03 April 2011

Desert Rose

Happy Birthday 
to my HOT Navajo Mama 

Telaya Marie (Yazzie) Ka'ahanui

Isn't she gorgeous?!
Look how long her hair was
Full Blooded Navajo Beauty

My Dad calls her his 'Desert Rose'

The only LDS member of her family, she joined the church when she was a little girl, lived away from home (Sawmill, AZ -Navajo Reservation) after my Navajo Grandma put her on the Navajo Placement Program sponsored by the LDS Church. Even though she was young herself, she took care of all of my uncles when they were babies (that's why she's an awesome cook today!). She attended BYU-Provo & LDS Business College. Very Strong & Smart Woman. (Not even a Tita with all her hickies & gold bracelets up her arm can intimidate my Mom, hello she's from the Reservation!) 
Has always been a hard worker.
After many trials Heavenly Father blessed her with a young, handsome, Hawaiian missionary who knocked on my Navajo Grandparents' door, wrote her a couple lovely letters & then sent her a plane ticket & whisked her off to Hawaii....
where they lived happily ever after with their 5 Hawaiian-Navajo Babies
I love you Mom
I want to be everything you are, for my children to come ;)


  1. That's really cool how your mom and dad got together. You're a beautiful mix! It gives me hope that with my poly genes and my husband's navajo genes that we'll have cute little ones too! Your mom is GORGEOUS!

  2. Wow Ash, your mom is incredibly gorgeous! What a great post!