07 November 2010

heaven is family

"I wouldn't know how to speak of heaven 
without my wife or my children. 
It would not be heaven for me."
--Elder Holland

Grateful. is how i feel because i am sealed to james.
& our little one to us...taste of heaven to come
What a beautiful Sunday today has been, for resting, for family time & for worship.
Some of my Relief Society sisters shared beautiful thoughts today in testimony meeting:
 "When I'm most grateful, I find that things will fall into place."
I'm glad that I forced myself to be reverent and to pay attention in church today
It's hard sometimes because I keep fidgeting to find comfort
or the hunger pains start to roll in
But today was wonderful, especially when James & I kept laughing 
at my struggling efforts to stop the wind from blowing my dress over my head!

James also laughed at a little gift I got him:
I stopped by the Country Sister's Craft Sale just across the temple
There were so many beautifully handmade crafts for your home
Yes I bought a ton, especially to decorate for Christmas
Anyways this "Honey-Do List" caught my eye & I had to get it!
“Love your companion. Make him a part of all you do. 
He may be short or tall, thin or fat, handsome or homely-but he’s all yours.”
--President Thomas S. Monson


  1. I love your post Ashlyn! I can't wait for the day when Mike and I can go through the temple and have Wes sealed to us. And I loooved that quote at the top from Elder Holland. It is sooo true.

    P.S. I'm so going to try to make something like your Honey Do list. I looove crafts.

  2. this is such a cute post!!! i love the honey do list. i sooooo want one!!!! And I love the quotes you have. So creative! Love it!