14 October 2012

Mahie is driving us nuts!

We've got a handful of updates that have occurred ONE after the OTHER here in the "Aspinall Grass Shack". Things have just been crazy and life never takes a step back to help you catch up...but we are surviving and doing good.

First off- On October 5th, I worked my  LAST day at the Polynesian Cultural Center's Marketing Department. That was surreal in itself. Going from an everyday work schedule, nonstop phone calls, emails, work events, etc., etc., for a WHOLE year....to being able to sleep in, was weird. Hahaha, I'm not going to lie, I didn't know what to do with myself that first week off. And by the second day, I managed to irritate everyone in my home & was told I needed to develop a hobby or go back to work! I was told I was "Too bossy", however my reply was, "Well if I wasn't THIS MUCH pregnant I'd DO IT MYSELF!".
 My CAREER WOMAN IDOL: Larie Manutai & I

I've learned so soo much at my internship turned job. I feel more confident communicating through writing & speaking, especially in a more professional manner. I have no problem taking leads for projects and planning, keeping an eye for detail, being unafraid to basically get any task completed thoroughly. I've gotten more organized & maybe also a little more IMPATIENT at expecting others around me to do the same. I definitely have been trying to work on patience & charity. This past year has opened my eyes on what I'd like to accomplish as a career. I hope to gain more experience after baby boy is born, but right now Heavenly Father is telling me to kick back and enjoy the moment with my hubby and kids (which I'm struggling with a little?!). My body is telling me to rest & my mind is thinking about Grad School, more internships, etc. But that's a whole other blog post :)
 Red Velvet from Diamond Head Grill

My department threw me a party, Larie even drove down from her new Waikiki office. Good food as always. I will miss all the memories I made at that job and the people I've worked with and met. I mentioned to Larie that I didn't think anyone really knew me outside of our Marketing cubicle, until emails came in thanking and well wishing me on the baby. Some people who never smile said they enjoyed working with me, wow did I feel special, haha. This job totally stressed me out at times, but in the end I felt very sad as I clocked out for the last time :)

Second- NO MORE PACIFIERS aka "Dummies" "Bubba's" and what ever else it's nickname was. It was probably a week and a half ago that my parents lost Mahie's pacifier, so we decided PERFECT WE'LL START OPERATION NO PACIFIER! And that was a trip to hell! I'm serious, haha. Our daughter LOVES her pacifier, which is only a particular kind too. Over the last few months, we knew she started to always want it 24/7 and not just for sleeping. We planned on 'easing her in' at first, but since it was lost....we did it 'cold turkey' style. OMG so many tears and tantrums the first 3 days. We also probably sang EVERY LDS Primary song there is. During the day was ok, but nighttime was a headache. By the fourth day, she was good, and I guess forgot about it. We were VERY surprised. No one was allowed to say the "P" word. She did however, struggle to get used to putting herself to sleep when she was overtired, which we helped by singing, being in a quiet cool area and patting her back. We are happy for this milestone, but it seems that Mahie has gotten crazy active since. She is all over the place and independent. At this point in my pregnancy I just let her do whatever & I tell everyone that too. Lol. Sadly this has made James go nuts & he has probably shed some pounds chasing her everywhere.
Miss Kolohe getting caught pinching the family dog, Cooper

Third- Mahie's pacifier addiction has been replaced with a "Tangled Ever After" addiction. She can watch that friggin' movie OVER and OVER again. And since we only have the itunes version, she will cry and whine when she sees our laptop. We give in when we need to get things done around the house. But when we need to LEAVE the house and take her....boy is it a pain. She will cling onto the laptop for dear life, wiggle from our grip and run back to the laptop.....ANYTHING for Tangled, lol. We have since downloaded to all other Apple devices for easy travel.
Pretty much she hogs the laptop & no one can break her concentration

Fourth- No More Movie Theaters! Mahie at 18months has pushed us to our limits. She does not stay put at the movie theaters, even when we plan on a movie during her nap time. She stands up, waives and says HI to everyone behind us. Whines when we hold her firmly. Tries to push her stroller, climb the side stairs, walk around....and when James tried to hold her on the side aisle, she'll scream Mama! Mama!! Hooooly Moly! So we put our foot down, because lately we've been leaving the movies early....and I told James it feels like we're basically just donating to the theaters.
Alone at Laie Theaters watching Hotel Transylvania

Lastly- I am almost 38 weeks and I really feel like this baby will be here soon. I didn't feel this way with Mahie. I've actually started to dilate two weeks ago, now that my appointments are every week. I haven't been able to sleep, which is annoying. I stayed up until 4am one night watching documentaries on Netflix. I feel those lower cramping and pains even more now....but then I freak out and drink tons of water to get rid of them. My baby shower is this Tuesday, so my Mom says I have to keep him up there until then! Since I've recently ended work, I feel like I'm cramming to prepare for our son's arrival. I was ready months in advance with Mahie....so I hope I don't go into labor this week ( I had Mahie at 38 1/2 weeks) because I don't feel ready. And also, my head hasn't wrapped around the idea of LABOR!!!!!!!
Until the next blog post!
-Ashlyn, James, Mahie & Baby Brother!


  1. Wow, good luck with everything! You have a lot on your plate!

  2. Ashlyn, you were such great intern! I was even contemplating asking if I could hire you for 48 hours to help me with the big buyout event yesterday. I miss your organization and thoroughness (is that even a word?) I love your personality, and especially love when your "bossy" side comes out. I don't consider you bossy, i just think you do a good job at putting people in their place. I miss working with you. You are going to be successful at anything you try. I'm gonna call you next week. I want to go to lunch or something!!! TTyl!!! Love you lots!!!