23 May 2013


Talofa everyone, as in we are BACK in Samoa! Was Hawaii all a dream? It came and went just as fast, although by the last week I was crying into my pillow missing James, but that's another story. SO yes, we're back….but guess what? No heatstroke at all.

I'm totally loving this time of the year for Samoa. I feel like I'm back in Hawaii. We only need the ceiling fan on, but even without it we're ok. No sweating. No sauna. Even the mozzy's have taken a vacay with the heat. However, days are shorter and heavy rains pour down frequently, so I think it's safe to say we're experiencing "Winter" season. The kids and I even laid out in the front lawn an evening ago, kicking our legs up into the dreamy breeze. It was perfect. If Samoa could just be like this, lets say for the next 3 years, kasi, lua, kolu tausaga….things could POSSIBLY be just as perfect. Anyways…

Dad came back with me. Yay! Forever grateful to have wonderful parents (including awesome in-laws too). I tried very hard to pack early, but in the end where was I? Pulling an ALL nighter, stressing, shoving things last minute, sitting on my luggage and PRAYING the zipper to close. I may not have looked like a homeless woman on crack checking in at the airpot, but I sure felt like it with my dry red eyeballs & tita bun. 

I also had a lot of emotions piling up the night before, which of course for any wife….is to miss her husband. I missed James so much. Every day. Especially at night. Yes I had a lot of Instagram photo's of shopping, eating or out with the girl-frans; but I REALLY should've posted a blurry 'selfie' of me bawling my mascara out. And that's waterproof. So you're welcome Skype, because I became one of your top paying international callers!! And Chevron, not only do your employees behind the counter suck & unappealing to the eye, but your calling cards are a rip off! Separation anxiety for sure. I have total respect for military spouses undergoing those yearly deployments. You are strong, hands down. 

So yes, I did some major shopping back in Hawaii nei. It didn't help that our tax return lady hooked us up, so I was given even MORE opportunity do damage. Hahaha. But really, one of my greatest joys is to shop for my children. James thinks it's ridiculous…until he sees how much retail bang I can get for a buck. I think that even if I become a millionaire one day, I'll still search the clearance rack first. Not because I'm chang, but because hellllloooo! 

We arrived at Honolulu International with tons of heavy luggage & a huge container….& a million carry-ons that I tried to be sneaky about, that were all filled with clothes lol. According to my calculations, I should've forked out at least $500 for overage fees, etc. But, I think because I was surrounded with a lot of irrits fobs NOT BEING RACIST, but just stating my surrounding obvious…who kept arguing with the ticket takers and TSA-ers and Air Pacific employees about bringing the entire Hawaii back with them and blaming everyone but themselves…..my Dad & I tipped our porter? And Filipino Uncle TOOK CARE OF US! (we were one of the few easy-to-work-with passengers) I had my wallet ready and all I heard was, "Here are your boarding passes & you're good to go." Holy Cow, that news definitely woke my Dad & I up for 5am. Thank you Filipino Uncle, I wish I could've went back and gave you more. *BTW Traveling Tip for Parents….we ONLY do check-in with porters. Definitely saves you time & stress when traveling with young children. Especially with booked flights, you go straight to the front. ALL it costs you in return is a big mahalo smile and tip! 

The ride over? Eeeh, what's new. Go figure, it's Air Pacific. Dad was really excited the entire way, first passport stamp and all!

And then….Faleolo Airport & into the arms of my sweetheart!!! Poor Dad was dying of heat. & Mahie just cared about showing off her mini iPad. 

I'll need to do a separate post of our week long adventures while Dad was here. We dragged him all over. Drives here are loooooong. Now he is totally "ma'a" with Apia. And just to throw it out there, my Dad, THE HAWAIIAN from Papakolea, has been to Samoa, even out to "KuA" (village outskirts) before MAJORITY of you Samoans in Laie. Bahahahaha. K, just had to rub it in, cause I know a lot of them niele on my blog. 

Samoa we are here. Was I sad to return? Or to leave Hawaii AGAIN? Not really. Laie seriously, will always be Laie. And I was always driving AWAY from that side when I was home anyways. I'll miss at times the life of luxury and convenience. But you can survive without. It's like a breath of fresh air from being glued to the tv, wearing the latest trend, small town gossip, posting your every move on Instagram, obsessive social networking. I'll miss the little things though. Waking up to my Dad in the other room, drafting his next architectural project. My Mom coming back from work and just being home, near. The occasional drop-ins from my siblings, just to visit my kolohe kids before they drive back to Kalihi. Watching the planes come in and out from Isaac and Kiana's living room. Walking to the Laie temple. Hearing Hawaiian music. Picking puakenikeni. 

I'm not homesick, it's just crazy how life turns out to be. 
My home is with my husband and children.


  1. Love it Ash!! :D :D I know how you feel...Chu was in Samoa a whole month before he joined us...and I should be used to being apart...since we had been for AGES before...but I'm still not! But for realz...home is definitely where your hubby and kids are :) I agree :) Alofa atu!! :D

  2. Awwww I LOVE this! It makes me really miss my family and growing up in Mililani, especially since my siblings and my parents are so far away. Btw, Samoana will probably do you so much better than living in our town with faikaz or deadbeats. I wish I could live in island paradise where it's like Hawaii about 60 years ago. If I were in Samoa I'd grow my kalo field finally lol lol. I miss you! But I'm glad your home with your family, aND THANK U FOR THE BOOK IM ALMOST DONE I READ IT THE ENTIRE PLANE RIDE!