05 January 2011

Auckland Surprise

James and I recently received a cute surprise in the mail this week.
His family in Auckland sent us a box of goodies from SCORCHED ALMONDS (my fav!!) to a variety of baby clothes & many other essentials for our little girl. Even though majority of everything was presents for the baby, James and I were still excited as we went through and looked at everything needed for baby's care. (James' nails were long & I caught him trying to open the baby nail clipper package to try it out....ugh YAH RIGHT!!)
Trying to balance it all for the photo
We thought this part was the cutest & best thing included in the box: our christmas card, especially what our nieces & nephew wrote...
we blurred everything else out, bc it's none of your business :)
Thank you so much to the Aspinall's in Samoa, Auckland & the Joyce's in Hamilton. It was such a nice surprise, too bad James can't have any scorched almonds because of his new year's diet for the wedding, but I sure am enjoying it all :) The baby clothes are so teeny-tiny and cute!

We are so grateful for being raised in families that share a love for each other and for the gospel. We can't wait to see everyone in April <3


  1. yay for gifts!!! :) lucky you!!!

  2. oooOOO I'm jealous! I looooove scorched almonds!! ANd your a hott mama! I still haven't seen you yet so I have to come over sometime!

  3. ash, you are so SO cute :) great gifts!