15 December 2011

money jar!

We have been selling all of our little odds n' ends. For a cheap price. I thought, hmm....mind as well make a buck or two, instead of donating to TVA's free-bin and then seeing kids run around TVA ruining it. (Annoying) So far we've made a bunch of cash, and although little, we know it will go a long way for Aaron's "Missionary Fund".

We don't move out until April'12 Graduation, but I already want to get rid of unnecessary clutter:
-stacks of unused wedding gifts
-old textbooks
-all size 8 heels/sandals (so sad) that post-preggo size 9 feet can't fit anymore!
-post preggo tops now too big for me (woohoo!)
-unused baby things
-James' old hats, sick of seeing them everywhere!

Collection amount as of now(started posting items Wed): $100.....2 purchases pending tomorrow!
My husband rolls his eyes at my little money jar, but I think its fun (and maybe addicting?)


  1. bahahah! love seeing your cute items on fb. Don't worry, your husband will stop rolling his eyes when he's sees all the good you're doing!!!!

  2. Haha...that site...one that we'll talk about for many years. Haha...

  3. OMG I was addicted to Ashlyn's fb store. And now I'm hooked on selling everything in my room

  4. we've recently been selling things too! lol. im gonna post about it before the year is up! its so smart i tell ya! :)