12 August 2010

Getting the hang of things!

Well here's to Me & James...we've been married now for 49 Days, woohoo! TVA is slowly becoming our home...& slowly Im beginning to enjoy my neighboring apartments, jk. I think we have such a great location, its NEAR basically everything: Laundromat, Mailbox, Parking stall, Housing Office & my 1st term classes.always on his ps3
Our L-Block hale/fale/hogan gets new additions here & there. Last weekend we got a new flatscreen t.v. and entertainment system randomly from the Mililani Walmart. (Ya we didnt need it, but...couldnt turn down a good deal right?) I swear my parents call us spoiled BECAUSE "...back in their day" tva couples didn't have a lot of luxuries that me & James including most of our neighbors enjoy. For instance my Momma remembers walking with all of us kids everywhere! & here I wake up just in time to jump in my car and speed to class (2min away!).
My favorite picture in the home, can't wait for November...and decor from Nel's wedding ;)

Our Wedding day has come & gone, but the real fun is now making its appearance. It's such a different world living with your eternal best friend, and the list of new things we continue to learn from each other is a constant reminder to be patient :)
One thing is for sure, we both share very BIG APPETITES
Costco here we come!


  1. This is Beautiful. What a wonderful idea...it is great to feel the love you have for each other and we feel good it will continue forever!

    Love you both very much,

    Mum and Dad Aspinall

  2. yay ash... can't wait to see y'all again... mayb a trip to nz at the end of the yr?? haha, luv u guys.

  3. you enjoy hearing me yell at my children at the park! lol :)