10 December 2012


A little recap, as blogging hasn't been easy when two little monkeys are hungry, crying and tired at the SAME time :)

Earlier in November, Mahie went to her first Kahuku Football game, which was the OIA State Champs! She loved it and was so excited when I got her ready and even more excited when she saw the crowded stadium. It was also the first time I took Evan out without James (who I feel secure having at my side) and in my baby carrier. He did so well, so Moms get an Ergo! It was also a breeze nursing him, which I dreaded.

Thanksgiving came and went just as quickly. So quick, we didn't even take any pictures. My Dad's brother from Chicago flew in & brought my Grandpa down from Kapolei. And my Aunty Kim also drove down from Waimanalo. Grandpa B is getting old, it's crazy how fragile our bodies will turn with age. Nonetheless, I still love hearing him tell his family stories. Mahie seemed confused when she'd hear me call him Grandpa, haha. She also got a little confused when she saw my Uncle Kevin, since he looks similar to my Dad. She ran to him by accident a few times thinking it was her Grandpa :)

Then December hit! And we've tried to make a few adjustments to our daily schedule....which includes healthier meals & snacks for Mahie....playtime OUTSIDE for Mahie, since we've both been trying to catch up on naps whenever Evan knocks out......family prayer......and in the near future: potty training & toddler bed sleeping :) *As of now, Mahie has slept in her OWN bed for 3 days! Yay!

Some of our December Happs so far:

Me, the kids and my Family drove down for the Honolulu City Lights Christmas Lighting and parade. We've done this since I was little like Mahie & Evan. I still get excited thinking of the parade and the lights around downtown. As children, my Mom would get us ready, pack us up in our station wagon and we'd drive to town early to meet my Dad who worked near Iolani Palace at an architectural firm. Even though our parents didn't buy us any of those expensive glow lights and street food, we did have good seats right on the curb in those days...not so much now :) And I bet it was just as fun for Mahie this year. Double plus because "Grandpa Kent" bought malasadas :) We then made a stop at Likelike drive-thru for a late dinner.

Evan James Kaohi'ai was blessed by his wonderful Dad! I'm so grateful to be married to a worthy priesthood holder. It was a beautiful blessing, as all baby blessings are :) Ida even visited from Kailua and we had lunch in Kaneohe after. *My good friends Kaui & Toa also blessed their daughter Wailani the same day!

I got my 6 weeks postpartum clearance!!! I like how I couldn't wait to exercise, and now that I can, ugh NO MOTIVATION! Good thing I'm breastfeeding, that will at least buy me sometime hopefully :) I think I still have 20lbs to go, but it's more toning than poundage loss for me. Don't want to be lighter but still flabby, hello!

We've done a secret santa selection for the family, took Mahie to see Santa at the Mall, play in "fake bubble snow", taking turns baking yummy cakes, muffins and cookies....and going on long drives. It not only soothes Evan and puts Mahie to sleep, but it gives James and I time to ourselves in a way.

We also have 3 Pandora Christmas Playlists on replay: Mariah Carey (duh!), Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer, and of course The Carpentars........and randomly without James' approval, our secret 4th: Justin Beiber!! *Shout out to Lanea!


  1. So cute your little family Ash! Your kids are gorgeous! I'm still trying to lose the 20-30 lbs I gained since I had Wes...so hopefully I get motivation soon! You guys are so festive!

  2. OMG I love your little family!!!!! bahaha and omg I LOVE JUSTIN BEIBER!!! ME and Taina went to watch Wicked and the Valet parking guy who got into my car looked at me and said, "A little old for the Biebs aye". EEEEEHHH it's ok, in a perfect world, everyone would love to belt out "Mistle Toe" just like me muahaha

  3. ANd btw, even after post birth, ur frekn arms are still skinnier than mines. eeeeeeh