18 December 2010

lights, tree, ornaments

Cute little Christmas craft I bought
It's the weekend after finals and freedom feels soo good. After our last tests Thursday, James & I headed to town to escape Laie. We had a yummy dinner, caught a movie, & looked at Christmas lights on our drive home. James LOVES blue Christmas lights and wants everything blue next year. (YEAH RIGHT!) Sorry love, we're sticking with the traditional colors :)

Now with school out of the way, we can definitely feel and ENJOY the Christmas season even more! (Plus a break from my 7:30am classes) Although we wanted to sleep in really really late the day after Finals, we both got up early and cleaned every inch of our house because the 'Finals Week Tornado' had hit! It took us an entire day to achieve our thorough approval, but it was worth it. Our house can breath again once more!

Here are some shots of our Jolly Season so far:

It was our ward Christmas Party & I helped out with the desserts. Yum, yum, YUM, I decided to make some Cherry & Blueberry Cream Cheese Tarts. It's a very simple & inexpensive recipe.

the nilla wafers  bake into a crust, cool huh?
Poor in your cream cheese mixture over the wafers and bake for 20 minutes. After they cool, spoon some cherry or blueberry pie filling over as a topping. Our dessert was the first to be devoured & everyone loved them!
We have some many more yummy things to bake this season. One of my favorite things to do is finding recipes online from other wives. Even when groceries are limited, type into Google all that you have and you will always find a great hit. 

Our lights are plugged in 24/7. The majority of our ornaments were again STOLEN from my mom's decorations, haha. My mom loves Pier 1 & since I can't afford that place, I shop at my parents house for things. They have the best home decor ever, especially for Christmas. I love our tree, it was a gift from my parents. We come home and our apartment is FILLED with the smell of Christmas (Real trees are the only way to go!)


  1. OMG I love your holiday spirit! I remember walking to get my mail one night and I happened to look over at your house and I looove your lights and decorations! So you can bring some of your cheesecake and baking over to my house anyway :)

  2. merry christmas ash! you are looking good mama ;) xoxo