02 September 2010

a Family Home Evening Surprise!!

future proud PARENTS!!!
I surprised James during our FHE Activity. We had a Scavenger Hunt finding things around our house describing the various things listed:
1. Yourself
2. Spouse
3. Dating
4. Engagement
5. Marriage
6. Honeymoon
7. House
8. & 9. Dont really remember LOL
10. Your Future together as a Couple
When it was my turn to show what I had to describe each thing, I ended the list of "Our Future" by bringing out my POSITIVE test with our DUE DATE written on the back. In a second James was squishing me in between his arms and was so so happy/excited/SHOCKED! LoL

Im about a Month & a Week :)
People are like "Whoa So Fast!" & "Geez Honeymoon Baby"....hmmm, it actually wasn't fast at all niele people, there was quite some disappointments along the way & hello our Wedding was like 3  months ago, do the math lolo heads!
Celebrated with James making Cinnamon Rolls!
Visit from Uncle Aaron
Its so funny how things turn out. Until I went to the Dr's, I was working out like CRAZY! Seriously, switching between Insanity & P90X and trying to improve any cardio workouts. The nurse said its because I haven't had any taste of nausea or sickness! If hadn't stop by the Health Room, I would've never known I was preggo's LOL. Well now a lot of things about my body make more sense! I went from dissing my body for not showing any workout/diet results to LOVING MY BODY & BEING TOTALLY AMAZED BY IT!! Woohoo, now I can walk proudly with a little belly & not having to suck things in. But Dr. said to keep being active so Night Show it still is, for now.


  1. whoo hoo!!! how exciting!!!! Congratulations you two!!

  2. Oh my gosh! That is the cutest way to tell your husband that you're pregnant! Congrats! Who cares what other people say about it being quick! You guys will be such great parents!

  3. Hey Ash! Hope you don't mind if I follow you. :) Congratulations on the path to being a mommy!! I LOVE how you surprised your husband!!

  4. Yayy! I second what Ashlyn said about following your blog! ;)

    Congrats! Your babies are gonna be super cute! I'm sad that I am not there to see all my fellow Poli Sci classmates with cute babies! Pictures will have to suffice! :)

  5. I finally can read your blog!!! And eh whatever your blog is so nice especially your pictures! bahaha and your so funny because yes all the niele people saying it was a honeymooon baby (lol the dummies at work). CONGRATS! Bridal Shower in 8 months woooot wooot!

  6. thanks guys, clothing has already been feelin tight around the midsection. Anyone can read my blog, because garranz Im probably already reading yours!!! :) & Nea, dont you mean BABY shower? Or will I be throwing YOU a bridal shower haha