04 April 2011


Last Thursday, my Mom & all of her little helpers (whom I thanked so much) threw me a baby shower. So many hands contributed to celebrating the "Ka'ahanui's 1st Grandbaby". Eric & his friends (thanks Brens) set up the tent, Dad & Aaron strung the lantern lights (pretty ones from Pier One), Hill & her friends helped my Mom decorate, Kiana (Isaac's gorgeous girlfriend) decorated & made the cutest diaper cakes.....all for me & my guests to enjoy. And we SURE DID, I love my family. I really did feel special (Although I still don't like being the center of attention for parties)

 Thank you to everyone who came, and for my family throwing James & I a fun & sweet party. All of your gifts have been a big help. James is surprised at how many things women can buy for a baby :)


  1. Ahhh cute! You deserve all the attention girl!

  2. loooooove baby showers!! they help so much and are such huge blessings!!