30 December 2010

Movie Junkies

Over the weekend James and I randomly drove to Kaneohe to pursue my cravings for a BK Whopper! I've been so over McDonald's since I got married. (Well I love their fries & vanilla cone) Anyways, here's the movie we decided to see!! TRUE GRIT! It was really funny, I was surprised that I enjoyed it, the ending was kinda weird though :)

Movies, Movies, Movies! Thanks to our Netflix account, we're able to stream all types of movies at a click of a button, seriously. I made some spaghetti, rice crispies and James made some chicken wing appetizers to go along with our homemade pina colada's. Definitely a comfort food night that went perfectly with our television :) Tonight has been so far, an Al Pacino Movie Night for us. James has got me hooked onto his movies, although some scenes I have to look away from (gross-o blood & language!). We both try to figure out the angle in the movie before the other. Anyways, we are both addicted to the rice crispy treats. It's 2 in the morning and we're suppose to be heading to town early tomorrow!!!

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