29 April 2012

Aspinall Mommy Update

So now that EVERYONE has caught up with our "BIDNESS", and ALLL THE PEOPLE who kept asking when the next baby is coming....AND after almost two weeks of our move (down the street), our things are still scattered everywhere. Mahie loves the space to run around, my parents love that Mahie is constantly running around them :) This girl loves to walk, she can't keep still, even while we feed her. She does however sit quietly for one thing only, which is when we have family prayer. My Mom taught her how to sit down and fold her arms, which is basically putting her two hands on her chest, lol. But she understands what "say prayer" means. We are amazed at how smart she has become and how quickly she understands new words. "Toys, baby, hug, kiss, drink, juice, food, go sleep, aua, sasa, brush your hair, dance, daddy, mama, grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunty hillary, puppies, cooper"...the list goes on. I crack up the most when our dog barks and she runs to the window, points her finger, and scolds Cooper with angry baby words. AND if you haven't seen my latest status update, for about a month and a half she has learned how to take off her diaper. The first time it happened, I came back from my morning class, scooped her up on my arms and felt bare okole! Looked in her crib, saw the diaper, saw 'it' smeared all over, looked down at my arm, and screamed at James to get up, hahaha. I'm sorry, but baby poo will always disgust me, even if I have a million kids. Anyways, that hasn't happened since, but we've figured out that if we take too long to change Mahie....well, she'll begin to change herself. Which is weird, because when we do lay her down for a change, she screams and kicks until she's free, eh.

With the addition of a new baby on our minds, our future game plan has changed since we've decided to have our little one here in the islands. We're not at all disappointed in putting a hold on Australia, especially with soooo many people giving us their "2cents" about Australia. (I never ask, but people give it to me anyways as soon as they hear or read 'Australia') But whatever, you know why? Because I am grateful that Heavenly Father has blessed me with a healthy body that CAN HAVE BABIES. A lot of women don't have it that easy. We're happy to have another little one (minus the post-labor recovery, ugh). And NO, to answer a friend's question. I haven't turned into a diehard exercise & soy milk drinking pregnant woman. If anything, my usual schedule has kept me 'maintained' so far, lol. As in I throw up every morning from 6:30-7:15a.m. And then I go to work and keep really busy from 8am-2pm and when we have private events at night. Not to mention I didn't realize I was already pregnant during my 2nd block of my jogging class. So...so far so good. But a little exercise doesn't hurt the heart right? I am thirsty though.

Having a job since high school, through college, pregnancy and with a baby, has made me realize that I enjoy working. I'm one of those Moms who enjoys being a mom and in the office. My husband knows that. My parent's know that. & Heavenly Father sure knows that too. A lot of things in my patriarchal blessing are beginning to make sense. And I'm slowly feeling the need to be back in school learning something new. Is that weird or no? Not really the papers, but the learning.
Sleep tight.

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