18 December 2011

little brother

My little brother Aaron gave his missionary farewell talk. He leaves to the Provo MTC Tuesday night, and then in 3 months to the Angeles, Philippines Mission. I was so proud listening to my little brother give his talk. I actually was a little nervous, as I am for all loved ones/friends when they need to present something in public, only because I want them to do very well. And he did. He had the 'pre-missionary' nervousness, but it was cute =] And can I just say that I didn't know Aaron knew soo many Filipino's. It seemed that ALL the Filipino students from BYUH came. (And they better have because they always ate free at my Parent's)

It was also a special Sunday and sacrament meeting because it was the first time in like 5 years? that my entire family was present, more importantly my siblings. We've gone through so many trials and challenges these past few years, but through simple moments such as a missionary farewell....our little 'ohana was brought together, out of love. out of support. out of the true meaning of family. I'm sure my Parents loved looking over and seeing a full row of us, now all grown adults. {Plus  it was hilarious seeing how my two older brothers walked in with a white shirt & tie...and shocked the hell out of  some of the old ward members}

I snuggled into James an arm squeeze tighter because of how complete everything felt. We were all there, we were all happy.  No one was missing.  My little baby was sitting on one uncle's lap and smiling up at the other. Friends and family filled the meeting. Christmas hymns were played. It was definitely the right place and the right time.

And then the Elder-to-be got to open his Christmas presents early. {which obviously were items to be used on the Mish} We then met up with Marianna Ah Quin, who kindly did our family photo's as a gift for Aaron leaving =] You Go Marianna!! And returned home in time for naps & then dinner! As you can see above, dinner was definitely a pa'ina {party}. Some of our very close friends {who should be family} came over, and there was some grinds! I'm still stuffed. Every room had people talking & laughing. We also had, "The Help" playing in the family room, love that movie. Tuesday my youngest & forever "little brother" will be flying out to the real beginning of his adult life. The hardest thing for him, is saying goodbye to surfing for two years, haha, that boy....

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