just stood there, frozen. Absolutely no sound, as I started to feel myself believing that she was gone!

"Heavenly Father, please help me find her. I know she's here."

My lips started to tremble. I thought about my husband in Samoa. I thought about my quick desperate prayer. I thought about the exit doors and if my little one had been lured out. I thought about all those unfortunate missing person stories made into LMN movies. One by one, each worker came up empty but still searched. I turned to see Kiana's stroller appearing among the racks of clothes and slowly approached her because my emotions were about to explode. And they just about did.......little barefoot Mahie was holding her Aunty's hand!!!! I ran, scooped her up, bawled my eyes out, told her to always stay with Mommy and hugged her some more. I think she knew what was going on because all she said was, "Sorry!". Here I am the adult suppose to be watching HER, and she apologizes!

As soon as we entered Nordstrom, she kept asking me to see the sunglasses. "Glasses Momma, please. Glasses please!" To which I kept pushing off because I was always caught up doing something else. Well, I guess Mahie's patience ran out, and she set out by herself. Kiana had found her in front of a big mirror, trying on sunglasses. Just a few feet away from our original spot. Totally my fault Mahie!

By the way, looking back, the Nordstrom employees reacted very quickly in helping me to find Mahie. They even put their customers on hold and would yell out to each other what she was wearing along with her name.

Mahie Kauipuaonalani Fonofili Aspinall was due May 7th, 2011. But since I had developed gestational diabetes my last few weeks, they induced me around 38 weeks and out came our first baby at 10:50a.m. on April, 30th, 2011. 8 pounds, 11oz, 21inches long. Everyone at Castle Hospital went crazy about how much hair she had. She is named after my little and only sister and her Samoan great grandmother. Mahie in Hawaiian means, "Delightful".

For the first few days, she had to be kept in the Nursery on oxygen, as some DG babies have a hard time breathing. We then had to return home to TVA without her, which totally devastated me. However, by the end of that week, she was ours and we were up all night with no sleep. She was 100% formula fed, and loved her bottle and pacifier.

I always hoped for a boy to be the oldest, but I am so glad I was blessed with Mahie. I know she is going to become that awesome big sister that will gladly watch over her younger siblings. And furthermore, she is the oldest grandchild of the Kaahanui cousins. Which is a given, that she gets away with anything from her Grandpa. (Good, that way HE can pay for her wedding.)

But let's cut to the chase. This little girl drives me nuts! She is so independent and smart, that usually she gets into trouble a lot. All in innocence though. But boy do I chase her, threaten her with BIG eyes, scold her and when she REALLY pushes it......scare her with "Look roaches, ewww!" We have a special bond. I'm serious. Sometimes I wonder how this little girls knows all of my tricks!! She is also a big goofball and makes me laugh as much as I want to pull my hair out at times.

I hope to always share a special bond with my Mahie. I will always see her as not just my little baby, but the greatest teacher I could ever learn from.

I can have conversations now with my daughter. I can braid her hair into a thick long braid, almost to her waist. I can tell her to watch her baby brother, and she curls up next to him and they watch ipad movies together. I can point to almost anything/anyone and she will name it, even in her secret language. I can give her one cookie and she will ask to instead hold the entire packet. I can say "one" and she will continue to "Den". I can drive down the road and hear her shout "TEMPLE!" followed by singing, "I am a child of God....and heeee sed me heeeeeere!". I can come home hating my haircut and she will run her fingers through and say, "Ooooooh Preeeetty Momma."

I can say, "I Love you Mahie. Do you know Mommy loves you?"
And she knows, "Yes Momma. I yuv you too. And Daddy in Amoa. And Eban seeping. And Papa. And Nana. And Aunty Heeery. And Uncle. And baby Isaakt. Ummmm, all pau. Have juice now, peeeeeeeeeeease?!"



  1. Plastic heels. Haha. Love this. Happy birthday Mahie!

  2. AWWWW :-) Love you guys!!!!!

  3. not to get all sentimental, but i cried reading your post. i think maybe watching lmn prior encouraged the tears. but i could just imagine what you may have been feeling. as a mother, i'm sure it was your worst nightmare. pray works. heavenly father is good. AND a great mama like yourself, your babies are blessed. happy birthday to your little girl, whom by the way, is just too cute!

  4. ASHYLN! your blog is so cute, teach me how you do it!! xoxo!