27 December 2010


It's so exciting going through so many 'FIRSTs' together as a couple
Christmas for the Laie Aspinall's was fun & a learning experience
We combined traditions from our own families with ones we created on the spot :)

I have always enjoyed opening gifts from James. Not ONLY because they're GIFTS, but it's funny to see what he thought to get me & why, lol. I can remember the most hilarious but sweet ones came for my birthday, our first year dating. Memories!! After our Christmas morning together, we cleaned up and headed over to my parent's house for my Mom's big Christmas breakfast. Here are some shots of her gorgeous and awesome decorating skills. I think if there really WAS a Santa Clause (Sanoe I hope your boys don't see this post) my Mom would be the Head Elf, cause she goes crazy for December!!

My Mom always decorates her archway every year. Yes this is ALL done by HER HANDS with REAL Christmas tree branches. She has done this so long that she's made friends with the chronics (straight from her mouth) that sell tree's at Alamoana and they always keep a supply for 'their Auntay'. She strings the lights in, and decorations that she's collected over the years. It is ALWAYS an eye-pleaser for everyone that comes over, first thing they see & 'wow-ed' by. She also makes all the garlands for our home by hand too.

My Dad likes Snowman & my Mom likes Gingerbread and Nativity Sets (I got her some from Paraguay and Argentina)

My Mom has NEVER owned a fake tree (which has rubbed off on me) & she always gets huge ones. Their home was under construction for a while, which caused my Parents to get their tree late with a limited selection/prices. However, this tree was originally a whopping 13 FEET and cost over $400...if you know my mother, then you KNOW she talked the salesman down to barely over a $100 and arrived home with her giant tree. My older brothers had to cut/trim it down. It was still very HUGE in person. 

Dad has always read from Luke before opening presents (followed by a long BUT sweet prayer). I am so grateful that my siblings and I were blessed with a wonderful example of a Priesthood Holder. I can't imagine a home without this powerful and spiritual blessing that only Father's can bring. He has served from callings of Primary Teacher & Boy Scout Master to callings of High Council & Bishop. I love my Dad and am so happy he decided to serve his mission, learn Navajo :) and meet my crazy Mom! He is part of the reason I fell in love with James, because my husband shares many of these Priesthood & Fatherly qualities I admire and want for my own babies to come :)

Dad already wearing his rain boots we got him for his construction areas & Mom excited to use her new vacuum from Isaac. No really, she made my brother put it together and started vacuuming away and then  went to James and said "Look at how much it got from just this little area!!!" Although she was proud, I was embarrassed, hello that was definitely a dirty carpet LOL.

Hill got the best gift from Eric....a baby pot belly piglet!!
Rockin' the pencil skirt at 21 Weeks....i love dressing my pregnant body, its fun!


  1. Lol at the "chronics"! I canʻt wait until I have my own home and the money to go as hard out decorating as your mom! I LOVE christmas but canʻt decorate like that hardout and my hubby is allergic to pine and so I canʻt have a real christmas tree. :( my first fake one was with him. lol, i give him a hard time about it but I got scented oil for the christmas aroma in our home. anyway! happy holidays!!

  2. Your mom totally wins for the "most decorated" house EVER. I love it though and I would totally go all out as well if I had my own place. I love Christmas time....just not the cleaning up part. It's kind of sad that's why. Oh and by the way, you rock that pencil skirt! You look so cute!

  3. What a fun post--it brings back so many memories. Your father was our bishop 20 years ago when we had OUR first Christmas in TVA. Tell your parents Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka from the Careys!

  4. haha! ur so cute!! i sure as heck didn't still fit in to my pencil skirts that far along! lucky you!!! :)