24 April 2011

Waiting Game

It's about 2:20 in the morning, and I'm still working on trying to exhaust myself someway so that I can finally knock out. After this blog I NEED to throw the blanket over myself. James has been out since 11pm.

The baby has been on my mind a lot lately, not because 1) I'm 38 Weeks (13 more days to go) or 2) Braxton Hicks contractions have been painfully waking me up lately....but because 3) In a few days I'll be a Mommy coming home with a baby!!! Excited, yes, Anxious? VERY.

You want to be everything your mother was, do everything the Doctor says, & hope you didn't miss anything that "What to Expect when You're Expecting: the 1st Year" covered. I listen to labor stories from friends hoping to experience what they've gone through or praying NOT to go through at all. People ask me all sorts of questions, "Are you scared?" "Are you gonna get drugged up or go natural?" Ummm, hello, I've never given birth before. I'm still learning what certain medical terms MEAN.

I look around my tiny TVA apartment and never feel its CLEAN ENOUGH. And then there's times where I become so tired/lazy that I don't even want to glance at the sink piled with dishes. Things are so wishy-washy nowadays, I must be close to the end! Well, at least I've gotten James to throw out a lot of old things he's had since he first came to Hawaii in 2006. There's more room to breathe, shelves & cabinets have been wiped down and organized, baby clothes washed, folded & put away...very content with that....just playing the waiting game for now. My next baby appointment is Tuesday, so we'll see how that goes.

Oh, it's Easter Sunday today, Happy Easter. Hopefully I can put something descent together for church tomorrow without looking like an easter egg.
Yay I feel tired, good night/morning!

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