04 November 2010

Good-bye October!

Halloween came & left soo fast! Here was how James & I celebrated our Halloween weekend together:
13 weeks!
As a family we visited the Laie Temple Open House Saturday morning. Bro & Sis Mata'u were our guides and they were awesome. Only if everyone could see the temple's beauty...even without its dedication, you could feel the spirit.

If you live in LAIE you know that majority of the residents are predominantly LDS (Mormon). Therefore, since Halloween was on a Sunday this year, our town trick-OR-treated on Saturday to observe Sunday's reverence :) Yes Mormon's are the bomb, even the less active ones too!

My Dad & I set up this walk-thru castle & other blowups for my mom. The little kids LOVED it, seriously. Some of them forgot to get candy, they just wanted to walk through. IF your kids didn't stop by, they truly missed out. My Mom gave out caramel popcorn balls, toys, saltwater taffy from Utah & pumpkin bags for little kids that only had a Foodland bag for their candy LOL.
the whole setup, get your candy from the witch, walk thru & then look at all the blowups. moms took a million pictures.
I TRIED to be a geisha, LOL...eh, my Dad kept calling me Mulan! I got this sheer top for like 2 bucks at Jean's Warehouse red tag sale, it's actually 3X!! I had to double wrap the strings around my waist, but it added to the Kimono-ish feel :) The fan was actually a wedding favor from my friend's wedding.


  1. Wow what a fun Halloween! Man Halloween is Laie is the best.

  2. im sooooo mad we didnt stop by! i told mav we should but we didnt get round to it...and Hyrum was one of those with just the foodland bag...sad day!

  3. so fun! your belly is so cute, mama ash :) i love how much your parents (esp your mom lol) gets into halloween, they are so bomb! and she is truly so thoughtful of the pumpkin bags.

  4. I love your makeup! You do look like a geisha! And you look so cute pregnant!!

  5. haha! i was thinking mulan too when i first saw the pic!!! lol. so cute!!!