15 September 2010

little heartbeat

beep. BEEP. Beep. Beep. BEEP. beep.
(the tiny heartbeat of my baby bean!)
James & I went for my 1st Ultra Sound today
A part from the other things Dr. did that make you shiver & your husband CRINGE (lol), I was so anxious & excited when she started to hook up the monitor & dimmed the lights.
woohooo....FINALLY eh!
Our little spirit was RIGHT THERE on the screen next to us
the size of a kidney bean, lol 
just hanging out inside me with all the space in the world
Dr. measured our little one & then pointed out a faint blinking blur
"We got a heartbeat going", she said
We could barely hear it, but just seeing it on screen, to me
I could her it loud & clear
James loved every second of that moment
literally glued to the monitor

My pregnancy is totally different now.
Since I've had no morning sickness or food cravings, (ONLY weight gain!)
I didn't really feel a strong connection to our baby
until today
I left Castle Hospital feeling more like a Momma :)
Proudly holding my b&w Ultra Sound pictures as PROOF to the World!
that little heartbeat did its job
James & I are truly some very HAPPY & PROUD parents haha

Can't forget my mother, who went crazy/cried over the pictures
& is framing them as we speak. 
she wouldn't let the pictures leave her house, as if it was her grandchild there in person
my poor siblings had to ask for HER permission to even touch the ultra sound pictures
haha, oh "grandma telaya"


  1. that has got to be SUCH a life-changing experience! i love how you wrote this. and your mom is so cute! can't wait to hear more about your pregnancy!

  2. Ohh man I'm sooo excited for you guys!!! Congrats congrats!