15 August 2010


The yummy breakfast James woke up to! We devoured this deliciousness in a second. Just a quick recipe I'd beg my Mom to always make for me: (Dont worry, its suppose to look weird)
3 eggs1/2c Flour
1/2c Milk
Pinch of SaltMelted Butter in a pan/425 Degrees
Dont forget your Syrup!James took off to Kaneohe to make our car sparkle, while I cleaned & tried to hunt down my phone. I could only hear text message alerts...it was hiding in my running shoe, hmm?

My afternoon was filled with laughter, foundation, eyeshadow, bobby pins and tons of hairspray! Some friends and I helped out Jana & her bridesmaids get ready for her reception! I met this cute little Maori when her family moved to Laie a few years ago & her Tahitian Momma, "Aunty Carmen" was my YW Pres.she was sealed in the Hamilton, NZ TempleMe, Nea & Audrey @ the reception:
Peacock & Movie Theme
Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Ale!
I love helping out my friends or hearing about them getting married. I get excited because I'll always have these moments to remember how my own Special Day went. Sorry about the image quality, maybe check out the real ones on facebook. Well, its the day(Saturday) we get ready for Sunday, so goodnight!

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  1. Ash..what is that? it looks yummy..im gonna try make it..whats the recipe again? or is that it? 3ggs, 1/2c flour etc? let me know let me know..i wanna try..hehe