08 December 2011

on the move!

Our little Mahie is on the move.
She crawls!!! Well, she drags....haha.
I call her my little slug since she uses only her upper body to pull herself across the floor. Slowly her back legs are kicking in. But I'm surprised at how quickly she gets around & into everything.

We've made it to that stage where the floor needs to be vacuumed clean daily {i don't}, but I've already gotten in trouble by James for all the bobby pins Mahie has picked up. Her favorite location to 'slug' herself to: our slippers by the door. It's so hard keeping her in one spot while I try to do other things. If it isn't the slippers, it's the base of the fan, the laptop wires, random specs on the floor, and the most scariest: wall outlets. Geez this girl.

Oh, also, she loves to fall backwards, lol. Sometimes when we sit her up, or are carrying her...she'll spread her hands out and lean backwards, hahaha. I guess it really isn't funny because we've gotten some freaked out reactions from Grandma Telaya.....and also because it's totally my fault since I taught her that. You know, when you let babies lean a little & then you catch them...and they laugh. & then you repeat: fall, catch, laugh. Well I've gotten my daughter addicted to falling backwards {another thing I got in trouble for}. James sat Mahie infront of him and she thought he was playing "the game" & our poor little one toppled over with no catch from Daddy. I know she was confused, lol, but she surprised us by laughing anyways. {James was not amused at all} Yes, I'm probably a terrible Mother...but that's how I roll! More terrible stories to come, jk.
i love my daredevil slug.

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  1. Hi Ashlyn, I just found your blog and hope you don't mind me following! <3 Hope you have fun in Samoa!!