19 April 2011



It is definitely crunch time with baby preparations. I'm in FULL nesting mode & am totally LOVING every moment of it. Free of school and work, woohoo. However, I still need to pace myself since running around doing errands costs me the price of SWOLLEN/ACHEY Feet and Drowsiness as soon as I climb back into my car. I can't believe how long my naps can go, and sometimes I don't even realize that I've knocked out until James kisses me on the head to say he's heading to work.

Our home has been taken over completely by ALL THINGS BABY. (Girly things that is!)

Pre-washing & folding some of the newborn clothes, blankets and things
Hill's favorite beanie cap:

James the Builder
Pretty soon my poor husband is gonna go cross-eyed with all the instruction manuals he's been reading lately to assemble our daughters crib, travel system, etc. My job, I felt, was to encourage him throughout the entire process, haha. He's adorable, thanks sweetheart!
making me laugh

Thanks to our Aspinall & Ka'ahanui Parents & Siblings we were blessed with the following necessities: 
Diaper Bag, filled with things to change baby
A Diaper Genie!
Our Awesome Travel System, my Dad has good taste!
Ipod plug-in & speakers, cool!
miss ladybug bedding
A Boppy thingy-ma-jiggy
Anyways these are just some of our little blessings from our 'Ohana.
 We still need to learn the proper names AND USES for a lot of the stuff we have, haha. 
Our little apartment is still being arranged, but we're getting there. 
She'll be here soon!


  1. Wow, that looks like a lot of buiding for James. Good job you guys! Having a baby is a loooot of work and preparation huh?

  2. Omigosh, your dad fully hooked you up with the coolest stroller EVER. And I loved the Boppy, especially when you're nursing, or need something to hold your kid in when they're still tiny and can't really move. I miss all the cute baby things, they're so much fun. I don't even carry a diaper bag anymore:-( I do miss it though.

  3. Yay for baby things! I'm so excited for you!! Can't wait to meet the little one! She is going to be such a little princess!

  4. yay!!! i remember me being like that around that same time last year and it was seriously the best!!!! it is so exciting getting things ready for baby!! there is nothing quite like the first time around. :)