17 October 2012

Baby Brother's Shower

Thank you to my Parents, Sister, Sister-in-law Ida & Tiana for such a fun "HALLOWEEN THEMED" baby shower for my son....and for all the friends and family who came out to eat, play & laugh. It was a really enjoyable evening. James and I appreciate all the gifts we were showered with, it has definitely been a big help :)
My "Thank You" to my guests was a candy bar: cupcakes w/skeleton bones sprinkles, chocolate licorice, candy corn + salty peanut mix, granola bars wrapped as mummy's, gumballs...and my fave, caramel apple lollipops!
*I suggest checking out the food section at Ross during the holidays....so many spices, candies, etc. are super cheap & one of a kind.
Doesn't this look REAL? & kinda gross....I never played this game before

Some of everyone who came!
All I can say is that baby shower gifts have truly stepped up with creativity! 
If you follow me on Instagram, you can see more detailed pictures of the cute Halloween decor :)
Mahalo again to everyone! It's always weird for me to be the center of attention...i love throwing parties for others, just hate it when its ME. I never know how to act. Good thing I was able to talk story with everyone who came out :)

Boys clothes.....such a transition!

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  1. i'm sure it's totally different to have boy things around the house. i await the day:/ your shower looked like so much fun and so glad that your baby will be born in an awesome month full of candy and treats!!!