30 April 2012


Today, we have a ONE YEAR OLD bouncing around our house and getting into everything.
Exactly a year ago at 10:50am, little Mahie came popping out with a full head of hair and already blinking at the world around her. I remember the nurse placing her in my arms, and this tiny little bundle looked up at me with the most curious face. She even scared/shocked the doctor and my Mom when she raised her head up, already not needing support and very alert!! And of course, making the doctor laugh at how much she can eat. She has since been VERY interested in all things surrounding her, especially food. She has become one of my greatest teachers ever and continues to introduce new things to me everyday.

At ONE, she is a rascal. Seriously. Sometime we all wonder if I had a boy because this girl is for sure heading down the tom-boy path. The only time she cries is when her grandparents come home because SHE KNOWS she can get away with anything from them. Other than trying to be very independent (as in we call her name & she keeps walking away) now that she is an official walker, James and I are grateful to have been blessed with a healthy, smart and VERY happy baby.

A trip down memory lane. I'm glad I always had a camera near for these perfect shots!
Also, a BIG Mahalo to both local news channels: KITV4 News and KHON2 Wake-up Today. They both gave a birthday shout out to Mahie, which made me a very proud mama.
KITV4's Website
KHON2: Olena Perry below! The producer emailed us & said to watch at 5:20am & 6:50am.
You are our first born and we will probably expect a lot from you as the oldest. But you have taught us and will continue to teach us how to be patient, loving & forgiving parents. We work hard to provide the world for you, we look forward to every milestone you make, you will always be our baby girl. We are so glad to have you in our lives, in our home and in our arms to hug you good-morning and to kiss you good-night.

How lucky we are to have been blessed and entrusted by our Heavenly Father to care for and love such a sweet little spirit that we can call our own.  

We love you our Hawaiian-Navajo-Samoan "ONE YEAR-OLD!!"
xo, Mom & Dad


  1. Happy birthday Mahie! You are going to be a fantastic big sister! Hope you eat lots of yummy things for your special day! xoxo

  2. Why does the caption on channel 2 say "Connection with an attempted kidnapping" below it! lol. It scared me for a second, but then I realized it's probably just the headlines that scroll below. Happy birthday Mahie! I party crashed at your mom's baby shower! :)

    I see that you guys are expecting another little one and that you're not going to move to melbourne anytime soon. I'm bummed because I was really looking forward to your arrival. Even though we never hung out and don't really know each other, I feel like we are friends already just from following your blogs. I hope you guys still make it down 'unda. :)

  3. AAAHHH HAppy Birthday Beautiful Mahie!!!!!

  4. this is by far my favourite post of yours lately! loved reading it thanks ash! happy birthday little girl! xox