14 November 2010

Midterms Stress


Messy house, loose line paper everywhere, stacked textbooks, etc...
We're soo glad that our midterms are over
Plus we had to fit in a baby appointment in between classes
Get to work to make money
And clean for Saturday's White Glove Check
It was definitely a busy week!

James was a superhero, while I was an emotional mess :)
Pregnancy hormones + school stress + unsatisfied cravings + limited sleep
Grumpy, tired, Ashlyn stuck w/a huge tension headache
(not able to take any medicine!!!)
while my poor husband has to endure me "going off" 
about how dumb TVA is for having cleaning checks
until my headache finally allows me to fall asleep
leaving superhero James to spend the whole night cleaning our house!
Everything was spotless the next morning, & our RA passed us!!
Thanks to James <3

It was also my little sister's 20th birthday
Family get-together's w/close friends are the best kind of birthday parties
Especially the home cooked meals & cake
Now on to another full week...at least Christmas is around the corner!


  1. man, i just love your mom! she is so dang cute and festive!! you are right, it's the small b-days at home that are the best!!! :)

  2. haha i love how BOTH your parents are standing in front of your sis singing to her. sooooo cute! i wish my parents would still sing to me now. i want to do that to my kids when they grow old. congrats with passing your house check and midterms being over :)