19 December 2012

Booted from the Bed

The title is exactly what it is right now: one snoring husband and two chubby babies have taken over the bed. Lately I've felt it a waste of SPACE having a toddler bed & crib crammed into our room, when  NO ONE sleeps in it!! Speaking of said 'space wasters', it's been a battle putting those two little ones to sleep & KEEPING them THERE.

Mahie is pretty good taking naps and then later, sitting in her bed to watch a late movie or cartoon. But as soon as she senses her sleep coming on, she climbs down and sprints to our bed. Before you know it, she's climbing over one of us to sleep in the middle. James is usually too tired (or can't be bothered) to put her back on her own bed....BUT NOT ME.....I NEED MY SPACE! And that comes with a price, meaning I tuck her in, sit next to her on the ground and sing "I am a child of God" over and over again. I've since placed a little glow star on her bed rail, that lights up and projects little cartoons on the ceiling above, playing music. She loves it. It actually is very soothing to watch.
        Even I fall asleep watching this projection go round and around

Evan is slowly sleeping longer. I still have to wake up at least twice to nurse, but I guess my body has accustomed to the limited sleep. I can be soo tired and as soon as I shower, I'm wide awake in bed instagram-ing. (You know you do too!) I think Evan hates his crib. We have added so many things to make it more comfy, but we've concluded that he loves to be held or be next to someone. That is the only way we can get him into a deep sleep. If I put him in his crib, his eyeballs are wide open 2 seconds later. He is getting chunkier by the minute. After his bath tonight, I struggled getting his 0-3 months onesie on, is it really time to upgrade to 3 months and up??? Little buddha!

And James and I are doing what we (hopefully!!) do best: BEING PARENTS! We need a nap just like the kids to survive. We're looking forward to watching the following movies: The Guilt Trip, This is 40 and LES MISERABLES!!!!! (The Hobbit was good, but loooong)

Anyways we have a few things planned. I need to de-clutter and get rid of stuff, so there should be a sale soon posted online and a garage sale this weekend. Other than that, we're staying indoors to keep dry and praying no one catches a cold :)

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  1. AAAAAHHH LES MISERABLES!!!! I lked the HObbit too, but I felt like the beginning was soooo long! Anyway, I'msad you u guys are leaving :-( And I've been thinking about it almost every other day because one of my favorite people ever is going to Fob-land. But u hustle that $$$ out thurr!!!!!