11 September 2010


Finding time to reflect about little things that have occurred over this past week, has truly made me appreciate the relationship James & I have for each other, and for the blessings our gospel continuously provides!

There are many of our close friends who are struggling with life's challenges & are hurting inside. Not everyone is welcomed home by a laughing husband cooking dinner, or maybe a text or call each day from a loving mother just down the street...this week has improved the spirit in our little TVA apt. & has encouraged James & I to continue to be our true happy selves even when others may want to intrude. I can't understand how some individuals can choose to bother those around them with their cold facials or unwelcoming body language. C'mon & BE HAPPY people :) Some of you look like the zombies that I just watched tonight on Resident Evil 3D!
On the other hand, friends in need out there just keep being strong. Everything will be okay. Want to read an uplifting/hilarious/cool blog: http://www.natalienortonphoto.com/
 You'll smile in a minute =]

Our weekend began with my younger sibling coming over & baking strawberry cupcakes. (I made Hill wash the dishes.) Although I disliked our scary movie James rented, movie/cupcake night turned into a sleepover. Of course Hill & I called the bed & Aaron and James slept in the living room. You see, unhappy people just need to find the HAPPY-ness in their lives. Cupcakes will do the trick. Even if you don't eat them, share! Maybe I'll surprise a few neighbors, xo.


  1. You are awesome :) And I love your cupcakes! Lemme know if you want a red velvet recipe, its easy and even though it doesnt taste different from normal cupcakes, its cool to eat red colored things lol :) and thanks for awesome words of encouragement!

  2. Cupcakes doo make life so much better! That's such a sweet idea to give them to your neighbors. Some times people forget the blessings in their lives and need to be reminded by the love of others.