12 December 2010

Eternity, stop missing out on it =]

This past weekend was very special & came as a wonderful break before heading into finals week. It began Friday evening when my beautiful friend entered the Laie Temple for the first time. I enjoyed every moment of the session, especially since I had waited since June to enter the House of the Lord again. The things you learn, the emotions you feel, the people you are surrounded by, makes you wish that everyone in the world could enter and be apart of such a heavenly place. If only they knew.
Rejieli is the lucky woman in the gray cardigan, with her Mother-in-Law, Sister-in-Law & Sister
So proud of her, this woman is a perfect example of faith <3
Continuing on with the endless blessings our temple provides, this morning I was able to attend my FIRST temple sealing. I was so so so (you dont even know how much) EXCITED to have the privilege in attending Jason & Roimata's sealing. Nothing is better than being a part of a Temple Marriage, you dont realize how much you had been missing out until you have a temple recommend!! Sorry for all of you that have to stand around outside, hey lets just say you all have a goal now to work towards!! Trust me, its definitely worth it. Especially since you'll always have the chance to be reminded of the counsel & love expressed when it was once you holding onto your husband's hand. I left the temple that day with a greater appreciation for our gospel, living next door to our temple, being sealed to my family for eternity and the greatest of all...falling in love with James all over again.
Congratulation to Mr. & Mrs. Jason & Roimata Sam
Gorgeous Bridesmaids Danica & Nea, loved their romantic attire
Their Reception was at Waimea, the open lanai & scenery plus the night time & candles totally beat Koolau
us nightshow girls dancing an auana hula with Roi, yes dancing in pink with my baby girl
Update: 19 Weeks & 2 Days
Thank you Thank you for my friends allowing me to spend such special memories with them this weekend, I truly needed it. Now its temple dates with my husband & many more with friends too.


  1. I loved this post ash..you have a beautiful spirit! Your right its such a blessing to be sealed in the temple, and to have a recommend its the best.....

  2. it was a beautiful sealing! i was so glad to be there and i too enjoy attending the sealings for friends. i love to watch their faces the entire time and their excitement. itʻs nice for me too because i donʻt have time to do an entire session since i have my baby but sealings are just perfect!

  3. Ahh what a sweet post! You are such a beautiful pregnant woman!

  4. I LOVE THIS POST!!! And I'm so glad you were there this weekend :)

  5. I can't wait until I can experience all of this, and I am definitely trying to work towards it. I can't believe you're 19 weeks already!!