22 October 2012


Today I thought was almost the day, but somehow I knew it wasn't....."Mother's Intuition". So James and I drove out to our regular check up at 39 weeks. We were told last week that I may be getting induced today, depending on how far I had dilated since 2 weeks ago at 1cm. We packed our hospital bag, left Mahie home with my Dad w/her packed bag, and off to Castle we went. For some reason, I just knew today wasn't the BIG day, didn't feel it, hahaha. There were no emotions, nerves, etc....in fact I remembered a lot of things I had forgotten back at home.

Our check-up took almost an hour because of waiting, waiting. And then finally Tina (the midwife) checked me and was shocked I was only 3cm! However, after a little more examination her disappointment left as she mentioned, "The baby is RIGHT THERE! Basically it's just the water bag holding it up." So no inducing for us, they suggested I allow my body to go naturally which will for sure happen any time this week. If not, we are scheduled Friday morning to break my water. We were sent home with a LIST of recommendations to get baby movin'......but for some reason I don't feel like going into labor RIGHT NOW, I know selfish.....whatever happens, will happen!
Yesterday after church!
Definitely wasn't looking like this with Mahie. I may have been twice the size & for sure wouldn't have fit into this pre-pregnancy dress. (Obviously very stretchy!)

My pre-labor tradition: getting a pedi at the mall this past Saturday :)

Maybe next post will be from the hospital??!!
Kinda nervous now about the pains & recovery flashbacks....but excited that I'll be holding A NEW BABY!! What the heck!!


  1. Good luck! So excited to see pictures of the new baby!

  2. You're almost there! Good luck with round 2 of labor/delivery :) yay for boy babies!

  3. you seriously look so great! makeup, hair and all. you give me inspiration to move and get dressed! haha. so exciting, any day now!!!

  4. yay!!! Good luck Ashlyn!!!! Can't wait to meet him!