27 November 2010

Thanksgiving Deliciousness

Our Thanksgiving Holiday came at such a perfect time. Break from school, great weather, good spirits & fun family memories. We had the entire meal course split between my mom's oven and mine. So the turkey was cookin' on Naniloa Loop while the ham was sizzlin' in TVA. 
Mom & Hill came over EARLY Thursday morning, my apartment really smelled delicious!
Here's Hill "lomi-ing" the potato salad, lol, she had to make a lot
 As a tradition, we turned on the Macy's Day Parade!
Just in time for Jessica Simpson
This ham filled my whole apartment, I kept picking at everything!
Yummy Yummy deviled? eggs :)
Did you know that yams sold out everywhere the day before Thanksgiving! All the shelves were totally cleared out & people were buying cases of them, geez.
Thanksgiving Day was very busy w/all the preparations going on, but Im happy we started early. I was also able to put a load in and clean my apartment. After we finished all the dishes & desserts were transferred to my parent's house.
It's so nice spending time with your family and eating home cooked meals. I'm grateful for my husband & the health of our first expected baby, for my parents, my siblings and the gospel :) Im so happy for these family traditions that my parents have established, I look forward to continuing them w/my own! Even when James & I move to Auckland, I told him we're still celebrating Thanksgiving haha.

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  1. girl! get ready to spend $40 on a 6lb turkey in nz! lol, i was stubborn so i spent that much money and heck i'd do it again becuz that's just how i roll! i LOVE thanksgiving and it ain't thanksgiving without the turkey! happy thanksgiving to u and your blossoming whanau!