16 January 2011

O le aso fanau a James nei

(like my title? im in my second semester of samoan)
What a WEEK, what a DAY!

Although I only have a few classes this semester, they are all 400 Senior level curriculum and its been nonstop reading, analyzing, discussing, hw, quizzes & tests. (Yes school just started) Not to mention I've already stressed over & finished a presentation for my Communications & Media class for the semester (Over & out of the way). There were so many things that took up every space on my mind, planner & time of day that by the time Friday came, I was so drained. Mentally & physically. The physical draining was worst...I had to call a time out on school and work to lay in bed & just rest for a day & a half, feet elevated. Don't worry, no scares at all. My body had to remind me that, "HELLO YOU'RE PREGNANT TAKE IT EASY!". That day & a half sucked, but I was rested & back to normal just in time for a very special day = James Birthday!!
He loves comics (other than video games, duh!), especially Superman. I tried to surprise him with a 'Superman' themed party, just for me & him, but has like Superman died out or something? Because frickin' Spiderman party stuff has taken over. Lol, I was not a happy customer at the places I searched high & low in. Anyways, he had a free pass to do whatever he wanted the entire day, beginning at midnight, and I had to allow it all :)

To end the day, I dropped him off at work & then I GOT to work...making dinner, baking his cake, mixing the icing, cleaning the house, hanging the lights, trying to set up a cute little romantic dinner on our living room floor. The Superman logo is so complicated! lol. And then I began to run out of red icing...

I needed to buy more time when James called to be picked up, so I made up a story that his family messaged me online to call them in NZ :) Im telling you this Superman logo was getting to me. So while he went to get a calling card, I was studying google images and finishing up my homemade birthday card for him...free handing then erasing 100x's, cutting, layering the different colored papers, gluing, oh arts & crafts! Add a bow for cuteness <3

His reaction as he came through the door was priceless, totally surprised. I was nervous when it came time to light his cake, but his excited expression made me feel beyond wonderful. He loved it, especially his card. THESE are the moments that matter the most in life.
I was so pooped out, James wanted to catch it on camera too. Pleasing your husband makes slaving over the oven & stove worth it, hahaha.....and by the way, this cake is BOMB! YUMMMY!!!

Toasts to his 27th year! Love you James :)
xo, baby & me


  1. That cake is so awesome! Good job with all of your hard work! Don't work tooo hard though!

  2. ok so i have always wondered how to make red icing. mine always comes out pink????? whats the secret? your an awesome wife by the way ash, great example to me!!

  3. i love the cake! i would have never done that, james is so lucky!

  4. GEEZ SUPER MOM ok take a break! and btw I love your superman idea and the fact that you guys can bake anything (yes both of you). *sigh im not pregnant thus i definitely need to be more productive seeing as im definitely not as busy as you!!!

  5. your so cute! what a good wifey!!! u go girl!!! lucky james.